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Pensioners of Richland Co., 1883

Full list of those of Richland County who are on the Pension Rolls -- The Maimed, the Widowed or the Orphaned.


SourceTHE MANSFIELD HERALD:  11 October 1883, Vol. 33, No. 46


Submitted by Amy


Surname Given Notes Pension City
Abbott Squire dis. Eyes $8.00 Plymouth
Akers Nancy J. widow $8.00 Plymouth
Amsbaugh David R. chr. Diarr. $6.00 Mansfield
Anderson Isaiah wd. Of back $4.00 Mansfield
Andrews Alpheus B. chr. Rheum. $8.00 Mansfield
Applegate John wd. R. leg $2.00 Lucas
Armstrong John H. loss right eye $4.00 Rives
Armstrong Samuel M. wd. R. hip $1.00 Rives
Arnold John chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
Askew Cyrus H. dis. Kidneys $8.50 Mansfield
Atcheson Nancy dep. Mother $8.00 Mansfield
Aungst Alex. dis. Eyes $10.00 Mansfield
Avery Mary D. widow $20.00 Mansfield
Baker Isaac injury to abdomen $8.00 Lexington
Barklow Rosanna B. widow $8.00 Mansfield
Barr Richard wd. L. forearm $6.00 Shiloh
Barr Robert dis. Lungs & inj. Of back $6.00 Mansfield
Barr Thos. L. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Plymouth
Baughman Abra'm J. bronchitis & dis. Of liver & kidneys $8.00 Mansfield
Baughman Martin L. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Lucas
Beal Christina widow $8.00 Bellville
Beam Henry chr. Pneumonia $8.00 Mansfield
Bell Ezra P. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
Bell Milton J. nasal catarrh $6.00 Mansfield
Bell Samuel F. wound right thigh $12.00 Mansfield
Bellesfeld Elizabetha widow $12.00 Mansfield
Bender David w. r. foot $4.00 Mansfield
Berry Catharine A. widow $8.00 Hastings
Beveridge John dis. Lungs $8.00 Newville
Bingham Nancy dep. Mother $8.00 Plymouth
Bloor Mahalah E. widow $14.00 Mansfield
Bloser Sam'l. P. scurvy $6.00 Mansfield
Boner Phila A. widow $8.00 Plymouth
Borer Peter dep. Father $8.00 Shelby
Bradford Rebecca dep. Mother $8.00 Mansfield
Bradley Geo. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
Bricker Susan dep. Mother $8.00 Mansfield
Brill Chas. widow $10.00 Mansfield
Brink Catharine widow 1812 $8.00 Plymouth
Brokaw Henry epilepsy $8.00 Butler
Brollier Sarah A. widow $8.00 Bellville
Brown Robert C. varicose veins $15.00 Lexington
Brown Wm. H. wd. Back $4.00 Mansfield
Brown Wm. H. wd. Neck and face $8.00 Plymouth
Brubaker David chr. Diarr. $6.00 Mansfield
Brumbaugh Wm. G. wd. L. hip $6.00 Mansfield
Bryant Caleb L. wd. Left shoulder $8.00 Bellville
Buckley Thos. E. wd. L. foot $6.00 Plymouth
Budd John deafness; chr. Inflam. R. ear & dis. Eyes $12.00 Mansfield
Burns Mary E. widow 1812 $8.00 Shiloh
Burns Peter surv. 1812 $8.00 West Windsor
Byers John O. wd. L. thigh $6.00 Mansfield
Cainan John injury to abdomen $4.00 Lucas
Caldwell Hugh dis. Lungs $8.00 Plymouth
Campbell Geo. dis. Lungs $4.00 Mansfield
Carmichael Franklin inj. To abdomen $4.00 Plymouth
Carpenter Eliz. widow 1812 $8.00 Lexington
Carrothers John C. dis. Heart $12.00 Mansfield
