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Richland Co. Deaths, A - M

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Name Date Town Notes Source
ABERNETHY, Mary J. 1883-06-26 -- d/o Samuel & Margaret source 20
ADAMS, Anna 1890-09-12 Mansfield about 55Y;  cause:  asphyxiation source 65
ADRIAN, Anna 1917-12-17 - - FEELC
ALBRIGHT, Bert 1931-07-06 Shelby h/o Cora Shafer;  s/o Henry & Sarah (Lantz) Albright Joanna
ALBRIGHT, Cora Ellen 1950-02-11 Richland Co. w/o Bert Albright;  d/o Andrew & Margaret (Milligan) Shafer Joanna
ALLEN, Alanson 1883-09-20 Mansfield cause:  accidental fall;  74Y source 30
AMES, Ephraim 1824-09-10 Richland Co. h/o Margaret Amy
AMSBAUGH, Jenetta 1879-04-20 Troy Twp. cause:  consumption;  28Y, 4M, 20D;  born in OH source 58
ANDREWS, ----- (male) 1884-01-11 Independence s/o A.P. Andrews source 43
ANDREWS, Thomas B. Jr. 1883-11-14 Mansfield 38Y;  s/o Thomas B. Andrews Sr. source 37
ANLIKER, William W. 4/20/1958 Mansfield Born 1/11/1874 at Kidron, O. MNJ 4/21/1958
ANTRICAN, ---- (female) 1882-07-04 Bellville Died one hour after birth;  d/o George Helliwell and Betty Antrican. source 66
ANTRICAN, ---- (female) 1882-07-04 Bellville Died one hour after birth;  d/o George Helliwell and Betty Antrican. source 66
ANTRICAN, ---- (female) 1882-07-04 Bellville Died one hour after birth;  d/o George Helliwell and Betty Antrican. source 66
APPLEGATE, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-03-17 Lucas 84Y;  w/o Joseph Applegate source 12
AUGUSTINE, Charlotte 1879-10-10 Springfield Twp. 36Y, 4M, 21D;  cause:  lung fever;  born in Germany source 58
BACHELDER, Daniel 1845-10-28 Mansfield h/o Mary Spencer;  s/o Benj. & Dorothy (Sleeper) Bachelder Sherry
BAKER, Margaret Amanda 1911-10-13 Sandusky Twp. cause:  Bright's Disease;  born 10/25/1941 in Ohio;  d/o Daniel & Sarah (Thompson) Logan Mike 1
BAKER, Thomas L. 12/27/1957 Mansfield 54Y;  Born at Blairsville, PA;  h/o Anna Wellen;  Resided at Mansfield MNJ 12/27/1957
BALLIET, Stephen 1878-09-26 Springfield Twp. cause:  old age;  74Y, born in PA source 58
BALLIET, Wm. Wash. 1917-12-20 - - FEELC
BARR, Ollie M. 1883-10-09 -- 15Y, 6M source 32
BASSETT, Hiram Seward 6/4/1958 Mansfield Born at Loudonville, O.; Burial at Loudonville Cem. (Loudonville, O.) MNJ 6/5/1958
BAUGHMAN, Anna 1879-11-24 Perry Twp. cause:  apoplexy;  86Y, 7M, 13D;  born in Erie Co., PA source 58
BAXTER, Dorothy C. 1/14/1957 Lucas 73Y;  w/o Edward T.;  Former Mansfield resident;  Born 3/21/1883 at St. Mary's, O. MNJ 1/14/1957
BEACH, Emily 1883-08-10 -- 61Y source 25
BEACH, John 1883-09-17 Mansfield cause:  apoplexy;  73Y source 29
BEALE, Melissa A. 1850-01-00 Madison Twp. 4M;  born in OH source 49
BEATTIE, Elizabeth 6/27/1958 Mansfield Born at Mansfield, 8/4/1869;  w/o William B. MNJ 6/27/1958
BEATTY, Robert Morgan 10/1/1957 Cleveland, O. 55Y;  Mansfield resident;  Died at Cleveland Clinic;  Born at Davenport, IA, 2/7/1902;  h/o Helen Brodd MNJ 10/2/1957
BECK, Ralph H. 8/8/1958 Mansfield 67Y;  cause:  heart attack;  h/o Edna Baughman MNJ 8/9/1958
BELL, Robert M. 1/12/1957 Cleveland, O. 83Y;  Died at Crile Veteran's Hosp., Cleveland, O.; h/o Mary Jane;  Spanish-American War vet.;  Shiloh resident MNJ 1/12/1957
BEMILLER, Emerson 6/11/1958 Newville 88Y;  Died at home near Newville; Retired teacher MNJ 6/11/1958
BEMILLER, Franklin E. 10/26/1957 Mansfield 72Y;  Burial at Shauck Cem. (Morrow Co.) MNJ 10/28/1957
BENTLEY, Robert 1862-00-00 Mansfield - source 59
BERG, Mrs. ----- 1883-06-?? Mansfield cause:  consumption & severe physical spousal abuse;  w/o William source 20
