Select Richland County items from the LOUDONVILLE DEMOCRAT (Loudonville, Ashland Co., Ohio):  13 June 1895, Vol. 17, No. 13


Miss Essie Miller visited in Mansfield last Thursday.

Mrs. Albina Scott, of Mansfield, was the guest of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson, last week.

M.L. Mitchell transacted business in Fredericktown and Mt. Vernon on Monday.

Rev. W.A. Chalfant, a former pastor of the M.P. Church, now of Cardington, visited friends in this vicinity and attended the C.E. convention.

Miss Jennie Fulkerson, of Ashland, is spending the week the guest of the Misses Plank.

Miss Emma Hildenbran, of Mt. Vernon, Sundayed with her parents.

Arlo Wilson, who is working in a brass factory in Mansfield, received an injury on the hand by a piece of brass flying from some machinery which had to be cut out.  A message was received Saturday that blood poisoning had set in and he is now in a critical condition.

A. Hitchman is home over Sunday.

Mrs. Francis Myers, of Huntington, Ind., has been the guest of Mrs. Ann Myers, on College Street.


An infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Williams, of Crestline, was buried in the cemetery north of Lucas last week.

John Getz, of Fredericktown, is erecting a fine granite monument for Geo. Beasore.  It weights about 5 tons.

The Democratic nomination was largely attended and our townsman, Dr. R.S. Boles, was beaten for auditor by his opponent, C.W. Fritz, by 1,200 votes.

Word was received here last week of the death of Clyde Robinson, of Shiloh, a son of Deputy Sheriff Wallace Robinson.  The death was very sudden caused by heart trouble.

Mr. Massey and wife now occupy the Kerr property, lately vacated by Samuel Barr.  He is engaged in getting out ties for the railroad company, and has a force of men at work on James V. Thompson's place.

Mrs. Carrie Hunter, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who has been visiting friends here, was called home by a telegram saving her husband had been prostrated by heat.

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