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Misc. Shelby News Items (Part 4)

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THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio Friday, 27 May 1921 xxx
"Sam Miller of this city, has accepted a position at the Smokehouse."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio 24 May 1921  
"Mrs. Harry Pohlman from Tiro was the week end guest of her daughter Martha Dale of West Main street."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio Friday, 27 May 1921.  
"Walter Oman and Earl Irey are spending the day at the bay fishing."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio  24 April 1950.  
"SERVED 28 YEARS AS FISCAL OFFICER - Bert Fix, 235 West Main street, served 28 years as finance officer for the city, from 1912 to 1922, upon adoption of the city charter, through 1939 as director of finance.  Her also served as Sharon township clerk from 1912 to 1941, inclusive, a total of 30 years.  Clerks from 1900 to 1912 included R. P. Bricker, 1900 to 1902; H. A. Tucker and W. F. Sonnanstine 1903; W. F. Sonnanstine 1904 - 1905; C. C. Moore 1906 - 1908; W. D. Hanna 1909 - 1911.  Shelby also had a treasurer until the city charter went into effect and included E. S. Close 1900 - 1902; Russell Johnson 1903 - 1907; Orville Mott 1908 - 1913 and George Williams 1913 - 1921."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio 24 April 1950.  
"FINANCE DIRECTOR - Chester I. Monn - Shelby's fiscal officer since 1940 and relief director past six years.  The secretary to the director of finance is Miss Martha McCammon, who has held that position through several administrations and under two finance directors.  Miss McCammon was appointed on September of 1936."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, 25 May 1921  
"MRS. SUSAN SELLERS - DIED YESTERDAY AFTERNOON AT 3, AT HER HOME ON NORTH BROADWAY -   At her residence, 80 North Broadway, Mrs. Susan Sellers, widow of the late John E. Sellers, slept peacefully away yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, after many months of illness, patiently borne.  Death was due to a complication of diseases.  She was 75 years old.  Mrs. Sellers was a lovely character.  Her pleasure was in her home, the church she so dearly loved and served, and the happiness she might quietly bring to others.  In all of these relations her loss will be distinctly felt.  She was a member of the local L.O.T.M.  She is survived by two daughters, Miss Elizabeth, at home, and Mrs. R. D. Anderson of Mansfield, and one son, S. L. Sellers of this city; also, a sister, Mrs. Catherine Fletcher, and three grandchildren.  By her request, services will be held at the Reformed church, Thursday afternoon.  Meet at the home at 3:30 and at the church at 4.  Interment will be made in the London cemetery.  Friends are welcome to call at the home at any time."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, 24 April 1950  
"HALF HOLIDAY CLUB - The Half Holiday Club was formed March 1916 with three charter members, Mrs. Laura Bernhisel, Mrs. Walter Lake and Mrs John McKinney surviving.  Mrs. Rose Smith was the first president; Mrs. Kit Johnson, vice president; Mrs. Walter Lake, secretary and Mrs. Lizzie Omweg, treasurer.  The club motto is 'Help Someone Today.'  There are 40 members at present with Mrs. Murl Norris serving as president; Mrs. Delbert Adam, vice president; Mrs. Leonard Morton, secretary; Mrs. Martin Schreck, assistant secretary; Mrs. Roland Mickey, treasurer and Mrs. Walter Lake, assistant treasurer.  The club meets the third Thursday of each month at the homes of the various members.  At different times thru the years, the club has done sewing for the hostess, Red Cross sewing, and at the time Memorial hospital was established the club furnished one of the rooms.  The members have been making hospital bandages for their most recent project.  They also made a quantity of bed coverings for the hospital at one time.  The club donates money to charitable organizations, has sewed for needy families and helped a deserving family financially last Christmas."
The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio 24 April 1950.  
