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Probate Notes, 1905

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24 January 1905 R.M. Brown and S.N. Lantz, appointed administrators of the estate of David Brown, deceased.  Bond $800.
George W. Snyder appointed executor of the will of Lydia A. Snyder, deceased.  Bond $400.
C.E. McBride appointed administrator of the estate of Minnie McBride, deceased.  Bond $12,000.
T.J. Green appointed administrator of the estate of Lydia Pifer, deceased.  Bond $100.
24 February 1905 Edwin Mansfield, of Shelby, appointed guardian of William Cummins, a lunatic.  Bond $4,000.
Ella Guthrie, of Shiloh, appointed administratrix of the estate of Amberson Guthrie, deceased.  Bond $12,300.
Last will of Jacob Lantz, deceased, filed for probate.
Nancy Cummins appointed administratrix for the estate of Mary J. Cummins, deceased, with will annexed.  Bond $100.
30 June 1905 Petition in partition has been filed in probate court by Minnie Eggerman vs. David, Zella and Thomas Heldenbrand, minors, David K. Logan, and David Heldenbrand, natural guardian of the minors.  Plaintiff sets forth that she is one of the heirs of Mary C. Heldenbrand, deceased, and is entitled to one-third of certain real estate in Jefferson Twp. described in the petition.  David K. Logan claims some interest in the premises by way of mortgage.  Plaintiff asks that her interest be set off to her in severalty;  that David Heldenbrand be ordered to account for the rents and profits of the estate from the time of Mary C. Heldenbrand's death until partition is made.  -- as re-printed from the Mansfield Shield.
07 July 1905 H.W. Hildebrant, of Shelby, appointed administrator of the estate of William H. Young.  Bond $200.
Lloyd Miller, of Shenandoah, appointed administrator of the estate of Angeline McClain, deceased.  Bond $3,000.
14 July 1905 Last will of John Adams, deceased, filed for probate.
21 July 1905 Will of Jacob H. Snyder, deceased, filed for probate.
W.T. Cookston appointed administrator with will annexed of the estate of Jesse Cookston, deceased.  Bond $2,200.
Will of Elias A. Clinker, deceased, filed for probate.
S.F. Stambaugh, of Shelby, appointed administrator of the estate of Emma Snyder, deceased.  Bond $300.
Mary A. Marshall appointed guardian of Martha J. Cookston, an insane person.  Bond $1,800.
Will of Amanda John, deceased, filed for probate.
28 July 1905 James A. Hamilton, of Orrville, has been appointed administrator of the Eliza J. Hanawalt estate.  Bond $4,600.  
04 August 1905 A.H. Brown, of Bellville, appointed administrator of the estate of J.W. Blair, deceased.  Bond $4,000.
11 August 1905 B.F. Long appointed assignee of George Greter, Shelby.  Bond $5,000.
Will of Hanna Kensinger, deceased, filed for probate.
Will of Martin Guinther, deceased, filed for probate.
Last will of David A. Hout, deceased, filed for probate.
25 August 1905 John H. Au, of Ontario, appointed administrator of the estate of Roy H. Mitchell, deceased.  Bond $800.
01 September 1905 Last will of Malinda Schaffer filed.
James Wareham appointed guardian of Daniel Henry, an imbecile.  Bond $6,000.
Mildred Baldwin appointed administratrix of the estate of Rosa Baldwin, deceased.  Bond $1,400.
The last will of Mrs. Malinda Shaffer, of Jefferson Twp., has been filed for probate.  She gives equally all her real estate to her two sons, Samuel L. Paxton and Robert W. Paxton.  If either of the sons should die the other son shall get his share, as all the other children have received their division of the property.  Samuel L. Paxton is appointed administrator of the estate without bond.  
08 September 1905 The last will and testament of Julia Ann Shrader, which was executed September 12, 1902, and signed by Jennie Kissel and Mary Shrader as witnesses has been filed in probate court for probation.  Charlotte Abagail Swank and Calvin Shrader have received advancements equal to their share of the estate and they are to receive nothing.  To William Shrader is given $100 to be paid first out of the estate.  The balance of the estate is to be distributed among the other eight children - George F., William, Robert, Adaline Glass, Marie J. Emmett, Betsy Ann Piper, Lucinda and Franklin A. Shrader.  The household goods are also to be divided among the children.  S.S. Bricker is appointed executor of the will.  
15 September 1905 D.W. Cummins, appointed assignee of Theodore New.  Bond $12,000.
Will of William Dawson, deceased, filed for probate.
Will of Anna McCahill, deceased, filed for probate.
Sallie Larsch appointed guardian of Winfred Larsch, a minor.  Bond $9,000.
22 September 1905 Will of Elizabeth M. Shea, deceased, filed for probate.
Samuel R. Bell, of Nevada, O., appointed administrator, of the estate of David Bell, deceased.  Bond $800
Last will of Minerva S. Finnical, deceased, filed for probate.
