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Mansfield Weekly News - 22 January 1891


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Transcribed and submitted by Jean and Faye (4/07)



Mrs. Lavina Walker, of Iowa, is visiting the family of Frank Lantz, her brother

Frank Mitchell was last week the guest of Joe Mitchell at Crestline.

Milton Englehart left last week for Aspen, Col., where he is engaged in the tinning business

W Courtney, of Galion, visited John B. Williams’ family last week.

Miss Rena Wolford has organized a writing class in Ashland county.

Dr Stopher, of Ashland county, who was here last week, will soon locate in the village

Levi Ritter, of this vicinity, went to Tennessee last week and will remove there if he finds the surroundings congenial to him.

The nuptials of Miss Wilda Ross, of this vicinity, and Amos Rinehart, of Morrow county, were celebrated on the 15th.

Dr J. Lowe, of Johnsonville, was recreating here on the 17th.

Frank Secrist, , whose obsequies occurred at Lexington on Jan. 14, met a tragic death at Toledo, where he died in the hospital on the 11th. His death resulted from a partial dislocation of his neck, sustained by blows dealt by an enemy who had lain in wait for him in a secluded spot, Dec. 24. His assailant named Pecore, and an accomplice are in the jail at Toledo. A widow and four small children are keenly anguished by Mr. Secrist’s sad fate. Mrs. Secrist and his sisters were present at his death and he experienced a great ordeal of suffering before his death. A large portion of his skull had been removed at the autopsy at the hospital.

Miss Maggie Fike is at Johnsonville, the guest of Miss Carrie Shafer.

Miss Jane Davis, of Mansfield, is visiting the J. B. Williams’ family.

Services will continue at the Congregational church till the close of this week.

Colonel R. C. Brown was prostrated again a few days recently with his chronic kidney disease

W B. Hill was accompanied to the asylum by George Snyder, his brother-in-law, of Galion.

The friends of John Wirt, Jr., surprised him by assembling at his home recently and presenting him with souvenirs of their esteem, the occasion being his 21st birthday.

It was decided to build the creamery at a meeting of the directors Saturday. It will be erected near the steam mill.

Miss Grace Street was hurt while coasting on the 17th.

John Shafer, of Johnsonville, was the guest of T. Fike last week.

H S. Moroe has returned from Independence.

William Daughtery will not return to Garrett, Ind., until March.

The Rev. Mr. Bowers, who died on the 16th at Kidder Mo., was once pastor of the Congregational church of Lexington.

Dr G. Mansfield’s wife entertained a large coterie of her friends on the 17th.

Charles Brown, Nick Prosser, Frank Beverstock, Pete Kyner, Rolla Cockley, Virgil Secrist, Ellsworth Miller, and a coterie of young ladies constituted a sleighing party that went to Bellville one night last week.

George Homerick was in Kendallville and Garrett, Ind., when away recently.


Orwell McMann and family, of Kansas, are visiting with the family of D. N. Mosier.

Mr and Mrs. Will Collister, of Cleveland, spent Sunday with Mrs. C’s, brother, Walter Fletcher.

J. W. Wilson and family, of Mansfield, visited with the family of T. J. Wilson Sunday

A telephone line is being erected between the night telegraph office and the second house east of the Congregational church. Night messages at reduces rates.

Quite and enjoyable time was had here Friday by the Mansfield and Lucas Gun Club. Charles L. Gibbons and Dave Koontz chose sides, each having 16 men and each man shooting at 12 birds. The following is the score: Gibbons 7, Barr 2, McCrory 5, Pulver 2, Rummel 5, Hartenfels 6, Mecklem 1, Wolfe 0, Douglass 2, Fletcher 0, Fickes 2, Culler 2, I. Hamblin 3, Perry 4, Seward 3, McCoy 1; total, 43. Koontz 5, G. Tate 9, J. Tate 3, Loomis 9, Lucas 6, Ackerman 6, Berry 8, Englehart 4, Wallace 1, Harris 0, Leiter 1, Murphey 1, W. Hamblin 0, Tressel 1, Baer 4, Worth 0; total, 58. The winning side got a free super, being paid for by the losing side, who paid for the whole party. The good treatment received at the hands of Landlord Powers will long be remembered by everyone of the party. Through your correspondent the entire party tender him and his able assistants their hearty thanks. May he live long and prosper.

