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Probate Notes, 1893 (partial)

Extracted from newspapers of the day

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11 May 1893 Marriage Licenses Issued:  Joseph Stine and Francis Rondy;  Claude Wrenn and Carrie M. Osbun;  Joseph Sauner and Emma Kenner.
29 June 1893 Marriage Licenses Issued:  Richard T. Kennedy and Sarah E. Brant;  Walter Cook and Helen Swanner Dick;  George B. Cockburn and Algy Robinson;  M.D. Balyeat and Frances Charles;  George Burgoyne and Stella Imhoff;  J.S. Cox and Stella V. Anderson;  A.H. Damback and Florence L. Garrison;  Walter W. Webb and Minnie Leone Williams;  R. Russell Maxwell and Hattie B. Williams;  Charles T. Browning and Isabella Morehead.
Application was made to probate the will of George W. Darling, deceased;  also the will of Susan McClurg, deceased;  also the will of Abram Hendrickson, deceased.
The will of Hugh S. Moore, deceased, was probated.
Mary E. Searies of Cleveland, was appointed administratrix de bonis non with will annexed, of the estate of Chillion Sperry, deceased.  Bond $500.
The will of Susan Chambers, deceased, was probated.  James H. Chambers was appointed executor.  Bond $2,500.

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