BEVERSTOCK, Allen B. 1882-03-02 Lexington 77Y, 2M, 9D;  cause:  old age;  occupation:  merchant;  b. in Rutland, VT Mike 2
BIGBEE, George 1881-06-20 Perry Twp. cause:  heart disease;  75Y, 11M;  born in Culpepper Co., VA;  Farmer source 58
BIGLIN, Margaret 1914-03-30 Shelby 81Y, 8M, 15D;  d/o John Anselm & Tillie Holtzer Mike 1
BILLOW, Alice 1883-05-19 Mansfield 30Y, 4M;  w/o George;  d/o Mrs. Peter Bell source 16
BIRD, Charley 1890-09-12 Mansfield s/o C.C. Bird;  cause:  asphyxiation source 65
BISHOP, David 1917-06-15 - - FEELC
BISHOP, Lucy 1881-08-17 Springfield Twp. cause:  consumption;  35Y, 2M, 17D;  born in Holmes Co., OH source 58
BISTLINE, Joseph 1883-03-01 near Plymouth cause:  suicide;  47Y source 10
BLAIR, Elizabeth 1879-01-18 Troy Twp. cause:  accidental;  70Y;  born in PA;  occupation:  weaver source 58
BLISS, Clayton W. 10/28/1957 New London, O. 85Y;  Plymouth resident;  Burial at Steuben Cem. MNJ 10/29/1957
BOEBEL, Sophia 11/14/1957 Lakeland, FL 81Y;  Mansfield Resident;  Born at Germany 7/8/1876 MNJ 11/14/1957
BOLUS, Clarence 1883-09-11 -- 10M;  s/o Henry  source 28
BOONE, Norman A. 10/1/1957 Mansfield 66Y;  Died at Hillcrest Nursing Home;  Born 3/14/1891 at Juniata Co., PA;  h/o Maude L. MNJ 10/2/1957
BOOTH, Ida May 1881-12-03 Springfield Twp. cause:  cholera;  4M, 25D;  born in Crawford Co., OH source 58
BORDEN, Laura Ann 12/28/1957 Mansfield 64Y;  Born 12/30/1892 at Lancaster, O.;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp. MNJ 12/29/1957
BOYLAN, John P. 11/7/1957 - 78Y;  Died at Hillcrest Nursing Home;  Born at Lakeville, O., 3/14/1879;  h/o Edith Donnenworth MNJ 11/8/1957
BRADFORD, Rebecca Sherman 1883-02-26 -- 84Y, 7M, 6D source 9
BRANNEN, Matthew 1882-02-15 Troy Twp. 11M, 15D;  cause:  brain fever Mike 2
BRIGGS, Stella 4/21/1958 Shelby 65Y; Struck by train MNJ 4/21/1958
BRINGMAN, Hannah 1917-02-05 - - FEELC
BROWN, Mary Elizabeth 6/7/1958 Mansfield 69Y; w/o Samuel Boyd Brown; Born 6/12/1889 at Kentucky; Burial at Foster Cem., Elliott Co., KY MNJ 6/9/1958
BROWN, Robert H. 7/31/1958 Wooster, O. 72Y;  Former Mansfield resident;  Died at Wooster Comm. Hosp.;  h/o Hazel MNJ 7/31/1958
BRUMBACH, Earl M. 8/5/1958 Cleveland, O. Former Shiloh resident;  Died at Doctor's Hosp., Cleveland, O. MNJ 8/6/1958
BUECHLER, Nina 1883-12-23 Mansfield 45Y, 10M, 4D;  w/o Prof. J.J. Buechler source 41
BURGESS, Frank L. 5/23/1958 Cleveland, O. 55Y;  Former Mansfield resident;  Native of Reeder, WV;  Burial at Mem. Park, North Olmstead, O. MNJ 5/30/1958
BURNS, Barnabas (Colonel) 1883-10-13 -- -- source 32
BURROUS, Myrtle 11/22/1957 Mansfield 85Y;  Died at Sturges Convalescent Home;  Born at Tippecanoe, O., 6/18/1872 MNJ 11/23/1957
BURTON, Georgia 8/7/1958 Mansfield 24Y;  w/o Clyde;  Born at Morehead, KY, 8/8/1933;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp. MNJ 8/7/1958
BUSH, John 1967-07-06 Mansfield s/o Andrew Bush & Pauline Kleshinski Amy
BUTCHER, Elizabeth 8/12/1958 Mansfield 66Y;  Born at Bridgeport, CT;  w/o Steve MNJ 8/12/1958
CAMPBELL, Henry B. 1883-06-12 -- ??Y, 8M;  s/o George E. source 25
CANARY, ----- 1884-11-00 Mansfield cause:  diphtheria;  c/o Thomas Canary;  Funeral at St. Peter's Catholic Church source 54
CANARY, ----- 1884-11-00 Mansfield cause:  diphtheria;  c/o Thomas Canary;  Funeral at St. Peter's Catholic Church source 54
CANARY, ----- 1884-11-00 Mansfield cause:  diphtheria;  c/o Thomas Canary;  Funeral at St. Peter's Catholic Church source 54
CARMEL, Frank 1/11/1956 Mansfield born: 1/22/1883 San Pietro, Avalano, Italy;  h/o Giovino Tristano MNJ 1/12/1956
CARMICHAEL, Sidney (Westfall) 1873-05-21 Shiloh -- Obit.
