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Frederick Bumpus



Submitted by Marlow


Pension of Frederick Bumpus residing in the State of Ohio , Richland County who was a private in the Regiment of Col Willitt of New York for 10 months from 1781. Described on the role of the Petersburgh Agency of the State.  $33.33 to commence on the first day of March, 1831. (As transcribed by Marlow Bumpus 18 Feb. 2004 )

State of Ohio , Richland County .

                 On this Seventh day of September, A.D. 1832, personally appears in open council before the Supreme Court, said County of Richland ??? sitting. Frederick Bumpus a resident of Washington township, Richland County, Ohio, age Sixty Eight years in May 1832, who being duly sworn according to law doth, on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the law of congress passed June 7th 1832 .

                    That the same Frederick Bumpus a veteran into the service of the United States at Petersburgh, then called Little Hoosick in Albany County in the state of New York. (Supposed to be ????? in Rensselaer County .) about the first of April in 1782 for the term of nine months and as a  private soldier and was mustered at Albany in the company commanded by Captain Henry belonging of the New York Regiment commanded by Colonel Willett that he continued said Regiment for the span of nine months and until the 31st of December 1782 at which time his term of enlistment expired when he was discharged (????? received no letter, discharge or certificate of service) at First Plain on the Mohawk River in the State of New York. That the latter part of the this time he served in Capt Tierce company who he thinks belonged to the Continental Army but does not know certainly. He joined the Regiment at Albany soon after he entered the service, staid there 14 days and was instructed in military exorcises then marched from Albany to Schenectady, staid there of few days, the smallpox persisting in that place, he marched with the Regiment to Johnstown where he remained in a fort 4 or 5 months. Here Lieutenant Johnson commanded. He thinks Johnson was a Continental Officer. From this place he marched to Fort Plain under the same officer, staid there a few days in a barn. From this place he and one John Woodcock was scent to Fort Herkimer and was attached to Capt Tiene’s Company. He was frequently out on scout but fought no battles. He recalls that Firndy was the name of the adjutant. He was generally in a small detachment and keeping garrison and therefore does not remember the names of many officers. From Fort Herkimer he returned to Fort Plain and was discharged by Lieutenant Johnson. He has no documenting evidence of his discharge and service since he knows no person living whose testimony he can pursue who can testify to his service except the affidavit of Laurence Spencer taken the 11th day of may 1818. Captain John Nicholas Esq. first Judge of Onterio Co. New York and he doesn’t know whether the said Spencer is now living or if alive, where he resides. At the time he entered into the service he was residing in Little Hoosick now Petersburg in the state of New York to which place he returned after he left the Army. About six years afterwards, he removed to Rensselaerville, living there about 19 years, then removed to Spencer in Tioga County New York. From that he removed to the town of Hector , Cayuga County then to Benton in Ontario County where he resided two years and from there to his present residence where he has settled about 13 years.

                    He understands that unless a sufficient number would agree to go there must be a draft and he volunteered to go into the service supposed he was considered a drafted man.

                    He was born in the town of Cornwall Connecticut . He has no record of his age except what he made himself from information. William A Randal, William Glenn and Alexander Mann reside in his present neighborhood and can testify to his caricature for truth and honesty and their belief of my service as a soldier of the revolution. He further states while residing at Hoosick aforesaid, he was drafted in the month June 1781 and served as a drafted soldier while under Lt. Gray. He was first sent to Albany and from there he went to the Mohawk C????ly to Johnstown from which place he returned to Albany and was dismissed having served about one month and received no written discharge or any documentary evidence of his service or discharge.

                       And the said Frederick Bumpus further states that in 1878 in Ontario County New York he made application for a pension and that the proof of his service was taken and is on file in the war department and he here by relinquishes his every claim whatsoever to the pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension role of the agency of any state to his knowledge.

                                                                          Signed, Frederick Bumpus


Sworn to ?????? in open court the date above.                 Ellzry Hedges 


We the undersigned, William A Randall, William Glenn and Alexander Mann, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Frederick Bumpus who has sworn to the above and ?????tion that he is respected and believed in the we believe him to be 68 years of age, that he a man of truth and veracity and that he is respected and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and we concur in that opinion.  

Signed by all three men.

And the open court do hereby declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogatories presented by the War Department that the above named applicant a revolutionary war soldier and served as he states. And that court further certifies that it appears to them that William Glenn, Alexander Mann and William A Randall who has signed the preceding certificate are residents of the County of Richland, State of Ohio and are acquainted persons and that their statements is entitled to credit. Ellzry Hedges Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio for the County of Richland do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceeding of hear said in the matter of the application of Frederick Bumpus for a pension. In testimony whereof I have hereinto set my hand of seal of said court at Mansfield this 14th day of Sept, AD 1832.                 Signed Ellzry Hedges, Clk.


An effort was made to use the spelling as it is in the original document.

This fixes the birth of Frederick Bumpus as May 1764, Cornwall (previously thought to be Sharon CT )  and establishes his service in the Continental Army during the revolutionary war. It also establishes his arrival in Richland County Ohio at about 1819.

Present day Hector is in Yates County on the east shore of Seneca Lake .  Benton is now in Schuyler County, which was formed after Frederick left.

An Alexander Mann married Frederick ’s daughter Mariah in Richland County OH . Probably the same man.

Children of Frederick were:

  • Frederick

  • James

  • John b. 2-11-1792

  • Reuben b. 1800 Married Jane wells, 1835, Pricilla Colby, 1553

  • Mariah 1-17-1803 Married Alexander Mann

  • Effy

  • Elizabeth

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