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Shaffer Reunion, 1901

THE MANSFIELD NEWS:  01 October 1901, Vol. 17, No. 180


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Wednesday, Sept. 25, the descendants of the Shaffers who emigrated to Ohio from Pennsylvania in 1839 gathered at the beautiful country home of J.F. Craiglow for the purpose of holding their second annual reunion.  The day was appropriate in every particular.  The air was balmy, the sky clear, the sun bright, the roads splendid and by 10 o'clock they began to arrive from all directions -- Peoria and Springfield, Ill., Cincinnati, Sulphur Springs, Tiro, Grant, Ontario, Shelby and Mansfield.

Between 12 and 1 o'clock one of the good, old Shaffer dinners, such as only our good, old Grandma Shaffer can furnish was served.  George Hart, of Tiro, took first prize as the man of largest capacity, although none of the others fell far behind.

After dinner the president, C.C. Craig, called the meeting to order and after a few appropriate remarks, called for the secretary's report of last year's meeting, who then called the roll and found that about eighty were present.  The minutes were read and approved and election of officers followed, resulting in the election of F.P. Coulter, president;  Samuel Stock, vice-president;  Mrs. F.P. Coulter, secretary;  J.F. Craiglow, treasurer, and G.U. Kuhn, historian.

All other necessary business being transacted the company adjourned to meet the first Wednesday of September, 1902, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Strock of Shelby.

The balance of the afternoon was spent in social chat, renewing old and making new acquaintances and playing games of different kinds.  Mrs. George Hart, of Tiro, being declared champion quoit pitcher.  At a late hour, goodbyes were said and all returned to their homes looking forward with joyous anticipation of the next meeting.

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