Carter Elizzie widow $14.00 Mansfield
Charlton Joseph wd. Head, dis. Of brain & spasms $8.00 Mansfield
Claggett Caroline widow $8.00 Shelby
Clapper Henry wd. L. shoulder & lung $8.00 Shelby
Cline Benj. F. w. l. shoulder $4.00 Shelby
Cline Matilda dep. Mother $8.00 Mansfield
Conner Mary widow 1812 $8.00 Bellville
Crable Josie widow $8.00 Mansfield
Craig James wd. R. shoulder $6.00 Mansfield
Crall James S. rheu., dis. Heart, paralytic r. side $20.00 Mansfield
Crewwell Wm. C. loss leg $18.00 Shelby
Croft Nancy A. widow $8.00 Mansfield
Cromer Ada dep. Mother $8.00 Lucas
Cromer John E. injury to abdomen $4.00 Mansfield
Crosier Abbie dep. Mother $8.00 Shiloh
Culbertson Geo. H. wd. L. foot $4.00 Mansfield
Culler Melancthon renal calculi $6.00 Lucas
Culp Columbus D. chr. Diarr. & dis. Of abd. Vis. $8.00 Lexington
Curren Mary A. widow $8.00 Shelby
Custer Geo. H. dis. Heart $4.00 Lexington
Davey Lydia widow $8.00 Mansfield
Davis Delihah dep. Mother $8.00 Newville
Davis Lewis wd. R. thigh $8.00 Plymouth
Deems Mary widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
DeLamatar Harriet F. widow $8.00 Lexington
Dell John chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
Devine J. wd. R. leg & inj. L. breast $4.00 Mansfield
DeWitt Margaret widow 1812 $8.00 Plymouth
Dickerson Manuel W. wd. L. hand $2.00 Shiloh
Dinges Conrad wound right shoulder $12.00 Mansfield
Disbro Jane widow $8.00 Newville
Doll Michael P. inj. Spine $8.00 Mansfield
Douglas Nelly widow 1812 $8.00 Hastings
Douglass Thos. E. wound right lung $20.00 Mansfield
Duffner John wd. R. leg $6.00 Mansfield
Ealand Edmond dis. Liver $12.00 Shelby
Eames Cornelius chr. Diarr. $18.00 Mansfield
Edmonds David D. diarr. & dis. Of abd. Viscera $12.00 Olivesburgh
Edwards John B. chr. Diarr. $8.00 Bellville
Egner Freeman wd. L. foot $5.33 Shiloh
Ehlers Hannah dep. Mother $17.00 Mansfield
Elders Rebecca dep. Mother $8.00 Darlington
Erisman Elizabeth widow $8.00 Bellville
Estabrook Harriet widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Everett Peter loss of l. leg $24.00 Ontario
Ferguson Martha O. widow $8.00 Lucas
Firebend Solomon surv. 1812 $8.00 Shelby
First James M. chr. Diarr. $15.00 Mansfield
Fisher George chr. Diarr. $4.00 Shelby
Fissel Angeline widow $8.00 Bellville
Flaharty G.A. chills & fever; chr. Diarr. $6.00 Butler
Flint Sarah I. widow $8.00 Mansfield
Ford Patrick P.A. injury to abdomen $6.00 Mansfield
Ford Rob't. wd. L. eye & face $4.00 Mansfield
Forrest Mary A. widow 1812 $8.00 Butler
France Wesley D. chills & fever $8.00 Adario
Franzki Christian inj. L. leg & varicose veins $8.00 Shelby
Funk Julia A. widow $8.00 Lucas
Gaddis Henry M. dis. Head $12.00 Bellville
Garber Danil paronychia L. hand $3.00 Butler
Garfield Wm. H. chr. Diarr. $8.00 Bellville
Garrett Laura M. widow $19.00 Shelby
Gates Napoleon injury to abdomen $4.00 Mansfield
Gatton Sarah widow $8.00 Bellville
Geary Wm. chr. Diarrhea $4.00 Butler
Gilbert Andrus J. wd. L. arm & l. side $4.00 Mansfield