CARSON, Virginia Riley 1944-02-01 Mansfield cause:  hit by train at RR Crossing;  born:  1/21/1923 in Fayette Co., OH;  d/o Marion & Eva (Larkins) Riley;  w/o Thomas;  buried at Washington C.H., O. Otis
CARTER, Delba 1881-08-30 Springfield Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  20Y, 9M, 1D;  born in Richland Co. source 58
CASE, Uzal H. 1883-11-29 Mansfield 59Y, 8M, 1D source 38
CHEW, Dorothy M. 1917-03-25 - - FEELC
CHIDSEY, Georgiana 11/20/1957 Rich. Co. Born at Loveland, O.;  Burial at South Charleston MNJ 11/21/1957
CHINN, Eithel May Shepard 11/20/1957 Mansfield 52Y;  Born at Columbus, O.;  w/o Charles D. MNJ 11/20/1957
CICOLANI, George Malio 6/4/1958 Mansfield 44Y;  Born 6/30/1913 at Columbiana Co., O.;  h/o Florence Ward MNJ 6/5/1958
CLABERG, Jacob 1883-04-04 Butler Twp. -- source 13
CLARK, Tekla 1/1957 Wyandot Co. w/o G. Kenneth;  Former Shelby resident MNJ 1/10/1957
CLEMENTS, C.L. 1/22/1956 Mansfield 58Y;  Born at Forsythe, GA 11/24/1897;  Burial at Forsythe, GA MNJ 1/23/1956
CLICK, Samuel P. 12/21/1957 Shelby 43Y;  h/o Gladys;  Died at Shelby;  Burial at New Haven, O. MNJ 12/23/1957
CLINE, Carl E. 1/9/1956 Mansfield 47Y;  h/o Ethel MNJ 1/9/1956
CLINKER, Frank 1/2/1956 Bellville 80Y;  cause:  cerebral hemorrhage;  h/o Etta MNJ 1/3/1956
COCKINS, ----- 1884-12-10 - c/o W.H. Cockins;  cause:  diphtheria source 56
CONLEY, William H. 1917-05-17 - - FEELC
COOK, Elizabeth 1879-12-10 Sandusky Twp. 6Y, 10M, 4D;  cause:  scarlet fever;  born in OH source 58
COOK, William H. 1882-03-10 Lexington cause:  diabetes;  65Y, 9M, 20D; occupation:  tailor;  b. in Carlisle, PA Mike 2
CORDLE, Nova C. 11/22/1957 Mansfield 55Y;  Dairy store operator;  Born 5/25/1902 at Blaine, KY;  h/o Betty Zinkle;  burial at Portsmouth, O. MNJ 11/23/1957
CORRELL, Mayme Scheidegger 6/4/1958 Mansfield Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; w/o Harper K.;  Burial at Oakwood Cem., Bucyrus, O. MNJ 6/5/1958
CORWIN, Wilmuth Titus 6/14/1958 Mansfield Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at West Mansfield, O., 8/27/1898;  Burial at Equality Cem., Bellfontaine, O. MNJ 6/15/1958
CRAIG, Martha A. 1879-07-29 Troy Twp. cause:  general debility;  63Y;  born in OH source 58
CRAWFORD, Jessie 10/22/1957 Sidney, O. 78Y;  Shelby resident MNJ 10/23/1957
CREIGH, Attillia 1884-02-24 Mansfield 65Y, 6M;  w/o David M. source 46
CROMBIE, Humphrey 1917-11-11 - - FEELC
CRONENBERGER, ----- (female) 1883-10-24 -- cause:  lung trouble;  3Y;  d/o Charles & Kate source 33
CRONENBERGER, Grace 1883-11-04 -- infant;  d/o Charles & Kate source 35
CROOKS, John H. 1883-07-?? -- cause:  diptheria;  abt. 3Y;  s/o Susan Crooks source 24
CROSE, James Arthur 7/24/1958 Mansfield 75Y;  Died at home;  Born at Morgan Co., KY, 4/2/1883;  Burial at Crose Cem., Blaze, KY MNJ 7/25/1958
CROSS, Howard T. 11/24/1957 Mansfield 49Y;  Died at Richland Hosp.;  Resident of Darlington;  Burial at Utica Cemetery MNJ 11/25/1957
CROWELL, Robert Heald 1/16/1956 Mansfield born in Oshkosh, Wis. 10/13/1876 MNJ 1/17/1956
CULVER, Elizabell 1884-02-09 near Mansfield cause:  heart apoplexy;  59Y, 26D;  w/o David source 45
CURREN, Lillie D. 10/3/1957 Norwalk, O. Resident of Plymouth MNJ 10/4/1957
DANICH, Katie 1883-09-17 -- cause:  diptheria;  d/o D. Danich source 29
DAUGHERTY, Lyman D. 6/7/1958 Barberton, O. 78Y;  Former Mansfield resident; Native of Applecreek, O.;  Burial at Greenlawn Cem., Barberton, O. MNJ 6/8/1958
DAVIS, William H. 6/2/1958 Mansfield 64Y;  h/o Louise MNJ 6/3/1958
DeYARMON, Mabel Esselburn 10/18/1957 Mansfield 75Y;  Born at Mansfield 5/17/1882;  w/o G.W. MNJ 10/20/1957
DOBBINS, Rosa Lena 7/27/1958 Mansfield 75Y;  w/o James S.;  Mansfield resident;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at Lafollette, TN, 5/23/1883;  Burial at Clinch Valley Cem., Tazewell, VA MNJ 7/28/1958
DOERRER, Allan A. 11/7/1957 Mansfield Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  h/o Anna Contracieri MNJ 11/7/1957
DOERRER, Ralph U. Sr. 1/2/1956 Mansfield 63Y;  Born at Ashland Co., O., 3/25/1892 MNJ 1/3/1956
DONNAN, William 1889-08-04 Monroe Twp. - source 60
DOOTLITTLE, R. Percy 1/3/1956 Mansfield 80Y MNJ 1/4/1956
DOREM, Jeremiah 1884-03-07 Lucas cause:  consumption source 48
