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Mansfield Weekly News - 05 February 1891


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Transcribed and submitted by Jean and Faye (4/07)


James Stough, of Bucyrus, is visiting his parents, Samuel Stough, Sr. and wife. He is accompanied by his son, Claude.

Prof James Wilson, who several terms was principal of Lexington schools, recently assumed the duties of superintendent of schools of Crow Wing, Minn., his residence being in Brainer.

Albert C. Stewart, on his southern trip, was, with a group of other tourists, photographed near the summit of Lookout Mountain.

Frank Culp, Charles Moore, Nick Prosser, Frank Mitchell and Misses Carrie Joslin, Nettie Dice, Grace Miller and Nellie Holler attended an entertainment at Mansfield one night last week.

George Maxwell, Jr., has recently recreated in Columbus and Westerville.

Eustace Shauck, the musical prodigy, is a son of A. Shauck, formerly a merchant here.

Miss Carrie Joslin has recently been in Garrett, Ind., the guest of Mrs. Guy Potter, nee Maggie Homerick.

Charles McLane, of Newark, is visiting his parents.

The beautiful suburban home of Jesse Cook, Esq., and wife was the scene of a very felicitous event Jan. 29. Seventy guests were entertained by the genial twain on the occasion and the guests are in rapture over the affair and desire to avail themselves of the NEWS to express their high appreciation of the courtesy of the host and hostess

A handsome bouncing boy adds to the connubial joy of James Woods and wife.

Gilbert Davis and wife, daughter of John G. Walker, are in rapture over the climate of California and will remain there permanently.

Frank Lantz, Jr., has been promoted to be supervisor of trains on the belt line at Indianapolis

The Reverends Mr. Street and Davies officiated alternate evenings at the meetings in the Congregational church last week.

Samuel Stough, Sr., was seriously prostrated last week with a chronic kidney malady.

Mrs. Lydia Narans will apply for a pension, her husband, John Narans, having been a soldier in the war of 1812.

William Kyner recently sold 85 acres of land a half mile east of Lexington to W. P. Kyner for $3,500.

Walter Walker has returned from a week’s visit at Steubenville.

Mrs. Thomas Brown has been quite sick recently.

A queensware store was recently started in the Colwell building.

The ice house of the cheese and butter factory is completed and filled with ice.

Dr Stopher sustained the loss of a valuable horse last Saturday.

George Taylor, of this vicinity, was violently prostrated Jan. 29.

Miss Grace Steel is recovering from concussion of the brain, sustained by coasting, as is also Mrs. John Barth, who was found in deep lethargy Jan. 21.

The obsequies of Mrs. Young, wife of the proprietor of the new grocery here, occurred at Shreve. She died at Bellville, where Mr. Young also conducts a grocery. William Aileris the manager of the establishment here.


T J. Vermillion was a schoolmate of the late Secretary Windom, when they went to school in Knox county.

Bert Hewey, of Toledo, has been visiting friends in this place lately.

C T. Dye, who has been working in Chicago Junction for several months, spent Sunday with his parents here.

The Rev. Dr. H. L. Wiles was in our town for a short time Friday.

D W. Byerly and family visited Mrs. B’s parents last Sunday.

George Zellner, of Mansfield, was in town on Sunday.

A Mr. Rodgers, of the fifth ward of Mansfield, commonly called Ashland, was in our midst to see his “inamorata” Sunday, but she had gone to Cleveland consequently Mr. R. had to return home the same day.

Mr and Mrs. Josh Sowash, of Lexington, is visiting at the home of David Hersh, south of town.

Ham Stevick, of Mansfield, is visiting his sister, Mrs. D. B. Leiter, west of town.

It gives us pleasure to announce that our friend “Benny” Gill has struck a streak of luck. He is soon to go to work as a clerk in the office of Supervisor Wright, of the P. F. at Wooster. Here’s to you, Benny.

U S. Henry and George Baer returned from a trip to Georgia Saturday. If you want to hear all about the “sunny south,” just tackle either one of them.