Gilkison Newton chr. Diarr. $8.00 Mansfield
Gipe Joshua wd., left arm $6.00 Adario
Goon Jacob chr. Diarr. $4.00 Lexington
Graham Amelia widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Gregg Elias G. wd. L. shoulder $17.00 Ontario
Greving Joseph injury to abdomen $8.00 Bellville
Grice Margaret dep. Mother $8.00 Mansfield
Griffin John A. chr. Diarr. $3.00 Lucas
Grofmiller Augustus inj. To abdomen $4.00 Plymouth
Grubb Geo. W. dis. Heart $8.00 Ontario
Haas Eliz. widow $8.00 Barnes
Hafer Dan'l. dis. Lungs $4.00 Rives
Hafer Levi paralysis l. leg $8.00 Shiloh
Hagerman Hiram P. wd. L. forearm $14.00 Bellville
Hahn Wm. M. wound right leg $3.00 Mansfield
Hammon Regina widow 1812 $8.00 Butler
Hart Maria widow $14.00 Shelby
Hartupee Elnathan C. dis. Lungs $6.00 Mansfield
Hayden James wd. L. chest $2.00 Mansfield
Hedrick Susan widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Hein Catharine widow $18.00 Mansfield
Herring Chas. chr. Nephrites & crystitis $18.00 Mansfield
Hervey Wm. chr. Diarr. $6.00 Lucas
Heselden Jacob wd. Head $6.00 Mansfield
Hetherington Mary E. widow $8.00 Lexington
Hettinger Susannah widow $8.00 Butler
Heyser Elias wd., left hand $6.00 Barnes
Hissong Levi injury to abdomen $8.00 Butler
Hodges Sylvanus amp. L. thigh $24.00 Shiloh
Holgate Eliz. widow $8.00 Shelby
Hollabach Mordecai w. l. shr. $4.00 Ontario
Hollenbaugh Jacob chr. Diarr. & rheum. $6.00 Shelby
Hott Joe L. chr. Diarr. $8.00 Mansfield
Hough Mary M. widow $12.00 Plymouth
Huffman Maria widow $8.00 Mansfield
Hughes Anna widow $8.00 West Windsor
Hughes Hetty widow $8.00 Shiloh
Hughes Louisa widow $10.00 West Windsor
Hughes Rachel widow $8.00 Newville
Hulit Jane dep. Mother $8.00 Mansfield
Hull Anna dep. Mother $8.00 Plymouth
Hull John C. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
Hutzelman Michael loss right arm $24.00 Mansfield
Inman Wm. dis. Lungs $4.00 Mansfield
Jackson Minerva widow $8.00 Lexington
Johnston Wm. T. chr. Rheum. $2.00 Mansfield
Jones Samuel dep. Father $8.00 Shelby
Keith Andrew B. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
Keller Mary E. widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Keller Thos. J. wd. L. hand $12.00 Mansfield
Kemmler Mary widow $14.00 Mansfield
Kendall Horace E. wd. L. leg $8.00 Mansfield
Kennedy Wm. scurvy rheu. And dis. Heart $18.00 Mansfield
Kincaid Benj. F. injury to abdomen $8.00 Lucas
Kincaid Geo. W. surv. 1812 $8.00 Bellville
Kincaid William dis. Eyes $4.00 Bellville
King David L. wd. In right thigh $6.00 Lexington
Kirkpatrick Rachel widow 1812 $8.00 Plymouth
Kirsh John wd. Head $2.00 Shelby
Klein Frederick injury to abdomen $8.00 Mansfield
Koerber Jacob wd. R. leg $6.00 Shiloh
Lacy Pollis D. chr. Bronchitis & asth. $12.00 Mansfield
Lafferty James dis. Lungs $8.00 Bellville
Lafferty John L. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Bellville
Laird Andrew wd. R. foot $8.00 Shelby
Lantz Benj. F. injury to abdomen $4.00 Lexington
Lauppe Mary widow $8.00 Bellville