DORSEY, Earl E. 6/6/1958 Mansfield 68Y;  Born at Mt. Vernon, O., 7/1/1889; Died at Mansfield; h/o Mildred Meeker MNJ 6/6/1958
DOTY, Mary A. 1884-03-07 Mansfield 67Y;  w/o Elisha W. Doty source 48
DRAKE, Abraham 1881-06-21 Springfield Twp. cause:  dropsy;  83Y, 6M, 21D;  born in New Jersey source 58
DUKE, Harry R. 10/31/1957 Mansfield 71Y;  Born at Fredericktown, O., 6/2/1886;  Died at Richland Hosp.;  Burial at Forrest Cem., Fredericktown, O. MNJ 10/31/1957
DUNNAN, Margaret Ann 1883-10-16 -- 84Y source 33
DWORSKI, William Victor 7/31/1958 Findlay, O. 50Y;  Former Mansfield resident;  Born at New Haven, CT;  Died at Blanchard Valley Hosp. (Findlay, O.) MNJ 7/31/1958
EDWARDS, A.D. 1883-05-16 Mansfield 46Y source 16
EGGERT, Mary 813/1958 Mansfield Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at Rochester, Mich.;  Cremated MNJ 8/14/1958
ELDER, Rebecca 1880-02-03 Perry Twp. cause:  lung disease;  73Y, 11M, 7D;  born in Cumberland Co., PA source 58
ELENS, Rebecca Fisher 10/8/1957 Mansfield 85Y;  Born 1/20/1872;  Burial at Brecksville Cem., Brecksville, O. MNJ 10/9/1957
ENLOW, Etta 6/13/1958 Cuyahoga Falls, O. 77Y;  Born at Bellville, 12/9/1880;  Former Mansfield resident MNJ 6/15/1958
ESTERLINE, Roe S. 10/25/1957 Mansfield 52Y;  Died at Peoples Hosp.;  Born 10/19/1905 at Crawford Co., O. MNJ 10/25/1957
FANKHAUSER, Eugene C. 10/5/1957 Mansfield 66Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born 4/12/1891 at Monroe Co., O.;  Retired school teacher MNJ 10/7/1957
FARSHLER, Christian 1883-03-06 Mansfield occupation:  saloonist source 10
FLAHARTY, William 6/2/1958 Cleveland, O. 70Y;  Former Mansfield resident;  Blacksmith;  Burial at Mansfield Catholic Cem. MNJ 6/3/1958
FLEXSER, Frank G. 11/13/1957 Mansfield 75Y;  Resident of Carothers;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp. MNJ 11/14/1957
FORBES, William Tawse 1/3/1956 Mansfield 74Y;  Died at Southern Hotel, Mansfield;  Born at Savannah, O. 8/15/1881;  Burial at Savannah MNJ 1/3/1956
FOULKS, Nancy 1818-00-00 Butler Twp. d/o Jacob Foulks HORC-401
FOURNEY, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-10-?? -- w/o E.J. source 32
Foust, Lula Mae 1/4/1956 Mansfield 56Y;  Born at Morrow Co., O. MNJ 1/5/1956
FOX, Sarah 'Sadie' Normanda (Bailey) Workman 1941-02-15 Washington Twp. w/o 1. Albert Workman  2.  John Harry Fox;  d/o John & Patience W. (Humphrey) Bailey Sherry
FRANCIS, Edwin Lee 1878-05-29 Troy Twp. cause:  scarlet fever;  10M, 9D source 58
FRANK, ---- (infant) 1897-07-22 - c/o Jacob Frank source 61
FRYE, Delores Ethel 1/2/1956 Mansfield 43Y;  Born at Glouster, O., 9/11/1912;  w/o Paul L.;  burial at Glouster, O. MNJ 1/3/1956
GALLAGHER, Courtney C. 8/5/1958 Mansfield 77Y;  Died at Sturges Convalescent Home (Mansfield);  h/o Elizabeth (who died 7/12/1958) MNJ 8/5/1958
GALLAGHER, Sarah E. 1917-01-28 - - FEELC
GARBER, E.A. "Lum" 1920-12-17 Bellville cause:  shot;  s/o F.L. Garber;  spouse:  Pearl Ruhl source 57
GARDNER, Philip 1884-01-12 Mansfield occupation:  rope maker source 43
GERSTER, Don 10/23/1957 Crestline 78Y;  Died at Crestline Mem. Hosp.;  Resident of Shelby Settlement MNJ 10/24/1957
GETTLES, Bertran J. 10/30/1957 Mansfield 77Y;  Died at home MNJ 10/30/1957
GILBERT, ----- 1884-07-00 Mansfield c/o George Gilbert of W. Bloom Street source 52
GILLIAM, Arthur 10/14/1957 Shelby 67Y;  Died at Shelby Mem. Hosp. MNJ 10/15/1957
GILLILAND, John 1883-06-02 near Independence cause:  bright's disease;  59Y, 4M, 7D source 17
GOODWIN, Hannah 1883-08-18 -- cause:  cholera;  w/o William Goodwin;  sister of John Roasberry source 26
GROFF, John 1879-08-10 Troy Twp. cause:  consumption;  41Y;  born in PA;  occupation:  miller source 58
GROSS, Katherine 12/30/1957 Mansfield 69Y;  w/o Frank;  born at Austria-Hungary MNJ 12/30/1957
GUISINGER, Maurice 8/5/1958 Akron, O. 52Y;  Former Shelby resident;  h/o Bonita MNJ 8/7/1958
HACKETT, Emma Mae 9/30/1957 Willard, O. 58Y;  Plymouth resident;  w/o George;  cause:  auto accident MNJ 10/1/1957
HAINES, ----- 1881-10-18 Lexington 1D;  c/o John A. Haines & M.A. Dickson Mike 2
HALE, Avery 10/6/1957 Murray, KY 78Y;  Born at Mifflin Twp., 9/27/1879;  Burial at Windsor Cem. MNJ 10/7/1957
HALL, C.E. 10/1957 Largo, FL Brother of G.W. Hall;  Former Mansfield resident MNJ 10/16/1957