"BOY SCOUTS ORGANIZED HERE IN 1915 ; GIRL SCOUTS FOUNDED IN 1936 - The Shelby Boy Scouts organization was founded in 1915 with the late Rt. Rev. B. H. Reinheimer, bishop of Rochester, as the first scoutmaster.  The present membership totals 75 with Dan Shepherd, scoutmaster of Troop One; and Jacque Kaler, scoutmaster and Roger Pfahler, assistant scoutmaster of Troop Three.  The Shelby District committee officers are Wayne M. Carleton, chairman; and Reymer Bricker, secretary-treasurer.  The troops meet weekly with Troop One at its own headquarters on the City Water Works grounds and Troop Three in its own scout room in the basement of tyhe Methodist church.  Each year the boys assist civic events.  Boys are also being trained each year for good citizenship.  CUB PACK TWO -- Burch Smith was the first cubnaster of Cub Pack No. Two which was organized Apr. 30, 1940.  William Hassler served as assistant cubmaster; Leslie Hillard, Don Hildebrant, Eldon Heck, Norman Richmond and Carl Bendle, the other officers.  Milan Freese is the present chairman; William Brocwell, treasurer; Tom Schiffer, secretary; Jacque Armstrong, cubmaster; Louis Wright, assistant cubmaster and Stanley Kime and Dick Reidel, projects.  There are 40 members of the Pack with meetings held monthly at the high school cafeteria.  The cubs have a ball team each summer and go to Cleveland to see ball games occasionally.  The cubbing movement as a whole gives the boys constructive play.  CUB PACK ONE -- Cub Pack No. One was organized May 1943 with Albert Barkdull as cubmaster.  This group is sponsored by the Mother's Study Circle.  The present officers are Robert Baker, cubmaster; Howard Fath, assistant cubmaster; Lowell French, treasurer; Roy Loescher, handicraft; Clarence Yetzer, committee chairman; and O. P. Jones, secretary.  Den mothers are Mrs. George Lutz, Mrs. J. J. Arntz, Mrs C. C. Stevenson, Mrs. Jacque Dunlap and Mrs. Harry Coldwell.  The Pack which numbers 40 members meets the fourth Monday at the Auburn school.  GIRL SCOUTS -- The Shelby Girl Scout organization with a present membership of 175 was founded in 1936.  There had been an earlier organization in the 1920's but did not continue for more than five years.  Mrs. Robert Green was the first commissioner with Miss Betty Hollenbaugh the present commissioner; Mrs. D. S. Connelly, deputy commissioner; Mrs. Don Hildebrant, treasurer; Mrs. T. P. Finegan, secretary and Mrs. B. V. Hollenbaugh, registrar.  The troops meet weekly at the Girl Scout Little House with construction begun on that building in May, 1940.  The Scouts have been holding successful Day camps and have also sent clothing and kits to Europe and also Friendship bags which contain small useful articles.  At present, the girls are starting their project for this year and early called Schoolmates Abroad which will furnish children overseas with school materials."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, 24 Apr 1950.  
"LIST UTILITY WORKERS AND YEARS TENURE - Many of the employees of the municipal-owned utilities have long records of service.  List in order of years of service of the light and power department and the date employment started:  Urban Yetzer, operating engineer, May 1921; Andrew Glasgow, fireman, June 1921; Harry Wilcox, fireman, Nov. 1922; John Molder, fireman, April 1923; Paul Jones, chief engineer, Sept. 1925; A. C. Elliott, foreman of distribution, first started in June of 1913 but because of interrupted service his total amounts to 24 years; Clayton Shull, lineman, Nov. 1927; Harry V. Tiffany, secretary, March 1932; Carl Clark, operating engineer, March 1933; Dooley Roberts, maintenance, March 1938; Perry Hall, fireman, January 1940; Howard Worman, lineman, May 1943; Bert Love, helper, June 1944; Mrs. Neil McCaron, part-time clerk, Sept. 1944; Joseph Yetzer, lineman, Oct. 1944; Ralph Zimmerman, operating engineer, June 1945; Gloria Caporini, clerk, Oct. 1945; William Clark, operating engineer, January 1948; Thomas Barnhart, lineman's helper, May 1948; Edwin Arnold, maintenance, March 1949; David Haun, lineman's helper, August 1949; Melvin Stover, fireman's helper, August 1949; Fred Houpt, laborer, Sept. 1949; Dan Rabold, laborer, Feb. 1950.  In the water department:  George Zeiters, foreman of plant and distribution, 31 years of continuous service, including with old Shelby water company and 16 years since the plant was taken over by the city in 1934.  Edward Leonhardt, 17 years, including a little over a year with the old water company; Clarence Kahler, meters and distribution; Feb. 1938; Lester Brock, laborer and extra operator, Sept. 1945 with prior service in the light department; George Swanger, chemist, January 1946; Maynard Yarman, operator, August 1946, Charles Dodge, operator, Sept. 1947 and Wilbur Carlson, operator, Oct. 1947.  The office personnel, listed with the light department, also serve the water department."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, 24 April 1950.  
