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Shelby Independent News:  26 August 1875, Vol. 7, No. 44


S.S. Bloom, Editor and Proprietor

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Mr. Harvey M. Mitchell and Miss Hattie L. Flack were married on the speaker's stand at the Grange Pic-Nic held on August 13th., a few miles west of Galion.

Mr. DeVoe, an aged and respected citizen of Plymouth Township, and father of Mrs. Reuben Gipson of Shelby, died on Thursday last, August 19th., very suddenly.

Mr. Geo. Walters, aged 76 years, residing two and a half miles east of Crestline, committed suicide last Saturday by throwing himself in front of a passing train.

The Shiloh Review says:  "We are reliably informed that on last Saturday a tree on the farm of Geo. Hackett, one mile north of Rome, this county, was struck by lightning, setting fire to the grass at the foot of the tree, which communicated to an unharvested field of oats nearby.  Mr. Hiram Terman, who resides near by, discovering the fire immediately proceeded to extinguish it, which he fortunately succeeded in doing before it had time to gain any headway.  Had it not been for the timely arrival of Mr. Terman the entire field of oats would have in all probability been destroyed."

An Allen Club was organized on Tuesday evening.  S.S. Bloom was chosen President, and J.B. Meredith, Secretary.  An executive committee composed of Jno. Mack, Abraham Bushey and Wm. Slaybaugh, was chosen, and the completion of the organization left for Saturday evening September 4th., at which time another meeting will be held at the Town Hall.  Hon. Robert Barnett then briefly addressed the audience until the speakers arrived.  Hon. T.E. Powel of Delaware, candidate for Attorney General, addressed the audience for thirty minutes when Gen. Sam. F. Carey occupied the time for nearly two hours, keeping his hearers in most excellent humor all the time.  Everybody voted "Sam" a success as a stumpist.

The Crescent Base Ball Club of Plymouth played a return game with the Oroyas of Shelby on Wednesday afternoon of last week, resulting in a score of 32 to 15 in favor of the latter.  The following are the names and positions of the Oroya Club:  E.S. Fairbrother, Captain;  S. Dennis, Pitcher;  S. Sutter, Short Stop;  W. Caldwell, 1st. Base;  E. Dennis, 2d. Base;  M. Payne, 3d. Base;  E. Matlock, Right Field;  J. Turner, Center Field;  and F. Rabold, Left Field.

At an adjourned meeting of the "Sharon Hayes Club" held Aug. 18, 1875, the following officers on permanent organization were unanimously elected:  W.R. Bricker, President;  H. Marvin, Vice-President;  Geo. Bowman, Treasurer;  T.H. Wiggins, Secretary;  F.C. McMillin, Ass't. Secretary;  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE -- T.H. Wiggins, Chairman;  C.P. Leiter, John Kahl, R.D. Stober, H.E. McMillin, Peter Will, Jacob Garnhart, H. Wertz Jr., Danforth Brown and John Leiter.  FINANCE COMMITTEE -- John Saviers, H.E. McMillin and W.F. Sonnanstine.  On motion the Secretary was instructed to correspond with the State Ex. Com. and if possible secure Hon. R.B. Hayes to address the people of this vicinity, on the issues of the campaign.  The meeting adjourned to meet at the town hall on Wednesday eve, the 25th. inst.

For a number of years it has been the custom of Mess No. 1, of Co. F., 163d. regiment, O.N.G., composed of G. Bowman, C.L. Cline, H.E. Kingsboro, F.B. Ott, "Vet" Tucker, Charles Wilson and J.W. Weiser, to hold a re-union semi-annually.  Last Tuesday evening their 8th. one was held at Charles Wilson's.  All were present, besides a large number of friends who were called in to "assist" in discussing an excellent supper furnished by Mrs. Wilson.  Perhaps a hundred or more enjoyed the occasion.  The time was spent in having music and various amusements.  "Charley" stood the cigars and everybody was happy.

DIED, Jacob Stiving was born in Schliesheim near Heidleberg, in the Grand Dutchey of Baden, July 9th., 1796 and died at his home near Shelby, Aug. 16, 1875, aged 79 years, 1 month and 7 days.  The deceased was an honest and industrious citizen, much respected, and for many years a resident of this county.  Was married to Savilla Weidner, July 23, 1823.  Left Germany in June 1834.  His aged widow, two sons and one daughter live to mourn his loss -- one daughter having died years ago.  For some months past his health rapidly declining, having at times the most intense suffering.  Funeral services were held at his late residence, conducted by the writer, and his mortal remains consigned to the grave in Oakland Cemetery.  The funeral was numerously attended by his old friends and neighbors.  -- N.H.L.

W.A. Free has been elected Mayor of Shiloh, in place of W.M. Crawford, resigned.

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