HALL, J. Emmett 1883-05-25 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  s/o Dr. H.L. Hall source 17
HALVAX, Peter W. 1980-11-25 Mansfield h/o Hazel Lucille Kurfis;  s/o Wendell & Barbara (Theis) Halvax Amy
HAMILTON, R.C. 1879-08-19 Troy Twp. 31Y;  farmer;  born in OH source 58
HAMLIN, J.W. 1879-07-30 Troy Twp. cause:  diphtheria;  51Y, 2M, 17D;  farmer;  born in OH source 58
HANNAWALT, John 1884-04-09 Perry Twp. 81Y source 50
HARTENFELS, John 1917-10-23 - - FEELC
HARTER, Stephen Francis 10/9/1957 Shelby 44Y;  Life-long Shelby resident MNJ 10/10/1957
HARTMAN, Henry 1889-12-15 Mansfield Suicide by hanging source 62
HARTUPEE, Rachel 1879-01-19 Springfield Twp. cause:  pneumonia;  79Y, 3M, 10D;  born in PA source 58
HAUCK, Mary 1878-06-28 Troy Twp. cause:  consumption;  59Y, 1M, 22D;  born in PA source 58
HEAD, Frances L. (Neace) 1978-02-05 Mansfield w/o Henry Head;  d/o William C. & Myrtle Sue (Hutchison) Neace Amy
HECHT, Joseph A., Sr. 5/16/1958 Mansfield 94Y; Died at home (Mansfield); Born at Mansfield MNJ 5/16/1958
HEDRICK, Ann C. 1884-01-17 Mansfield 67Y;  w/o A.G. Hedrick source 44
HEDRICK, Dorothea V. 5/28/1958 Mansfield 53Y;  Died at home;  Born 6/2/1904 at New Richmond, O.;  Burial at Mansfield Memorial Park MNJ 5/30/1958
HEDRICK, Lura May 8/13/1958 Mansfield 69Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born 6/27/1889 at Hardin Co., O.;  Burial at Dunkirk Cem., Hardin Co., O. MNJ 8/14/1958
HELDMAN, Jacob A. 1883-05-18 Mansfield 72Y source 16
HELLER, John 1824-??-?? Richland Co. h/o Susan Hammond Amy
HENDRICKSON, Mary Hefner 6/4/1958 Mansfield Born 4/25/1894 at Allen Co., O.; w/o C.A. MNJ 6/4/1958
HENRY, Adam 1928-04-24 Weller Twp. s/o Jacob & Mary (Brown) Henry Joanna
HENRY, Maggie Jane 1933-04-04 Weller Twp. w/o Adam Henry;  d/o John & Elizabeth (Pifer) Pugh Joanna
HEPPARD, Charley 1883-12-24 -- cause:  diphtheria;  5Y, 9M source 42
HEPPARD, Nora May 1883-12-06 -- cause:  diphtheria;  7Y, 11M;  d/o Charles source 42
HERRE, John W. 12/20/1957 Lucas 84Y MNJ 12/20/1957
HERRING, William H. 1917-03-25 - - FEELC
HESTON, Edith Elba 1921-02-10 Mansfield d/o Rexford & Jenny Heston Joanna
HESTON, Lorenzo Dow 1926-05-28 Madison Twp. s/o Nathan & Mary (Clark) Heston Joanna
HESTON, Marion A. 1927-02-19 Washington Twp. s/o Lorenzo & Ellen Heston Joanna
HESTON, William Calvin 1924-05-29 Mansfield s/o William & Elizabeth McCarty Joanna
HEUSS, Marie Anna 1964-02-11 Mansfield d/o Carl Heitz & Emma Jane Kaser;  to be buried at Mansfield Cemetery Donna
HIBNER, Elizabeth A. - - - Janice
HILL, Thomas B. 1883-12-17 -- cause:  consumption;  18Y;  s/o Mary E.;  1/2 brother of Andrew Stevenson source 40
HINES, Mary 1880-03-04 Perry Twp. cause:  consumption;  59Y, 4M, 19D;  born in PA source 58
HISKEY, David 1878-09-05 Troy Twp. cause:  spinal fever;  59Y, 7M;  born in PA source 58
HISKEY, Martin 1879-01-02 Troy Twp. 71Y;  born in PA;  Farmer source 58
HOCKENBERRY, Casper K. 1917-02-14 - - FEELC
HOFFMAN, Amelia 11/14/1957 Mansfield 71Y;  Born 12/31/1885 at Newburg, IN;  w/o Emil MNJ 11/15/1957
HOFFMAN, Mrs. Tamson U. 1/1/1957 Florida Died at West Palm Beach, FL;  Resident of Mansfield MNJ 1/5/1957
HOLLABAUGH, Hannah 1879-04-01 Springfield Twp. 45Y, 10M, 18D;  cause:  lung fever;  born in England source 58
HOUSTON, Nancy (Mrs.) 1883-11-06 Weller twp. -- source 35
HUDSON, Earl E. 4/18/1958 Mansfield 70Y; Died at home, Mansfield; born at Apple Creek, O.; h/o Erma Walters MNJ 4/19/1958
HUGHES, David 1890-08-09 - - source 64
HUGHES, Mrs. Christopher M. 8/5/1958 Jamestown, NY Formerly of Mansfield;  w/o Christopher M. MNJ 8/6/1958
HUGHETT, John 6/19/1958 Bellville 69Y;  Born at Morgan Co., TN, 1/12/1889;  h/o Cora E.;  Burial at Northfork Cem., Waterford, O. MNJ 6/20/1958
HUMMEL, Frederick G. 10/15/1957 Cleveland, O. 83Y;  Mansfield resident;  Born at Loudonville, O., 2/18/1874 MNJ 10/16/1957
HUNT, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-01-07 Lucas w/o Jacob source 5
HUNT, John 1883-07-08 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  12Y;  s/o Thomas Hunt source 22
HUNT, Nina 1883-12-28 -- cause:  scarlet rash;  4Y;  d/o John Hunt source 42
INSCORE, Ava Lenora 1/29/1956 Washington Twp. 79Y;  w/o Daniel F.;  Born at Drew Co., AR MNJ 1/30/1956
