Richland Co., Ohio



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Some Richland Co. Citizens, 1873



Source:  ATLAS MAP OF RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  By A.T. Andreas.  Chicago, Ill., 1873, pp. 11 & 14.


NOT in strict alphabetical order

Name Residence Business Nativity Came To Co.
- - - - -
Ackermann, Henry Mansfield Barber Germany 1865
Ackermann, M. Mansfield Restaurant Germany 1856
Ackermann, Peter Mansfield Barber Germany 1865
Alger, L.M. Mansfield Stair Builder New York 1859
Allen, A. Mansfield Retired Herkimer Co., NY 1840
Allison, James Mansfield Sash, Door and Lumber Columbiana Co., OH 1863
Allmon, Sam E. Mansfield Gen'l Ag't Wheeler & Wilson S.M. Co. Stark Co., OH 1871
Arting & Son, J. Mansfield Barber Germany 1856
Aultman & Taylor Manuf. Co. Mansfield Threshers Organized 1868
Aungst, Samuel Mansfield Hotel Richland Co., OH 1825
Basker, J.N. Mansfield Hair Cutting and Shaving Ohio 1872
Beach, J.J. Mansfield Express Agent New Haven, CT 1843
Beck, N. Johnst Mansfield Painter Richland Co., OH 1838
Beelman, Andrew Mansfield Carriage Maker Ohio 1837
Bell, J.D. Mansfield Leather Dealer Licking Co., OH 1860
Bennett, D.R. Mansfield Stoves & Tinware Ohio 1873
Bieber, John C. Mansfield Saloon & Bowling Alley Germany 1854
Bird, S.E. Mansfield Prop. of St. James' Hotel Columbia Co., PA 1866
Bird, W. Mansfield Retired Columbia Co., PA 1867
Blecker, Geo. H. Mansfield ----- Richland Co., OH 1850
Boughton, Charles A. Mansfield Blacksmith Richland Co., OH 1850
Bradley, Thomas Mansfield Carpenter Knox Co., OH 1854
Brinkerhoff, R. Mansfield Attorney at Law Cayuga Co., NY 1850
Bristor, James R. Mansfield Dentist Washington Co., PA 1860
Bristor, T.G. Mansfield Dentist Washington Co., PA 1858
Brown, Arthur A. Mansfield Clerk Richland Co., OH 1857
Burns, A.M. Mansfield Attorney at Law Richland Co., OH 1840
Burns, B. Mansfield Attorney at Law Fayette Co., PA 1820
Burns, Geo. C. Mansfield Attorney at Law Richland Co., OH 1847
Bush, F.W. Mansfield Gas Fitting and Plumbing Monroe Co., PA 1868
Campbell, M.B. Mansfield Architect and Builder Ashtabula Co., OH 1869
Carpenter, G.F. Mansfield Attorney at Law Richland Co., OH 1820
Carroll, Charles H. Mansfield Rail Roading Fayette Co., PA 1859
City Council of Mansfield - - - -
Clark, Elijah Mansfield Deputy Recorder Washington Co., PA 1814
Colby, H.H. Mansfield Cracker Manufactory Richland Co., OH 1848
Condict, Alfred H. Mansfield Dry Goods Morris Co., NJ 1868
Cook, J.H. Mansfield ---- Richland Co., OH 1816
Cookstan, Wm. T. Mansfield Bakery & Grocery Washington Co., MD 1856
Coul, Conrad Mansfield Saw Mill Germany 1836
Cox, George M. Mansfield Carriage Shop & Horse Shoeing England 1867
Cox, Otho K. Mansfield Stoves and Tinware Ashland Co., OH 1848
Crall, James S. Mansfield Justice of the Peace Richland Co., OH 1838
Cropp, John Mansfield Brick Maker Mansfield, OH 1840
Culver, Cyrus Mansfield Resturant Richland Co., OH 1838
Cummins, A.C. Mansfield Real Estate Dealer Richland Co., OH --
Custer & Bro. Mansfield Hardware Philadelphia '69 - '72
Daily, Jno. B. Mansfield Insurance and Real Estate Columbiana Co., OH 1851
Dehn, John L. Mansfield Merchant Tailor Fayette Co., PA 1868
Delaney, Wm. H. Mansfield Horse Trailer Pennsylvania 1871
Douglas, Thos. E. Mansfield Attorney and Postmaster Richland Co., OH 1829
Duerr, John Louis Mansfield Stone Cutter Germany 1863
Dukes, Theodore Mansfield Contractor and Builder Richland Co., OH 1830
Eggleston, James G. Mansfield Undertaker Syracuse, NY 1846
Endly, Geo. M. Mansfield Books, Stationary & News Depot Ohio 1850
Etz, William Mansfield Billiard Hall Germany 1852
Faust, Peter J. Mansfield Furniture and Cabinet Maker Richland Co., OH 1847
Flenner, J.A. Mansfield Carriage Painter Ohio 1871
Ford & Bell Mansfield Grocers Organized 1872
Forney, G.W. Mansfield Livery Stable Mahoning Co., OH 1857
Forshler, Christ Mansfield Wine Works Germany 1872
Foss, William Mansfield Carriage and Wagon Manufact'y Germany 1853
Foulks, G.A. Mansfield Livery Stable Richland Co., OH 1841
Frank, Martin Mansfield Brewery Germany 1859
Frank & Bro., Geo. Mansfield Clothing Store Organized 1871
Gay, O.V. Mansfield Hair Cutting & Shaving France 1865
Geddes, S.L. Mansfield Attorney at Law Richland Co., OH 1850
Gessner, John Y. Mansfield Editor of the Shield & Banner Somerset Co., MD 1841
Gilkison, Mansfield H. Mansfield Deputy Sheriff Mansfield, OH 1811
Greenberg, A. Mansfield Merchant, Clothing & Furnishing Goods