We wish to make special mention of the remarkable shooting of I. S. Berry, who had no practice in trap shooting, in fact had never seen a trap sprung, and tieing the score for high man with two others, although the score only gives him an 8 but one bird dropped to the ground when his gun miss fire, and it was counted against him when it should not have been counted at all, but it was an unintentional mistake of the scorer as no one questions his honesty of intention.

Deputy Grand Master J. W. Sharp and Deputy Marshal J. M. Merrell, of Mansfield, were here Monday night to perform the installation ceremony of officers of Monroe Lodge No 224 for the coming term. The following are the new officers: N. G., D. S. Leiter, V. G., Jesse Cashel, Corresponding Secretary, James Smith; Permanent Secretary, S. M. Henry; Treasurer, C. Welty. Your correspondent was one of the invited guests and must say that all enjoyed the ceremonies performed in a very impressive manner by Prof. J. W. Sharp. After speeches and music a door was opened and all looked for the goat to come out but Lo, instead of the goat came a basket of apples and a basket of oranges. After this treat, Professor Sharp gave an example of Irish dialect in a very laughable manner which was highly enjoyed by all present. It was about 10 o’clock when we dispersed and it is the verdict of all present that it was good to be there. Long live Monroe Lodge No. 224, also long live their many noble members.


Mrs. O. K. Taylor is visiting relatives, at Plymouth, and Shelby.

A box social will be held at the grange hall near the Goudy mill, Saturday night, Jan. 24.

Rollin Pittenger, of Pavonia, spent part of this week here with relatives.

The ice harvest is on, and a number of our farmers are securing ice for another year

George Taylor visited William Taylor at Ontario last Wednesday whose condition seems to remain unchanged.

“Have the Indians been misused at the hands of the whites?” was debated at Bridgeport last week.

Mrs. J. B. Day is not much better.

Ott Taylor of Spring Mills, and Elmore Taylor, of Shelby, were in this vicinity last Friday and Saturday.

Andrew McFarland was chosen as a delegate by the Congregational church to attend a conference held in Mansfield on Wednesday of this week.

Amelia Bush had her leg severely bruised near the ankle while coasting near the school house last Wednesday.

The saw mill of W. H. Shoup & Co. arrived on Friday of last week and is being put in position as fast as possible. They expect to be readying for sawing in two weeks

A party of young folks from here attended H. P. Taylor’s spelling at the Wilderness last Friday night.

Wilbert Schlosser is working in Mansfield at the stove works.

Some of our farmers are marketing their wheat at Lucas where they claim they can get a slight advance over Mansfield prices.

The following from the Oskaloosa Independent will be of interest to many here: “John Fletcher Conwell, son of John and Elizabeth Conwell, was born in Richland county, Ohio, on the 23d day of March, 1820. In the fall of 1846 he left his native home and with his family settled in Miami county, Indiana. After residing here for about 10 years, he came west, stopping in Iowa for a short time and then settling in Oskaloosa, Kan., in 1857, where he has since resided. He was the father of eight children, of whom but three are living. For more than 20 years he as been a member of the M. E. church in this place. For about four months past he had been an incessant sufferer, and at no time within that period had he entertained any hope of recovery. Repeatedly he gave expression of his readiness to go: that Jesus was all his trust. He fell asleep Saturday evening, Dec. 27, at 4:30 o’clock, aged 70 years, 9 months, and 4 days.”


The Mifflin literary organized for the season with the following officers: President, H. F. Lemon; vice-president, Otis Keightly; secretary, Miss Millie Coe; treasurer, Benjamin Landis; critic, Prof. C. E. Budd; monitor, Miss Ella Carroll; factotum, Frank Coe. The question discussed last Saturday evening was: “Is man the Architect of his own Fortune?” Affirmed by S. M. Coe, denied by C. E. Budd.

The so called “Cyclorama” which “showed” here on last Friday evening was said to be a regular s____ affair. Hereafter, give us a rest on Johnstown floods.