JAMES, Minzie Willa 7/23/1958 Mansfield 55Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at Washington Court House, O., 7/17/1903;  w/o John L. MNJ 7/24/1958
JARVIS, Elizabeth 1917-03-07 - - FEELC
JAYNES, Carrie Cornell 11/1/1957 Mansfield 69Y;  cause:  severe burns;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at Ironton, O. MNJ 11/1/1957
JOHNSON, Bertha 1917-05-03 - - FEELC
JOHNSON, Bertha B. 11/11/1957 Mansfield 70Y;  Died at Mansfield;  Born near McConnellsville, O., 5/8/1887;  w/o Blaine MNJ 11/12/1957
JOHNSON, Hoadley M. 1/9/1956 Mansfield 72Y;  cause:  heart attack;  Born at Johnstown, O., 9/20/1883;  h/o Flora Williamson;  Burial at Croton, O. MNJ 1/10/1956
JOHNSON, Millard 1/20/1956 Mansfield Born 9/10/1910 Bledsoe Co., TN;  h/o Mayme Simmons;  Burial at Pikeville Cem., Pikeville, TN MNJ 1/21/1956
JOHNSTON, Charles Ralph 12/7/1957 Bucyrus, O. 80Y;  Born near Bellville, 4/27/1877 MNJ 12/9/1957
JONES, Elizabeth E. 11/11/1957 Shelby 38Y;  w/o Garland;  cause:  shotgun wound MNJ 11/12/1957
KELLER, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-08-10 Mansfield w/o Adam source 25
KELLER, James 4/21/1958 Mansfield 48Y; h/o Lethia C. Pry; Burial at Crawford Co. MNJ 4/22/1958
KEMP, Oliver O. 1883-03-09 Mansfield cause:  tubercular consumption;  20Y, 11M, 18D;  s/o G.M. Kemp source 11
KENNEDY, Georgie (Bell) 1883-10-27 Mansfield abt. 23Y;  w/o William  source 34
KESTERSON, Mrs. Glen A. 11/10/1957 Shelby 31Y;  w/o Glen A.;  Died at Shelby Mem. Hosp.;  Born at Paintsville, KY MNJ 11/11/1957
KILGORE, Joseph S. 1879-08-02 Springfield Twp. 69Y, 7M, 29D;  cause:  paralysis;  born in PA;  Farmer source 58
KING, ----- (male) 1884-11-23 - 8Y;  s/o J.J. King source 54
KINNEY, Dora Elizabeth Neidic 8/8/1958 Mansfield 81Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born near Butler, IN, 5/26/1877 MNJ 8/9/1958
KITRENOS, Mrs. Jack G. 4/1958 Athens, Greece 53Y; former Mansfield resident MNJ 4/19/1958
KLAUER, Peter 1883-07-21 Mansfield cause:  accident;  abt. 65Y source 23
KLICKOVICH, Russell W. 10/5/1957 Mansfield 62Y;  Mansfield resident;  Born 7/18/1895 at Yugoslavia MNJ 10/6/1957
KOONTZ, Daniel 1879-07-11 Sandusky Twp. 71Y, 11M, 22D;  born in PA;  Farmer source 58
KRABILL, Catharine 1883-11-27 Mansfield 57Y, 7M;  w/o Jacob source 37
KRABILL, Charles 1884-05-23 - - source 51
KRAUSE, Dora M. 1883-02-04 -- 5Y;  d/o George P. Krause source 6
KRAUSE, Katie E. 1883-02-11 -- cause:  diptheria;  6Y;  d/o John Krause source 7
KREBS, Mrs. Oscar 1884-07-00 Mansfield -- source 52
KREBS, ------ 1884-07-00 Mansfield c/o Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Krebs source 52
KUHLOW, William James 5/29/1958 Glendale, CA Former Shelby resident MNJ 5/31/1958
KUHN, Herbert M. 1/8/1956 Dearborn, MI 58Y;  Resident of Shelby, O.;  Born at Shelby, 8/16/1897 MNJ 1/9/1956
LAFFERTY, Edith M. "Edie" 1884-02-24 Independence cause:  diptheria;  6Y, 1M, 18D;  d/o A.L. Lafferty source 48
LAMBERTON, Edna 1849-07-00 Madison Twp. cause;  measles;  2Y;  born in OH source 49
LAUER, William 7/1958 Miami, FL 89Y;  Former Mansfield Police Chief (1932-1936);  Burial at Mansfield;  Born 9/4/1868 at Mansfield Obit.
LAWRENCE, Albert James 1917-03-06 - - FEELC
LEITER, Henry H. 1917-11-27 - - FEELC
LEPPO, Margaret W. (Barr) 1889-12-21 Springfield Twp. 60Y;  born 6/13/1828;  w/o William  source 63 / Gary
LIEBFRITZ, Joseph E. 8/4/1958 Toledo, O. 80Y;  Former Mansfield resident;  Born at mansfield 11/20/1877 MNJ 8/6/1958
LINDLEY, Elizabeth 1882-03-27 Troy Twp. cause:  dropsy of heart;  79Y;  b. in PA Mike 2
LINN, Mary Smith 11/15/1957 Franklin Twp. cause:  drowning;  w/o Claude MNJ 11/16/1957
LITTLE, Bessie 1/2/1956 Mansfield 47Y;  w/o Grover;  Born at Mt. Sterling, PA 7/31/1908 MNJ 1/3/1956
LOCH, Elizabeth 1/30/1956 Mansfield Born at Austria-Hungary, 10/20/1879;  w/o Joseph MNJ 1/31/1956
LOGAN, Barbra (Jones) 1914-02-17 -- cause:  acute bronchitis Ouoxman
LOGAN, Charles McClellan 1913-09-05 -- cause:  alcoholic nephritis Ouoxman
LOGAN, David Hampton 1920-05-03 Lexington cause:  acute endocarditis;  13Y, 4M, 27D;  s/o John Logan & Lottie Schnelker Mike 1
LOGAN, Judson Wilson 1943-05-01 Troy Twp. cause:  cerebral hemorrhage;  76Y, 1M, 25D;  s/o James W. Logan Mike 1