Jerry Yingling, who has been on a six weeks’ visit to southern Pennsylvania and Maryland, returned home Saturday. This was the first time he had seen his father in 14 years. He reports a mild and lovely winter there, something like what we are having here.

Aunty Kerr died at the residence of her nephew, Jacob Leiter, last Wednesday, aged almost 84 years, and was interred in the Odd Fellows’cemetery Friday.

It becomes our painful duty to record the death of a kind friend, a good citizen and an honest man in the person of Uriah Robinson. Truly he will be missed in this community, as he had a smile and a kind word for everyone and his enemies could be numbered with this figure - 0.

E M. Stevens moved to Mansfield Tuesday and John Mowry moved in the house Stevens vacated in “Needmore” and L. J. Loomis moved in the house vacated by Mowry.

One night last week a little stranger came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wiles and demanded admission. He was admitted an is now one of the family. Charley says he is a Democrat, but Mrs. C. says he is a Republican. We hope she is right

Mrs Kate Balliett returned from Cleveland Monday where she has been visiting friends

Franklin Township.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. McMeeken, of Franklin township, celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage Jan. 31. About 100 invitations had been sent out, and notwithstanding the muddy roads and the rain 50 guests were present, some coming 10 or 12 miles Among them were Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hartupee, of Ontario; Captain and Mrs. L. O. Doolittle, of Mansfield; Mrs. J. K. Bennett and Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Nelson, of Olivesburg; and Mr. and Mrs. H. Pifer, of Ashland county. Regrets were received from Capt. T. E. Douglas and daughter and Mrs. and Mrs. H. G. Palmer, of Mansfield; William Stough, of Bellfontaine; William Emptage, of Marsailles, Wyandott county, and John Gardner, of Seals, Wyandott county, for not being permitted to be present Among the guests the following military organizations of the rebellion were represented: Co. G.. 15th regiment, O. V. V. I., (of which Mr. McMeeken was a member); there were present six comrades: of the 163d O. V. V. I. , three; of the 26th O. V. V. I., one; of the 102d O. V. V. I., one; of the 3d O. V. V. I., one; of McLaughlin squadron, one. The time was well improved in social converse, rehearsing army incidents, in vocal and instrumental music. Mrs. J. H. Barron and Miss Helen Shively, of Pavonia, presided at the organ. Sacred, patriotic and war songs were beautifully rendered; the latter were engaged in by the comrades with the vim of 30 years ago. After the dinner had been partaken of by all present (which had been so bountifully provided by the genial host and hostess), the Rev J. H. Barron, of Pavonia, read a beautiful poem written for the occasion and dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. McMeeken, which contained many happy hits and drew forth laughter and applause at the expense of the bride and groom of 25 years ago. After the reading of the poem Rev. Mr. Barron in behalf of the guests, in a few well chosen remarks, presented the happy pair with many elegant tokens of their regards and well wishes. In his remarks he alluded to some incidents in Mr. McMeeken’s army life which were loudly cheered by the old comrades. A beautiful wreath of evergreen containing the figures 1866 and 1891 was placed on the wall. Among the presents we noticed the following of silver: A tea set, cake basket, six large spoons, cream dipper, and two butter dishes, two napkin rings, colored glass, fruit dish with silver bale and stand, glass pickle castor silver bound and silver pickle fork, and a pearl glass fruit dish. At a late hour the guests departed wishing their host and hostess as happy and pleasant 25 years in the future as the past 25 years had been.

Protracted meeting will begin soon in the Pleasant Valley church.

Darby Boggs and George Shriver will be the bell ringers and sextons of the new church, perhaps.

John Cox was in the neighborhood Sunday.

Caleb Dickson and Aaron Hursh will work at the carpenter trade this summer; several barns are to be built.

Roy Northland has moved to Jackson township to take charge of his father’s farm.

Foster Urich has hired Sam Shriver to work for him this summer. Mr. Shriver is an energetic young man.

Aaron Hursh is slowly recovering from his illness.

Jackson Township.

William Arnold, one of our township officials, was married last Thursday at Plymouth to Mrs. Nancy Miller of New Haven. The happy couple returned to Jackson for a few days and then returned to New Haven, Huron county, and had their reception at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Garrett.