"SHELBY ADOPTS CITY CHARTER - The civil service commission of Shelby is this year observing its 25th anniversary.  The commission organized May 16, 1925 by electing F. K. Hall, president and F. G. Allwein, secretary.  It was decided at that meeting to hold an examination for all employees in the classified list on May 14 and 15, 1925.  Classified service is defined in rules of the commission to include all positions and employments of the city for which it is practical to determine the merit and fitness for competitive examination.  On May 20, 1925, the results of the examination were announced by Mr. Allwein, who had become president: George Williams, who had become secretary and R. P. Bricker, third member of the board, as follows:  At the light plant - A. Dornberger, superintendent and W. E. Dornberger, assistant; Edith Burgett and V. B. Creveling, clerks; E. H. Dawson, lineman; T. W. Lanehart, chief engineer and W. E. Miller, William Andrews, A. M. Glasgow and Harry Dawson, engineer.  At the fire department - W. J. Fulton, chief and George Seidel, assistant; A. A. Glasgow, John Molder, H. F. Carner, and Harry Wilcox, firemen.  J. A. Sonnanstine, superintendent of streets and sewers.  At the time of the introduction of the civil service here, C. E. Morris was mayor.  Mr. Morris also had the distinction of being the first mayor under the new charter form of government that went into effect January 1, 1922.  Members of the council were F. K. Hall, A. J. Ellery, H. A. Mullett, S. L. Cramer and G. W. Briner.  Skiles Cramer has longest tenure of any member of the present commission, having been appointed in 1930.  Since that time he has served as president and secretary and is now the third member.  H. J. Skiles, secretary of the board, was appointed in 1936 by Mayor D. B. Young to fill the vacancy left when John Chew was elected to the council.  Paul Curry, who was first appointed to the commission to fill the vacancy left by W. E. Rohrer.  Mr. Cramer became president at that time and in 1941 Mr. Curry succeeded him."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, Friday, May 2, 1902.  
“YOUNG MAN – ARRESTED ON A SERIOUS CHARGE.  GEORGE BURKHART CHARGED WITH ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO RAPE BY MISS LENA BAKER OF RAYMOND AVENUE – George W. Burkhart, a young man about 25 years of age, was arrested last night on the charge of assault with intent to rape.  The charges were preferred by Miss Zona Baker of 32 Raymond avenue.  She testified that she is the daughter of Peter Baker of Greenwich having lived there for 13 years.  She came to Shelby six weeks ago and has been living with her uncle Fred Baker on Raymond avenue.  Last night she went to Stuckey’s  meat market about 7:30 o’clock to see a friend and left there for home about 9:30 o’clock.  She first saw Burkhart following her near Higgins jewelry store and she then walked fast so that he would not over take her.  She says he increased his pace and finally over took her at the Main street crossing of the Big Four.  Without saying a word to her he caught her by the arm and continued to walk with her.  The young lady asked him who he was and upon being told that his name was Miller she replied she did not know him and that he should mind his own business.  Notwithstanding this he continued to walk by her side and when they reached her home she walked up on the porch to go into the house Burkhart then pulled her from the porch and attempted to assault her, holding his hand over her mouth so she could not arouse her uncle who had retired.  She finally pushed his hand from her mouth and shouted so that her uncle heard her.  He came to her assistance and the fellow ran when he heard him coming.  Fred Baker testified that he secured a description of the fellow and at once started after him.  He met Roy Pettit and asked him to accompany him.  He over took the fellow on West street.  Mr. Baker then shadowed the man while Pettit secured an officer.  As soon as Burkhart was locked up Miss Zona Baker was called and identified the man as being the fellow who had attempted to assault her.  She was positive of it.  Burkhart claims he was talking to Miss Jess Sharkey and Miss Emma Nazor about 9:30 o’clock.  He denies ever having seen Miss Baker and pleaded not guilty to the charge when arraigned in police court.  He claims he has been braking on the B & O running from Chicago junction to New Castle.  He came to Shelby yesterday and testified he was with E. H. Hunter yesterday afternoon for about two hours.  He says his home is in Crestline and that he knows George Greter.  Mayor Long asked him if he had not been arrested in Shelby before.  He replied that he had.  That was about a year ago when he went to Peter’s, Converse’s and Crowell’s drug stores and asked for strychnine.  He failed to secure it and was arrested and locked up until the next morning when he sobered up.  Miss Emma Nazor testified that she had known Burkhart for two years but that she had known him by the name of Baker.  She also stated that when she and Miss Sharkey met him on West Main street last night that it was nearly 10 o’clock and that they did not walk over to the depot with him as he testified.  This seemed to put Burkhart in a bad light but he stoutly maintained his innocence.  Mayor Long bound him over to common pleas court in the sum of $300 and he will be taken to the county seat today by Marshal Gates.
