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Worthington Enterprise:  January 9, 1890, Vol. II, No. 6


J. Edward Price, Proprietor

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On last Monday, Jan. 6th., three Richland County officials who have served two terms, the allotted time of official life in a single office in Richland County, according to the time honored Democratic precedent, stepped down and out.  They are Recorder Wm. F. Voegele, Sheriff B. Flannery and Christian Baer, who are succeeded by Jacob W. Weil, Leonard Tressel and John L. Garber respectively.

Pearl McLaughlin went to Mansfield, Monday, to do domestic work.

Geo. W. McBee, Jr., of Bellville, was in town Monday.

Little Miss Porcia Mengert is numbered with the sick.

Milt Wise's little girl, Ethel, is sick with lung fever.

W.A. Forbes was at Perrysville Saturday, on business.

Emerson Kunkle was married to a Miss DeLong, Thursday, by Rev. Stull.

W.G. and F.H. Fike and Miss Bertha Fike visited relatives near Mt. Vernon the first of the week.

Miss Allie McCready entertained quite a number of her friends with a peafowl roast Sunday.

Sam Cramer was married to a young lady of Mt. Vernon, New Year's Day.

A.S. Barber of Rock Valley, Iowa, was the guest of I.C. Ball last Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. I.S. Donnel of Mansfield, visited her brother Lester Traxler, the first of the week.

The School Board have appointed John Spohn as truant officer at this place.

Mr. Olin Farber of Wooster University, was the guest of his friend, Miss Birdie Switzer, on Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. J.B. Pearce and Mrs. Alex. Switzer and children spent the holidays visiting friends in Ashtabula Co., Ohio.

Miss Cora George gave an elegant party on Saturday evening.  Among those present were Misses Pearl and Della McLaughlin, Miss Anna Worley and Messrs. Bert and Eli Nichols and J.W. Downing, Jr.

Thos. B. McCready was united in marriage with Miss Ida Stull, at the home of the bride's parents, at 2 p.m. Sunday, by Rev. Grimsley, after which a bountiful dinner was partaken of by all present.  

The following pedagogues have been granted certificates since our last report:  36-months:  J.G.D. Tucker of Perrysville;  24-months:  George Balliett of Perrysville, James A. Brubaker of Shelby, M.D. Miller of Mt. Gilead, N.W. Tucker of Lucas, James Grundrum of Hinesville, J.J. Dill of Bellville, E.C. Wise of Mansfield;  12-months:  J.A. Buckmaster of Loudonville, David Braden of Paradise Hill, J.D. Hull, Wm. T. Cookston and Scott Hickox, of Mansfield; and Bertha Howard of Bellville.

No. 17, a passenger train, and No. 4, the mail, collided at Alta last Thursday.  Both trains were badly smashed up but no lives were lost, although all the passengers got a shaking up which they will not forget, several of them being hurt considerable.  Quite a number from here were on the mail and those who got hurt of them are:  Miss Bertie Spayde, back badly wrenched;  Miss Ella Traxler, head bumped until she saw stars;  Miss Della Keller, arm badly hurt and face scarred;  Jacob Phipps' little boy, who was on 17 returning to his home in Mansfield, was thrown on the stove and badly burned being also hurt about the head.  It is understood that the engineer, who was the cause of the wreck, is the same person that wrecked a stock train here some time ago.

We overlooked the death of Mrs. Stahl, wife of the late Geo. Stahl, which occurred last Friday night week, in our last issue.

J.B. Pearce, the genial young merchant and violinist of our town, is suffering from an attack of "La Grippe".

Mrs. Francie Kanaga is improving in health.

BELLVILLE (reprinted from the Bellville Independent)

Dr. Hubbs and Alex Calhoon, of Independence, were in town Tuesday night.  

Mrs. Mary Switzer who ha been visiting relatives in Ashtabula Co., returned home Tuesday. 

Misses Grace McGuire and Ada Snyder, of Crestline, nieces of Mr. J.P. Walsh and Mr. Philip Traxler of near Independence returned home Tuesday.

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