Some of the Taylortown gentlemen who attended the state alliance at Galion came home on the sick list. What is the matter, boys?

Cyrus Elliott and Miss Hattie Adams were married last Tuesday.

Shelby Lodge, No. 350, buried one of the oldest Masons, it being N. S. Morton, a pioneer of 82 years. He took the degrees of Masonry in Mansfield years ago and was a great lover of Masonry. He was laid away to rest in the church yard at the Meyers church, west of Shelby, by a large concourse of friends and neighbors. Funeral services conducted by the Rev. Wilhelm assisted by the Rev. E. K. Baker and the Rev. O. M. Amsbaugh, of the M. E. church.

The Rev. Gleason A. Reader, of Shelby, and brother A. B. Clark were the guests of Mr and Mrs. George Holtz and B. F. Lowe and wife last Friday afternoon.

J F. Roush and wife spent last Sunday at New Haven, Huron county, the guests of Cyrus Garrett and family.

The Farmers’ Alliance was billed for the township house last Wednesday night but the attendance was not what it would have been had the weather been good.

The Rev. E. K. Baker has resigned his pastorate in the churches in Jackson and Franklin townships.


George Marks and Mark Wilson wakened up White Hall literary society last Monday night.

Miss Bessie Jesson, of Springfield township, visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Au last week

Samuel Mitchell will work for Charles Taylor of Plymouth township.

Miss Effie Taylor, of Springfield township, and Miss Huldah Taylor, of near Shelby, are visiting relatives here.

J Sell bought another span of horses of J. T. Crabbs last Friday.

Lewis Remy and John Miller disposed of their fat horses last Monday.

Thomas McPherson has been laid up with a sore foot for a week.

Elsworth Porter, of Portage county, is visiting relatives here.

W E. Sirpless has purchased two fine Jersey cows.

Meetings continue at the Congregational church.

Mrs Swan, of Upper Sandusky, visited her brother G. W. Robinson and family February 1.

Thomas Banks has moved to the home of his father-in-law, J. S. Smith. He will soon commence the erection of a new house on the south-west corner of Mr. Smith’s farm

J J. Charles and wife, of Mifflin township, spent Sunday with the latter’s parents.

G W. Robinson and wife attended the funeral of the former’s brother at Pin Hook, Jan. 30. The interment took place at Pleasant Valley.

The township clerk has notified the teachers to make out reports according to the late law.

Mrs Mary Ray is spending a few days with her daughter near Independence.

Indications point to very few changes by moving the coming spring, as compared with former years.


Dexter Gaster, formerly of this neighborhood, has been appointed Chief of Police at New Orleans, La. We congratulate Deck on his promotion. During the war he was a member of McLaughlin’s squadron.

D E. Carroll has sold his interest in the Stafford heirs’ estate to W. A. Bachelder.

D S. Bennighoff has sold his home in Clapboard town to Enoch Conn.

W Cyle has exchanged property with G. A. Ohl and both will move in early spring.

There will be numerous changes and removals in this vicinity the ensuing spring.

J C. Robinson was called to Pinhook last Friday on the occasion of the death of his brother at that place.

George Grunewald, teacher in District No. 1 was made the recipient of a book of worship including music and the liturgy service of the Lutheran church of which he is a member given as a present by his pupils. This speaks well of his popularity as a teacher.

The Rev. Benjamin Bally of Paradise Hill, assisted the Rev. David Kosht in holding meetings at the U. B. church last week.

Mr and Mrs. Allenbaugh of Mohican, were in town on Thursday of last week.

Mr and Mrs. Warren McCready and daughter Jessie and Mrs. Charles of Mansfield, visited friends here recently.

Mr and Mrs. Byers visited at Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Coe’s last week.

La grippe prevails in this community. Christian Kagey and Mrs. Luther Young are quite ill while several others have it in a milder form.

Curtis Doerrer, of Vermillion township, and Miss Adda Lewis, of Mifflin, were united for life last week. The happy couple have the best wishes of their many friends.

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