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Northwestern Ohio Bible Society

Richland County


Bellville Star:  08 March 1888, Vol. 11, No. 24


"Through the kindness of our townsman, Jacob Bowman, we have before us a copy of the constitution of the Northwestern Ohio Bible Society which was organized in this county in 1822.  This society was an auxiliary to the "American Bible Society" and its officers and members were principally Richland County people.

The names of the officers and managers are familiar to the older residents of the county and are as follows:

Rev. Daniel J. Swinney, Pres. Rev. James Rowland, Vice-Pres.
Rev. James Johnson, Cor. Sec. James Stuart, Rec. Sec.
Mathias Day, Treas. Charles Spooner, Mansfield
Mordecai Bartley, Esq., Madison Richard Hoy, Madison
Thomas Smith, Monroe Michael Douglas, Springfield
William Nelson, Troy John Robinson, Washington
James Renfew Jr., Mifflin John Yeaman, Mifflin
Jacob Vanhouten, Esq., Plymouth Rev. Robert Lee, Uniontown
Rev. James Scott, Mt. Vernon John Scott, Mt. Vernon
Judge Clark, Seneca County ----

The great object of the society according to the constitution was "to distribute and circulate the scriptures without note or comment."  The book is quite a curiosity and should be secured by the Richland County Centennial Committee for exhibition."

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