29 September 1905 The last will of Jane McCurdy, deceased, of Davis, O., has been filed at the court house for probate.  The will was executed June 30, 1898, and is witnessed by J.W. Covert and S.J. Covert.  The will provides that the nephew, McKinley McCurdy, shall receive the sum of $500.  It is directed that all lawful debts shall be paid out of the balance of the estate.  After the lawful debts are paid, including funeral expenses the executor is directed to purchase and erect a monument to cost not less than $50.  The residue of the estate is bequeathed to Elmer McCurdy of Loudonville, son of Allen McCurdy.  should it appear that the estate is not able to pay the debts and the bequest of $500 to McKinley McCurdy, then the deficit is to be taken off the bequest.  McKinley McCurdy is appointed executor of the will.  
Will of G. Hard, of Salem, appointed administrator of the estate of Harriett A. Booth, deceased.  Bond $20,000
Last will of William Wells, deceased, filed for probate.
Last will of Jane McCurdy, deceased, filed for probate.
Emma Mark appointed guardian of Frank A. Kramer, a minor.  Bond $275.
Phoebe A. Shanabarger, by her attorney J.P. Henry, has begun suit in probate court against A.C. Shanabarger for divorce.  The parties were married at Mansfield, Dec. 22, 1904.  There are no children born of this marriage.  The plaintiff alleges that ever since the marriage the defendant has failed and willfully neglected to provide her with the common necessaries of life, so that she has been compelled to live upon the charity of friends and upon her own exertions, all because of her husband's idleness and profligacy, through he was well able to work.  Wherefore the plaintiff prays that she may be divorced from the defendant and also that she may be restored to her maiden name of Phoebe A. Taylor, and that she may be decreed possession and control of all her property, both real and personal, and that she be given such other relief as is proper.
The will of Naomi R. McFerren of Perry Twp., who died Sept. 14, 1905, has been filed for probate.  The instrument bears date of May 16, 1902 and is witnessed by Jeddiah Brink and Z.T. Rhoads.  She wills her son William McFerren, all of her property and names him as executor.
13 October 1905 The will of Jennie McDermott, deceased, of Mansfield, has been filed for probate.  The will was executed Oct. 18, 1904, and is witnessed by J.E. LaDow and Anna Shaniberger.  The will provides first that all just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid.  To the husband, Frank McDermott, is given the house and lot No. 223 North Adams Street, in Mansfield.  In case the husband dies before the father, Eli Pealer, then the property goes to the father.  The two houses on the south half of lot No. 620 and street No. 222 of North Adams Street are given to the father, Eli Pealer, to have and hold during his life time.  At his death these properties go to the husband, Frank McDermott.  To Hazel Flison or Cass or Hazel McDermott, the girl who has been living with the family, is given a house and lot on Sixth Street in Mansfield, numbered 584.  The father of the deceased, Eli Pealer, is appointed guardian of the girl, Hazel, and the father, Eli Pealer, is also appointed executor of the will and it is requested that he be not required to give bond.
H.F. Fighter appointed guardian of Jacob Throne, an imbecile.  Bond $1000.
Ida E. Hagerty appointed guardian of Elmer, Harry and Will Wagner, minors.  Bond $275.
Elizabeth Antrican appointed guardian of Mary B. Strock, a minor.  Bond $50.
Last will of Betsy A. Rose, deceased, filed for probate.
T.J. Green appointed assignee of Pauline Schaaf, of Shelby.  Bond $4,000.
Will of Christian Lantz, deceased, filed for probate.
Last will of Eliza Barton, deceased, filed for probate.
Last will of Alphonso Mabee, deceased, filed for probate.
Clara Mohn, of Shiloh, appointed administratrix, of the estate of Jefferson Callin, deceased.  Bond $800.
A. Kallmerten appointed guardian of Joseph Rehels, an imbecile.  Bond $1,800.
R.E. Maxwell appointed administrator of the estate of Margaret J. Frey, deceased.  Bond $800.
20 October 1905 Will of John Gerlach, deceased, filed for probate.
A.M. Zebold, of Shelby, appointed administrator of the estate of Sarah H. Keller, deceased.  Bond $100.
Last will of George F. Cassel, deceased, filed for probate.
Lottie Boles appointed administratrix of the estate of R.S. Boles, deceased.  Bond $500.
N.H. Banks appointed guardian of Tyler Curtis, a minor.  Bond $260.
In probate court, Albert D. Hess, by his attorney, Clark B. Hines, has filed suit for divorce from Grace E. Hess, with whom he was united in marriage Feb. 10, 1895, at Albion, Noble County, Indiana.  Of this marriage was born one child, Leo, aged 3 years.  Plaintiff says defendant to suit her whimsical desires has required him to move from place to place, that about Aug. 8, 1905, while he was at work, defendant packed her clothing and made ready to leave him and Leo;  that subsequently she did abandon him and Leo and went to Kendallville, Ind., and she remained away ever since, wholly refusing to perform her marital duties, although fully able to do so.  He asks for divorce and the custody and control of the child Leo.  -- as reprinted from the Wednesday edition of the Mansfield Shield.
27 October 1905 Will of William Kerr, deceased, filed for probate.
E.F. Hendrickson appointed guardian of Burr, Marie, Fred and Nora Marshall, minors.  Bond $400.
Last will of Robert N. Patterson, deceased, filed for probate.
24 November 1905 Melvina Dill and George V. Dill appointed executors of the will of Thomas T. Dill, deceased.  No bond.
Last will of Henry Schwier, deceased, filed for probate.
Last will of John S. Tinkey, deceased, filed for probate.

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