William Hart, of St. Joe, Ind., is in this neighborhood moving buildings.

Protracted meeting will begin at the Lutheran church next Monday evening.

The Black - Miller preliminary trial wherein assault with intent to kill was charged against Miller, resulted in the discharge of the latter.

Married last Thursday evening, by the Rev. J. B. Murray, Philip Croninger and Miss Lou Bennighoff.

A number of young people and some not so young, gathered at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zehner last Thursday evening for a few hours social enjoyment; vocal and instrumental music were the principal features of the occasion.

B W. Black, who returned from Florida recently, sick with malaria, is improving very slowly.

It was the pleasure of your correspondent to visit the primary department of our schools recently. Miss Letta Braden is in charge of this department and under her supervision the school seems to be on the highway of success.

J W. Giffen shipped a car load of horses to Cincinnati last week.

In all probability there will be another wedding in this neck of the woods ere this letter reaches the readers of the News.

Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Doerrer, Oscar Doerrer and Miss Hattie Kagy visited friends here last Sabbath.

A number of young people from Barton’s chapel attended services at the U B. church on last Sabbath evening.

Weller Township.

The Rev. J. H. Barron, of Pavonia, has been engaged in a series of meetings at the Franklin M. E. church for some time. He has been assisted this week by the Rev. R. Place, of Plymouth, who preached every evening during the week. His sermons were highly entertaining and well received. The meetings will be continued next week.

Lumbermen have made good use of the good roads in drawing logs, railroad ties and lumber

James H. McNall, of Imperial, Pa., was among his tenants and lumbermen part of the week It is said that he sold 55 oak trees for $475. The Berkholder Bros., of Ashland, are engaged in sawing ties and lumber on the McNall farm, this being the fifth or sixth time they have set their mill on the premises in about three years.

Last Saturday while a number of young men and boys were engaged in a game of baseball at the Huckleberry school house in Franklin township, Roscoe McMeeken, having batted the ball made the first base. Young Fackler then proceeded to bat, but missed the ball and lost his grip on the bat. The small end struck McMeeken on the forehead above the right eye. A piece of the large end of the bat was split off the bat, the thick end entering the forehead over an inch. The bat was of solid white ash 3 feet long. Dr. Fry, of Shenandoah, dressed the wound. The patient is getting along nicely and is supposed to be out of danger.


Roscoe McMeeken, of the Franklin neighborhood, had a narrow escape from losing an eye last week by being hit by a bat slipping from a comrade’s hand. The hurt was very sever indeed, just above the eye, a large splinter penetrating the flesh and bone.

Miss Mary Hersh has, for a week, been filling the place of Aaron Hersh in the Yankeetown school, the latter being sick.

Newton Charles made a trip to Ada on business a few days ago.

Joseph W. Hale, of this place, went to Georgia with the excursionists last week. He expects to visit friends in South Carolina before returning.

Daniel Campbell will move on John Ward’s farm in the spring and Will Burns will take charge of the one vacated by Mr. Campbell.

Twenty-one young people of Olivesburg, surprised the Misses Palmer last Tuesday evening

Mrs. Newton Charles met with a severe injury last week by falling from and across a chair, while reaching upward.

Morris Palmer and wife, are paying a visit to friends in this vicinity.

Jackson Township.

Daniel Hoffman and Miss Pifer were married last Wednesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stover and Mrs. John Stover visited friends in Plymouth last Wednesday

Mr. and Mrs. Levi Laughbaum entertained a number of their friends last Thursday night

A D. Thomas, of Galion, was in Jackson last Friday.

W J. Linn will have a public sale Jan. 22, and will move to Mansfield in the spring

G U. Kuhn has been elected director of the Shelby Fair Association. George will make a good officer.

John M. Landis is a delegate from the Alliance No. 444 to the state Alliance at Galion this week.

Mrs. Ham Steel, of Shelby, while out sleigh riding with her husband last week was thrown from the sleigh and had her arm broken.

Will Kuhn has lately returned from a short visit to Germany.

A series of meetings commenced at the Mt. Bethel church Thursday night.

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