Layman Ragan chr. Diarr. & dis. Of abd. Vis $8.00 Mansfield
Leedy Jacob B. widow $10.00 Butler
Leiter Collin P. loss l. arm $18.00 Shelby
Leiter D.B. wd. R. ankle $8.00 Shelby
Linn Cornelius W. wound right arm $16.00 Mansfield
Little Geo. W. wd. Left arm $4.00 Bellville
Lohr Jacob wd. R. shoulder $4.00 Ontario
Long James N.P. loss toes L. foot $8.00 Darlington
Longsdorf Frederick ulcer l. leg $4.00 Mansfield
Lorow Franklin dis. Heart & chr. Diarr. $24.00 Lucas
Lynch Larry w. l. shoulder $5.33 Shelby
Mabee Alphonso chr. Diarr. $8.00 Lexington
Mackey Florence L. widow $14.00 Shelby
Mackley Jacob dis. Heart $8.00 Lucas
Mackley Jeremiah wd. L. side $10.00 Mansfield
Markward W.C. wd. R. thigh & l. knee $12.00 Mansfield
Marlatt Wm. A. wd. L. side $10.00 Bellville
Marlow Moses dis. Heart $12.00 Mansfield
Marshall James dis. Lungs $4.00 Mansfield
Marshall Wm. F. inj. L. knee, hip & head $24.00 Ontario
Mase Benjamin pneumonia, scrofula & ulceration $18.00 Mansfield
Matson J.S.B. chr. Diarr. $8.00 Shelby
McCarron Fredk. inj. Head $2.00 Shiloh
McClay Wm. intermittent fever $4.00 Bellville
McClure Rob't. malarial poisoning; dis. Of liver & kidneys $4.00 Mansfield
McColley Josephus C. wd. Neck $2.00 Mansfield
McCollough Isaac wd. L. breast $2.00 Butler
McCormick Margaret widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
McCoy James loss r. leg $18.00 Mansfield
McFarland Allen partial deafness $2.00 Mansfield
McFarland Rob't. C. wd. L. side of neck $8.00 Mansfield
McGahey James P. wd. R. arm $6.00 Mansfield
McGuire Cornelius varicose veins r. leg $4.00 Mansfield
McHarmon John varicose veins both legs $3.00 Mansfield
McIlvain John V. severe deafness both ears $6.00 Mansfield
McIlvain Ruth widow $30.00 Mansfield
McLaughlin Harriet widow $25.00 Mansfield
McMillen John A. varicose veins both legs $15.00 Mansfield
Meaney Edward inj. L. wrist $4.00 Mansfield
Melick Andrew wd. R. arm $4.00 Plymouth
Melville Jaques deafness r. ear $1.00 Shelby
Merchant Geo. B. wd. Face $8.00 Mansfield
Millard John C. wd. R. hand $18.00 Shelby
Miller Geo. W. injury to abdomen $8.00 Mansfield
Miller George W. dis. Eyes $6.00 Bellville
Miller Isaac dep. Father $8.00 Shelby
Miller Israel dep. Father $8.00 Shiloh
Miller Joseph injury to abdomen $8.00 Mansfield
Montague Geo. H. inj. R. ankle $4.00 Mansfield
Montgomery Hannah widow $8.00 Mansfield
Moore Caleb B. w. r. leg $18.00 Mansfield
Morgan Sam'l. wound right leg $8.00 Mansfield
Morgan Wm. wd. L. hip $6.00 Mansfield
Morris Barizllah F. wd. R. arm $15.00 Shenandoah
Morton Wm. wd. Back and neck $4.00 Shelby
Moser Henry S. wd. L. thigh $2.00 Shiloh
Moser James H. injury to abdomen $12.00 Mansfield
Mowers Henry H. wd. Elbow $8.00 Lucas
Mowry John N. chr. Rheum. & dis. Heart $25.00 Mansfield
Munnell Joseph H. dis. Lungs $2.00 Ontario
Munson Hessel P. chr. Diarr. & piles $8.00 Mansfield
Muscroft Sam'l. J. chr. Diarr., dis. abd. vis; bronchitis; dis.heart $8.00 Mansfield