Grove, Simon Mansfield Furniture Dealer Berks Co., PA 1852
Gutzwiler, V. Jr. Mansfield Attorneys at Law Pittsburg, PA 1853
Grosner, J.H. Mansfield Ladies' Fancy Goods Hungary, Austria 1872
Gilbert, F.A. Mansfield City Mills Madison Co., NY 1865
Galbraith, J.O. Mansfield Buggies, Carriages & Spring Wagons Pennsylvania 1857
Gates, David Mansfield Omnibus Line Richland Co., OH 1837
Geddes, Irwin Mansfield Grocery Knox Co., OH 1830
Gates, M.L. Mansfield Omnibus Line Richland Co., OH 1837
Geddes, Geo. W. Mansfield Judge - Court of Common Pleas Knox Co., OH 1845
Gill, Henry Mansfield Tin and Glassware New Hampshire 1867
Gilbert, Waugh & Co. Mansfield City Mills


Harmon, Geo. B. Mansfield Clerk of Courts Richland Co., OH 1832
Hickox, Willard S. Mansfield Pres't of the 1st. National Bank Ohio 1837
Horn, Chas. Mansfield Cigar Manufacturer Huron Co., OH 1871
Hine, V.N. Mansfield Butcher Germany 1870
Helps, W. Mansfield Book and News Dealer England 1869
Hott, H.M. Mansfield Grocer Holmes Co., OH 1853
Hedrick, C.C. Mansfield Billiard Hall Richland Co., OH 1846
Hauck, Henry Mansfield Flour and Feed Store Germany 1860
Hale, Hugh Mansfield Stock Dealer and Farmer Richland Co., OH 1833
Hedges, Jas. J. Mansfield Woolen Mill Memphis, Tenn. 1869
Higgins, Wm. S. Mansfield Justice of the Peace England 1844
Hunt, C.L. Mansfield Dye Works Richland Co., OH 1849
Hall, J.B. Mansfield Physician and Surgeon Richland Co., OH 1847
Irwin, Levi Mansfield Carpenter and Joiner Chester Co., PA 1835
Jolley, Jno. M. Mansfield Banker Richland Co., OH 1830
Johnston, Frank Mansfield Saddle & Harness Maker Pittsburg, Penn. 1849
Jenner & Mack Mansfield Attorneys at Law - -
Keith, John T. Mansfield Farmer Richland Co., OH 1832
Keith, Henry D. Mansfield Probate Judge Richland Co., OH 1839
Keiser & Bro. Mansfield Boots & Shoes Richland Co., OH '35 - '40
King, J.J. Mansfield Grocery Richland Co., OH 1842
Krause, John Mansfield Groceries & Provisions Germany 1847
Kline, John Mansfield Billiard Hall Germany 1856
Kennedy, J.N. Mansfield Billiard Hall Ashland Co., OH 1849
Kaiser, U. Mansfield Restaurant Switzerland 1853
Kirkpatrick, Amos Mansfield Broom Manufactory Richland Co., OH 1850