LOGAN, Louisa Ann (Barr) 1913-12-22 -- cause:  paresis Ouoxman
LOGAN, Martha Mellick 1923-06-23 Mansfield cause:  penumonia;  17Y, 1M, 18D;  residence:  Lexington;  sp.  George Logan;  d/o Samuel & Ida (Waid) Mellick   Mike 1
LOGAN, Mary (Barrack) 1915-01-26 -- cause:  la grippe Ouoxman
LOGAN, Samuel Riley 1926-05-29 -- cause:  chronic endocarditis Ouoxman
LOGAN, Victor Eugene 1941-02-25 Mansfield cause:  struck by a car;  67Y, 11M, 11D;  s/o William Hampton Logan & Barbara Jones;  sp.  Florence Spiegle Mike 1
LOGAN, William Dye 1913-04-30 -- cause:  miocarditis Ouoxman
LOGAN, William Hampton 1912-12-24 -- cause:  cerebral abcess Ouoxman
LOMAX, Ralph 1917-11-17 - - FEELC
LORO, Daniel 1889-03-10 Mifflin Twp. h/o Mariah Stillwagon Sherry
LORO, Mariah 1859-08-17 Mifflin Twp. w/o Daniel Loro;  d/o George W. & Mary (Mace) Stillwagon Sherry
LOWMAN, Harry L. 1917-04-25 - - FEELC
LUCAS, Charles B. 1917-06-19 - - FEELC
LURZ, Clarence Charles 5/30/1958 Mansfield 61Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.; Born at Mansfield, 6/9/1896; Retired fireman MNJ 5/31/1958
MADDEN, Michael Sr. 1883-03-29 Mansfield 73Y source 13
MAJORS, Jay 11/6/1957 Mansfield 75Y;  Died at Peoples Hosp.;  Born at Knox Co., O., 10/26/1882 MNJ 11/6/1957
MARSHALL, Dora 1883-02-08 -- cause:  diptheria;  14Y;  d/o John Marshall source 7
MARSHALL, Jennie 1883-02-16 -- cause:  diptheria;  d/o John Marshall source 8
MARSHALL, Laura 1883-02-08 -- cause:  diptheria;  18Y;  d/o John Marshall source 7
MATHEWS, Harry B. "Ben" 11/16/1957 Mansfield Born at Columbus, O., 5/15/1884 MNJ 11/17/1957
MAY, Stephan 10/15/1957 Mansfield 83Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at Yugoslavia, 3/3/1874;  h/o Mary Vogel MNJ 10/15/1957
McBRIDE, John 1850-05-00 Madison Twp. 5M;  born in OH source 49
McCART, Henry 1826-10-29 Plymouth Twp. -- source 19
McCARTY, Elizabeth (Heston) 1933-01-06 Mansfield -- Joanna
McCARTY, William 1916-01-01 Mansfield h/o Elizabeth Heston Joanna
McCLURE, Clara Youngblood 6/6/1958 Mansfield 81Y;  w/o Herbert E.;  Born at Rochester, NY MNJ 6/6/1958
McCOLLOUGH, Melissa 1850-03-00 Madison Twp. 19Y;  born in Ohio source 49
McCOLLOUGH, Noah 1883-05-04 Mansfield 59Y source 15
McCOUGHEY, Joseph 1917-07-22 - 85Y source 61
McCRORY, Caroline 1884-03-05 -- cause:  consumption;  sister of Hon. R.B. McCrory source 47
McCUTCHAN, Henry C. 8/1958 Long Beach, CA 77Y;  Formerly of Mansfield MNJ 8/15/1958
McDANEL, Henry 1883-03-08 Monroe Twp. cause:  consumption;  s/o J.R. McDanel source 11
McDANIEL, Allen L. 1882-01-24 Perry Twp. cause:  lung fever;  30Y;  Farmer;  born in Perry Twp. source 58
McDONALD, Agnes L. 1882-03-30 Springfield Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  34Y, 3M, 16D;  born in Richland Co. source 58
McDONALD, Daniel 1879-12-06 Perry Twp. cause:  lung disease;  70Y, 8M, 26D;  born in PA source 58
McDONOUGH, ------ (female) 1884-12-00 Mansfield 6Y;  d/o George McDonough;  cause:  diptheria source 55
McFARLAND, Jennie Smith 6/29/1958 Mansfield Lucas resident;  Died at Mansfield;  Born near Lucas, 2/8/1893 MNJ 6/30/1958
McFARLAND, Samuel A. 1883-02-25 -- -- source 9
McGARRY, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-03-13 Lucas 72Y source 12
McGILL, Charley 1879-09-23 Springfield Twp. born in OH source 58
McKINLEY, Alexander 1882-01-14 Perry Twp. cause:  paralysis;  85Y;  born in Co. Lyme, Ireland;  Farmer source 58
McKINLEY, Flossie M. (Kinney) 11/14/1957 Mansfield 61Y;  Lucas resident;  w/o Thomas V.;  cause:  heart attack MNJ 11/15/1957
MEDER, Sophie 6/17/1958 Los Angeles, CA Former Mansfield resident;  w/o M.S.;  Burial at Los Angeles, CA MNJ 6/20/1958
MEEDS, James 1881-08-01 Springfield Twp. cause:  cancer;  51Y, 3M, 29D;  Farmer;  born in Richland Co. source 58
MERLING, Mary 1884-11-00 - 12Y;  Funeral held at St. Peter's Catholic Church source 54
MESHKE, Gustav E. 11/18/1957 Rich. Co. 68Y;  Died at home;  Born 2/28/1889 at Germany;  Dayton, O. resident for most of his life;  Burial at Dayton Mem. Park, Dayton, O. MNJ 11/19/1957
MESSERSMITH, Charles W. 1917-03-19 - - FEELC
MILLER, ------ (male) 1883-09-30 Independence cause:  diptheria;  s/o Allen Miller source 31