Myers David D. wd. R. knee $2.00 Shelby
Myers Jane dep. Mother $8.00 Lexington
Myers Telitha A. widow $8.00 Bellville
Newlan Rachel widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Norrick Mary F. widow $8.00 Mansfield
Norris Wm. E. gen'l. debility $10.00 Mansfield
Oberlin Wm. K. wd. R. forearm $8.00 Mansfield
Osbun Ransom I. widow $10.00 Mansfield
Overholt Joseph partial deafness $4.00 Lucas
Owens Archibald chr. Diarr. $4.00 Adario
Palm Margaret widow $8.00 Lexington
Parkison Thomas wound right knee $4.00 Mansfield
Parson Sarah widow $8.00 Shelby
Patterson Andrew C. dis. Both ankles $6.00 Mansfield
Patterson Rob't. N. rheum $6.00 Mansfield
Patterson Wm. H. wd. R. foot $8.00 Mansfield
Payne Wm. res. Of typhoid fever $2.00 Mansfield
Peeper Eliz. widow 1812 $8.00 Lexington
Pfingstag Peter widow $12.00 Mansfield
Phelan Catharine widow $20.00 Mansfield
Phelps David dis. Heart $6.00 Bellville
Pierson Frank W. wd. L. humerus $6.00 Mansfield
Pittinger Henry O. dis. R. forearm $6.00 West Windsor
Pittinger James H. hemphlegia R. side $18.00 Ganges
Poland Alex. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Lexington
Pollock Thos. M. inj. R. wrist $6.00 Mansfield
Poppleton Susannah widow 1812 $8.00 Bellville
Porter Mary P. widow $10.00 Shelby
Powers John W. wd. L. hip $10.00 Mansfield
Price Ezekiel chr. Diarr. $6.00 Mansfield
Price Sarah widow $10.00 Mansfield
Race Geo. F. dis. Of abd. Vis. & nerv. Pros. $8.00 Mansfield
Ralston Smith R. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Ontario
Ramey Wm. H. dis. R. lung & enlargement of heart $8.00 Plymouth
Reader Thos. A. chr. Diarr. & dis. Of abd. Vis $8.00 Mansfield
Reed Horace L. wd. L. leg, frac,r. $17.00 Mansfield
Rhinehalt J.W. wd. L. thigh & loss finger $5.00 Bellville
Rhodes Joseph H. wd. Right shoulder $18.00 Mansfield
Rhodes Margaret widow $8.00 Bellville
Rice John surv 1812 $8.00 Shelby
Riddle Margaret widow $17.00 Bellville
Ritchie Wm. A. dis. Lungs $8.00 Mansfield
Ritter Levi wd. Right hand $6.00 Lexington
Ritz Christian S. wd. L. arm $6.00 Mansfield
Roberts Anna widow $8.00 Shelby
Robins Matilda widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Robinson Jane M. widow $8.00 Mansfield
Robinson John dis. Lungs & chr. Diarr $18.00 Mansfield
Robison Rachel widow $8.00 Newville
Rogers Wm. A. loss r. arm $24.00 Mansfield
Roush Jacob wound righ hand $2.00 Mansfield
Rupp Lemon W. inj. L. hip $2.00 Mansfield
Russel Wm. H. wd. R. elbow $6.00 Lucas
Salisbury Sam'l. R. inj. Head $2.00 Mansfield
Saviers Milton chr. Diarr. $4.00 Shenandoah
Shade Wm. H. frac. R. leg $10.00 Mansfield
Shafer Henry diarr. & dis. R. shoulder $24.00 Lucas
Shaffer Margaret widow $8.00 Bellville
Sharp Martin dis. Heart $18.00 Bellville
Sheads Sallie E. widow $8.00 Shelby
Shively Nancy widow 1812 $8.00 Butler
Shortess A. chr. Diarr. & dis. Of abd. Vis. $4.00 Lexington
Shroud Ellen widow $8.00 Mansfield
Shumaker Catharine widow $8.00 Bellville
Simon Alex. wd. Face $2.00 Vernon Junction