Kendig, D.W. Mansfield Real Estate Dealer Montgomery Co., OH 1869
Littler, A.H. Mansfield Recorder Crawford Co., OH 1848
Littler, Jacob B. Mansfield Clerk Crawford Co., OH 1841
Lind, M.F. Mansfield Boots and Shoes Franklin Co., PA 1825
Leibfritz, Jacob Mansfield Groceries and Provisions Pittsburg, PA 1867
Lee, Jerome Mansfield Attorney at Law Norwalk, OH 1848
McDermott, M. Mansfield Auditor Richland Co., OH 1833
McMann, Robert H. Mansfield Banker Richland Co., OH 1847
Myers, J.W. Mansfield Editor of "Mansfield Herald" Juniata Co., PA 1864
Myers, L.D. Columbus, OH Editor of "Mansfield Herald" Juniata Co., PA 1859
Markward, W.C. Mansfield Druggist Cumberland Co., PA 1852
Markward, I.J. Mansfield Druggist Cumberland Co., PA 1852
McBride, Thomas Mansfield Attorney at Law Richland Co., OH 1827
Matson, Lyman B. Mansfield Attorney at Law Vermillion Co., IL 1852
Miller, M.L. Mansfield Merchant Tailor Germany 1848
McCrory, Robert B. Mansfield Prosecuting Attorney Chambersburg, PA 1847
May, Manuel Mansfield Attorney at Law Mansfield, OH --
Maine & Doll Mansfield


Stark Co., OH 1847
Maetthas, Adam Mansfield Restaurant Germany 1851
Morris, J.S. Mansfield Supt. M.C. & L.M. Rail Road Rensselaer Co., NY 1869
McBride, U. Mansfield Butcher Richland Co., OH 1833
Marshall, John Mansfield Baker and Grocer Richland Co., OH 1835
Miller, Peter Mansfield Restaurant Germany 1856
Mitchell, Geo. Mansfield Physician Richland Co., OH 1837
Marcks, Geo. W. Mansfield Butcher Germany 1850
McKnight, James Mansfield Mansfield Marble Works Westmoreland Co., PA 1835
Mann, David Mansfield Butcher Richland Co., OH 1850
Meister, George W. Mansfield Marble Works Carrollton, OH 1867
Melsheimer, A.W. Mansfield "American House" Maryland 1829
McVay, B.B. Mansfield Sash, Doors and Lumber Monroe Co., OH 1865
Mamber, John F. Mansfield Stone Cutter Germany 1853
Newlon, Wm. R. Mansfield Farmer Loudon Co., VA 1823
Netscher, John B. Mansfield Mayor Germany 1847
Norris, Evan D. Mansfield Livery Tiffin, OH 186-
Newman, John Mansfield County Surveyor Richland Co., OH 182-
Nimon, W.B. Mansfield Millinery Richland Co., OH 183-
Neel, J.S. Mansfield