MILLER, Bertha 11/12/1957 Shelby 80Y MNJ 11/13/1957
MILLER, Clyde 8/9/1958 Mansfield 64Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  h/o Mazie Price;  cause:  heart attack;  Born at Scottdale, PA, 10/5/1893 MNJ 8/9/1958
MILLER, Dudley 1884-12-11 Mansfield Died suddenly source 56
MILLER, Raymond W. 12/20/1957 Mansfield cause:  heart attack;  68Y;  Born 4/8/1889 at Scioto Co., O.;  h/o Bernice Russell Gilmore;  Burial at Lancaster, O. MNJ 12/21/1957
MILLIGAN, Albert 1915-02-11 Monroe Twp. s/o Jonas & Margaret (Swineford) Milligan Joanna
MILLIGAN, Celia Keightley 1919-03-04 Springfield Twp. w/o Jonas Milligan Joanna
MILLIGAN, Dorotha Hersal 1915-11-02 Richland Co. d/o Isaac & Celia (Keightley) Milligan Joanna
MILLIGAN, Jonas 1919-11-06 Springfield Twp. h/o Mariah Swoverland Joanna
MILLIGAN, Lillie Irene 1920-01-21 Springfield Twp. w/o Bert Milligan;  d/o Lewis Eberhardt & Alice McQuellen Joanna
MILLIGAN, Mariah 1914-12-02 Springfield Twp. w/o Jonas Milligan;  d/o Christopher & Barbara (King) Swoverland Joanna
MILLIGAN, Millie Ann 1920-06-28 Mansfield w/o Emanuel Milligan;  d/o Jonas Zellner & Solimia Lepley Joanna
MILLIGAN, William Henry 1936-02-23 Shelby s/o George & Nancy (Copus) Milligan Joanna
MINCKS, Lena B. (Pogue) 11/7/1957 Mansfield 36Y;  w/o James A.;  Born at Cushing, OK, 11/29/1920;  d/o John J. Pogue MNJ 11/8/1957
MITCHELL, Alice 7/30/1958 Mansfield 70Y;  Dayton, O. resident;  Died at Madison Hosp. (Mansfield) MNJ 8/2/1958
MITCHELL, Frank 8/8/1958 Mansfield 64Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  h/o Clarabelle MNJ 8/9/1958
MITCHELL, Isaac 1883-05-28 Mansfield -- source 18
MOORE, Kate S. 10/15/1957 Mansfield Born at Georgetown, O., 9/24/1877 MNJ 10/15/1957
MORRISON, Victoria L. 6/8/1958 Mansfield 82Y;  Died at Peoples Hosp. (Mansfield): Morrow Co., O. resident; Burial at Shauck Cem., Morrow Co., O. MNJ 6/9/1958
MULLER, Ferdinand 1881-02-14 Springfield Twp. cause:  lung fever;  15Y, 4M, 17D;  born in Richland Co. source 58
MURPHY, Ann Elizabeth 1859-07-19 -- cause:  scarlet fever;  d/o Robert & Mary Ann;  9Y, 6M Harriet
MURPHY, Jennie Lewis 9/29/1957 Sidney, O. 85Y;  Former Lexington resident;  Died at Presbyterian Home at Sidney, O. MNJ 10/1/1957
MURPHY, William 1849-08-00 Madison Twp. 9M;  born in OH source 49
MUSCROFT, S.J. 1884-01-02 -- -- source 42
MUTCHLER, Julia 7/26/1958 Mansfield 83Y;  Died at home;  w/o A. Fred;  Born at Akron, O. 11/13/1874;  Burial at Holy Cross Cem. (Akron, O.) MNJ 7/26/1958
MYERS, Ada Mary 6/20/1958 Shelby 82Y;  Burial at Camden, O. MNJ 6/21/1958
MYERS, Henry 1889-12-22 Co. Infirmary 70Y source 63
MYERS, Linnie 7/27/1958 Mansfield 93Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Bellville resident MNJ 7/28/1958

Blosser, Ruth Mary (Vrbanac) 1923 5/1/1958 w/o Ellsworth; d/o John Vrbanac; Born at Milwaukee, WI; Died at Columbus, O. MNJ 5/2/1958
Bromfield, Charles - - s/o Charles Bromfield & Annette Maria Coulter Jess (8/04)
Davis, Henry 10/14/1874 5/4/1958 Died at Mansfield; Born at Wales; h/o Barbara Ross MNJ 5/5/1958
Eakin, Martha Weller - 5/1/1958 Died at Palo Alto, CA; Former Mansfield resident MNJ 5/6/1958
Jarvis, James R. 3/27/1931 5/6/1958 Died at Columbus, O.; Mansfield resident; Born at Gallipolis, O.; s/o Paul MNJ 5/7/1958
Marshall, William T. - 4/30/1958 76Y; Died at Shelby Mem. Hosp. MNJ 4/30/1958
McKinney, Grover C. 9/12/1888 5/6/1958 Born at Butler, PA; Died at Mansfield; h/o Mildred L. Flenner MNJ 5/6/1958
Moore, George W. - 5/3/1958 43Y; Died at Mansfield; Burial at Memphis, TN MNJ 5/5/1958
Roberts, Marshall L. Jr. - 5/6/1958 57Y; Resides near Shelby; h/o Freda MNJ 5/7/1958
Schneider, Emma Hetler - 5/3/1958 85Y; Former Mansfield resident; Died at Reed City, MI MNJ 5/5/1958
Seemuth, W. Lewis - 5/8/1958 Died at Atlanta, GA; Born at Tiffin, O.; Mansfield resident; Burial at Atlanta MNJ 5/9/1958
Sellers, Mrs. G.S. - 1958 80Y; Former Mansfield resident; Died at Grafton, WV MNJ 5/2/1958
Warnes, Jennie D. Frye - 5/6/1958 w/o Robert W.; Died at Mansfield; Born at Holmes Co., O.; Burial at Holmes Co., O. MNJ 5/7/1958
Warrack, Olga 12/28/1914 5/5/1958 43Y; Died at Mansfield; Born at Auburn, NY; Burial at Auburn, NY; w/o Arthur MNJ 5/6/1958


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