  (Headline of the article lists her name as Lena Baker but the article shows her name as Zona.)
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, Friday, May 27, 1921  
"MRS. PAUL BUSHEY - DIED LAST NIGHT AT 10:45 O'CLOCK AT THE SHELBY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL - The community was saddened today by the announcement of the death of Mrs. Paul Bushey who passed away at the Shelby Memorial hospital after a brief illness.  Mrs. Bushey had been ill at her home 83 East Whitney avenue and was taken to the hospital only Monday.  She did not improve and was a great sufferer up until death relieved her, remaining conscious to the end, which came at 10:45 o'clock.  Nellie M. Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilson, of Bellville, Richland county, was born Jan. 27, 1894, in Knox county, and was aged 27 years, 3 months and 27 days.  She removed with her parents to Bellville where she grew to womanhood.  She was united in marriage to Paul Bushey Oct. 17, 1911 and they had since made their home in Shelby residing at 83 East Whitney avenue.  She was a member of the Church of Christ and always interested in the activities of the church.  She is survived by her husband and four children, Thelma, Wilson, Alice and Paul Robert, and by her father and mother and three sisters, Mrs. McDonald of Bellville, Mrs. Halloway of Lexington and Mrs. J. S. Bushey of Shelby.  The funeral service will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Church of Christ and will be conducted by Rev. H. H. Tilock, pastor of the church.  The body will be laid to rest at the Oakland cemetery."
THE DAILY GLOBE, Shelby, Ohio, Friday, May 2, 1902  
"COMMITTEES - FOR 1902 OF SHELBY SCHOOL BOARD JUST APPROVED -   Finance - A. F. Hyde, G. W. Scott, J. O. Hughes.  Buildings and Grounds - Charles Huber, J. O. Hughes, A. F. Hyde.  Teachers, Janitors and Salaries - G. W. Scott, J. L. Haun, W. W. Skiles.  Supplies - J. L. Haun, J. O. Hughes, Charles Huber.  Text Books and Studies - J. O. Hughes, W. S. Lynch, A. F. Hyde.  Rules and Regulations and Printing - W. W. Skiles, G. W. Scott, W. S. Lynch.  District Boundaries - W. S. Lynch, Charles Huber, G. W. Scott.
SHELBY NEWS, Shelby, Ohio, Saturday, February 28, 1891  
"THE ESTATE OF LYDIA A. BLOOM, DECEASED - NOTICE - The Administration of the Estate of the above named decedent has been entrusted by the Probate Court to the undersigned.  All persons having claims against said Estate are requested to present them to the undersigned within one year.  February 23rd, 1891, W. O. BLOOM, Administrator"
SHELBY NEWS, Shelby, Ohio Saturday, February 28, 1891  
"WILLIAM DAUB - was born September 18, 1821, in Lebanon Co., Pa., married Catherine Arts (Artz) in 1842, moved into the neighborhood of Ganges in 1856, and died February 18th, 1891 aged 69 years and 4 months, leaving a wife and four children to mourn his absence.  The deceased was a member of the Lutheran church, a good citizen and a kind neighbor.  The funeral was held in the Reformed church at Ganges conducted by Rev. Shulenberger, and the mortal remains laid to rest in the cemetery near by.  May the God of all grace keep the living in state of readiness to depart hence and be with Him which is far better."
SHELBY TIMES, Shelby, Ohio, Saturday, February 28, 1891.  
"BARBER - Ronie M. Barber was born February 16th, 1881 and died February 21st, 1891, aged 10 years and 5 days."

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