Sipe Levi chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
Smiley Jay surv 1812 $8.00 Shelby
Smith John C. wd. L. knee $8.00 Mansfield
Snyder David wd. Face $6.00 Shelby
Snyder Jeremiah widow $10.00 Shelby
Sowers Frank S. chr. Diarr. $17.00 Shelby
Sowers Susan widow 1812 $8.00 Lexington
Spain Henry chr. Diarr. $4.00 Bellville
Spain J.W. wd. R. knee & loss grt. Toe $4.00 Bellville
Stairs Eliz. widow 1812 $8.00 Shenandoah
Stake George W. dis. Lungs, rheum., diarr., dis. Abdominal viscera $8.00 Newville
Statler Eliz. widow 1812 $8.00 Butler
Steel Simon wd. Right side $4.00 Plymouth
Stillwagon Mary widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Stone John F. wd. R. knee $4.00 Bellville
Stone Margaret widow $10.00 Bellville
Stott Geo. gang. r. foot caus. loss sm toe & distortion foot $8.00 Mansfield
Stough Saml. dis. Of abdominal viscera $6.00 Lexington
Strayer Joseph hypetrophy of heart $4.00 Bellville
Stull Lewis diarr. $8.00 Barnes
Super Geo. H. partial deafness in both ears $6.00 Mansfield
Swanger Alex. J. rheum. $6.00 Shiloh
Swank E.L. camp diarr. & lung dis. $8.00 Bellville
Sweet Hannah dep. Mother $8.00 Plymouth
Swigart Barbara A. widow 1812 $8.00 Lucas
Swigart Jess L. inj. Back $4.00 Lucas
Swigart John . inf. R. hand $8.00 Mansfield
Swonger James M. wd. L. shr. $18.00 Bellville
Tannehill Angeline widow $8.00 Lexington
Taylor Jane widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Taylor Thos. W. wound right hip $10.00 Mansfield
Thompson Sarah widow 1812 $10.00 Butler
Touvel Jackson wound right thigh $6.00 Mansfield
Traxler Lester dis. Heart $6.00 Butler
Tucker David surv. 1812 $8.00 Lucas
Vantilburgh Mary widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Walker James W. aphoonia $8.00 Bellville
Walker Smith A. wd. L. forearm $4.00 Lexington
Wallace Margaret A. dep. Mother $8.00 Mansfield
Way Joseph dis. Heart $8.00 Plymouth
Welty Henry G. chr. Diarr. $4.00 Mansfield
West Sylvester dep. Father $8.00 Mansfield
Weston Wm. P. loss of l. leg $18.00 Ontario
Wetro Henry wound right arm $12.00 Mansfield
Whipp Wm. G. wd. R. thigh $6.00 Mansfield
White John chr. Diarr & dis. Abd. Vis. $6.00 Shiloh
Whte Rob't. loss right leg $18.00 Plymouth
Will Richard B. chr. Bronchitis $2.00 Bellville
Williams Michael W. chr. Diarr. $8.00 Plymouth
Wilson Emily widow $8.00 Shiloh
Wilson Jane A. widow $8.00 Ontario
Wilson Wm. chr. Diarr. & dis. Lungs $6.00 Lexington
Winfield Thos. B. dis. Heart $6.00 Mansfield
Winters Mary L. widow $2.00 Mansfield
Winton Sarah dep. Mother $8.00 Shelby
Wise Rosetta widow $8.00 Mansfield
Wolf Ann widow 1812 $8.00 Lucas
Wolf Daniel B. dis. Eyes $24.00 West Windsor
Wolfe John R. dis. Eyes $8.00 Shelby
Wolff Samuel M. wd. R. forearm; inj. Of head & paralysis $24.00 Mansfield
Worden Anna widow $22.00 Mansfield
Worley Geo. dis. Throat & bronchitis $6.00 Butler
Yeager Catharine widow 1812 $8.00 Mansfield
Zonvers Caleb wound face $6.00 Shelby

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