Ireland 184-
Oglebay, J.H. Mansfield Provisions and Groceries Ohio 187-
Ott, Peter Mansfield Vinegar Manufactory Germany 1852
Pool, A.R. Mansfield Leather Dealer Mason Co., NY 1855
Proctor, Geo. R. Mansfield Hardware Richland Co., OH 18--
Potter & Bro. Mansfield Photographers Organized 18--
Pfisterer, George Mansfield Editor Germany --
Parsons, LeRoy Mansfield Insurance Bennington, VT --
Princehorn, H. Mansfield Stoves and Tinware Allegheny Co., PA --
Purdy, J. Mansfield Banker York Co., PA --
Pleasants, I.W. Mansfield Barber Virginia --
Reed, J.H. Mansfield Bookseller Portage Co., OH --
Robinson, Thomas J. Mansfield Insurance and Real Estate Lancaster Co., PA --
Reynolds, S.G. Mansfield Hotel Richland Co., OH --
Robinson, H.S. Mansfield Mattress and Sofa Manufactory Indiana --
Ritzert, H.J. Mansfield "Richland House" Hesse Darmstadt, Germany --
Richardson, Jas. R. Mansfield



Schantz, John Mansfield Restaurant Germany 1846
Schantz, Joseph Mansfield Restaurant Germany 1846
Smith, Hiram R. Mansfield Carpenter and Joiner Huron Co., OH 1824
Stevenson, Andrew Mansfield Attorney at Law Richland Co., OH 1844
Sturges, Edward Sr. Mansfield Merchant Fairfield Co., OH 1820
Spencer, John G. Mansfield Boots & Shoes at Wholesale Prices Ireland 1866
Selbach, Gustav Mansfield Editor Germany 1872
Sheetz, L. Mansfield Carpenter and Builder Franklin Co., PA 1849
Sprague, James F. Mansfield Plumber Ashland Co., OH 1868
Smith, E.A. Mansfield Sign Painter Richland Co., OH 1845
Snyder, W.H. Mansfield Painter Richland Co., OH 1840
Stevens, William Mansfield Dry Goods Morris Co., NJ 1870
Schack, Mrs. Thresia Mansfield Retired France 1842
Straub, Jacob Mansfield Street Commissioner Germany 1846
Sayre & Co. Mansfield Egg Packers Organized 1849
Snyder, Wm. H. Mansfield Groceries & Provisions Richland Co., OH 1840
Schambs, M.P. Mansfield Wholesale & Retail Furniture Germany 1848
Schambs, Mrs. Clara C. Mansfield Retired Louisville, KY 1853
Sherman, John Mansfield United States Senator Fairfield Co., CT 1840
Smith, R.C. Mansfield Attorney at Law Cumberland Co., PA 1838
Shipp, John Mansfield Restaurant Kentucky 1872
Thomas, Gaylord Mansfield Restaurant Knox Co., OH 1845
Thomas, F.A. Mansfield Billiard Hall Knox Co., OH 1845
Thraillkill, J.B. & J.C. Mansfield Atlantic House Knox Co., OH --
Vonhof, Lewis Mansfield Retired Frankfort on Main, Germany 1840
Webber, Samuel Mansfield Carpenter and Joiner Columbia Co., PA 1833
Wagner, F.W. Mansfield Justice of the Peace;  Notary Public Germany 1853
Weaver, McBride & Co. Mansfield Wholesale Boots and Shoes Philadelphia, PA 1859
Wise, Geo. C. Mansfield Grocery Richland Co., OH 1828
Winter, Jerry Mansfield Livery Richland Co., OH 1842
Wade & Co., B.F. Mansfield Printers and Binders Organized 1871
Welty, Henry Mansfield Saddle & Harness Maker Westmoreland Co., PA 1849
Waskotten, Henry Mansfield Boots and Shoes Prussia 1852
Wood, John Mansfield Wholesale Dry Goods Concord, MA 1838
Weber, Henry Mansfield Brewery Germany 1860
Wagner, A.F. Mansfield Cigar Manufacturer Germany 1854
Wise, John Mansfield Boots and Shoes Cumberland Co., PA 1825
Wells, Francis M. Mansfield Property To Rent New York 1865
Wiler, J.U. Mansfield Machine Shop Richland Co., OH 1824
Wappner, Philip Mansfield Cabinet Maker Germany 1851
Wharton, J.E. Mansfield Librarian Franklin Co., MA 1871
Zellner, C.D. Mansfield Harness and Saddles Richland Co., OH 1852

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