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Church Records

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Ministers of Richland County

July 15, 1871


Source:  Records of the Correspondence Secretary of the Richland County Sabbath School Union, pp. 19-27


Transcribed and submitted by Amy


Name Denomination Church Post Office
-- -- -- --
Anderson, W.W. Presbyterian Shelby Shelby
Berry, P. U.B. - Hastings
Betts, O.H. Church of God Mansfield Mansfield
Brown, A.R. Lutheran Pleasant Valley Lucas
Bronson, S.E. Episcopal Mansfield Gambier
Cheshire, J.E. Baptist Mansfield Mansfield
Downey, D.W. U.B. Shelby / Taylor's Corners Shelby
Eddy, F. Presbyterian Bunker Hill Perrysville
Fry, G.V. Congregational Lexington / Washington Lexington
Faus, H. M.E. - Bellville
Foust, D.J. Lutheran Riblets Crestline
Fairfield, E.B. Congregational Mansfield Mansfield
Fivey, M.J. Lutheran Mansfield Mansfield
French, W.H. U.P. Mansfield Mansfield
Cailey, R. U.P. Lexington Lexington
Galbraith, W.M. Lutheran Salem Bellville
Gilroy, J. M.E. Rome Olivesburg
Greeble, G.H. Lutheran Mansfield Mansfield
Gullis, B. Baptist Boices Houts Station
Hershiser, J.F. Lutheran Clays / Ziders / Sheriffs / Spring Mills Shelby
Hall, D. Presbyterian Mansfield Mansfield
Krause, C. Evangelical St. Peters Mansfield
Kost, J.K. Presbyterian Plymouth Plymouth
Leonard, A.H. U.B. Blooming Chapel / Shelby Fairfield
Loose, N.H. Reformed Shelby / London / Ganges Shelby
Lake, ---- German Reformed Emanuel Ashland
Lawrence, ---- Baptist Ontario Ontario
Lowe, J.S. Disciple - Shelby
Leushare, F. Evangelical Mansfield Mansfield
Miller, W. M.E. Mansfield Mansfield
Morthland, A. Baptist Harmony Shelby
Montgomery, B.C. Presbyterian Rome Rives
McCane, Jno. M.E. Salem Shiloh
Moffit, A.J. M.E. Ontario Ontario
McCaskey, R. M.E. Shelby Shelby
McKillips, Geo. M.E. Lafayette Savannah
Nettleton, ---- W.M. Washington -
Neville, W. U.B. Mt. Tabor / Easterly / Richland Cir. Leesville + R.
Osborn, E. M.E. - Mansfield
Pirritte, W. M.E. Mansfield Mansfield
Proctor, J.D. Presbyterian Lexington / Bellville Lexington
Pierce, O. M.E. Lexington / Washington / Bellville / Newville Lexington
Read, Jno. Disciple Cicero Mansfield
Rimmfield, A. Disciple Butler Savannah
Samson, Wm. M.E. Independence / Carters Butler
Shoop, N. Evangelical Pleasant Grove / Ebenezer / Kanagas Lexington
Stanley, F. Baptist Lucas Lucas
Shearer, J.F. Lutheran Shelby / London Shelby
Selby, ---- Church of God W. Butler Shenandoah
Wishart, W. U.P. Ontario Ontario
Wiles, H.L. Lutheran Lucas / Mt. Grove / St. Johns Lucas
Wilhelm, M.L. Lutheran Plymouth / Shiloh Plymouth
Woods, H. Disciple Mansfield Mansfield
Walker, J. Lutheran - Lucas

U.B. = United Brethren  |  M.E. = Methodist Episcopal  |  U.P. = United Presbyterian

The original record book is housed in the Sherman Room at the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library, 43 West Third Street, Mansfield, Ohio 44902.

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