Richland Co., Ohio



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Some Richland Co. Citizens, 1873

Sharon Twp.


Source:  ATLAS MAP OF RICHLAND COUNTY, OHIO.  By A.T. Andreas.  Chicago, Ill., 1873, pp. 14.


NOT in strict alphabetical order

Name Residence Business Nativity Came To Co.
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Anderson, S.H. Shelby Miller Blairsville, PA 1832
Arter, Michael Jr. Sect. 36 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1844
Bloom, S.S. Shelby Editor and Attorney Perry Co., PA 1856
Bricker, W.R. Shelby Physician and Surgeon Lebanon Co., PA 1831
Bowman, George Shelby Merchant Baden, Germany 1857
Bushey, A. Shelby Carpenter Cumberland Co., PA 1836
Bushey, A.J. Shelby Druggist Richland Co., OH 1832
Barkdull, T.H. Shelby Editor of the "Gazette" Huron Co., OH 1869
Billow, D. Shelby Boots and Shoes Perry Co., PA 1860
Brubaker, Harrison Sect. 2 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1840
Bargahiser, J.L. Sect. 6 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1834
Bradley, T.S. Sect. 6 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1832
Close, E.S. Shelby Ag't. for C., C., C. & I. & B.& O. R.R. Medina Co., OH 1856
Cummins, D. Shelby Merchant Richland Co., OH 1834
Cullen, John W. Sect. 2 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1848
Crum, Michael Sect. 12 Farmer Adams Co., PA 1840
Crum, Daniel Sect. 12 Farmer Adams Co., PA 1840
Crum, William Shelby Foundry Huntingdon Co., PA 1873
Croll, John Sect. 19 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1849
Chapman, John Shelby Contractor Lincolnshire, Eng. 1858
DeVoe, John W. Shelby Marble Works Cayuga Co., NY 1851
Dempsey, John Shelby Wholesale and Retail Grocer Queens Co., Ireland 1848
Doty, Joseph Sect. 19 Farmer Hardin Co., OH 1868
Douglass, William Sect. 11 Farmer Stark Co., OH 1848
Douglass, John Sect. 14 Farmer Stark Co., OH 1848
Dickerson, M. Shelby Sash and Blind Manufactory Sullivan Co., NY 1836
Finigan, John Sect. 25 Farmer Ireland 1848
Foster, R.H. Sect. 18 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1843
Funk, Lewis Sect. 13 Farmer Pennsylvania 1833
Fletcher, David Sect. 20 Carpenter Bedford Co., PA 1853
Garrett, W.H. Shelby Hardware Lebanon Co., PA 1837
Garnhart, Jacob Sect. 1 Farmer Perry Co., PA 1834
Hawn, D. Shelby Meat Market Perry Co., PA 1845
Heinz, Nicholas Sect. 14 Farmer Germany 1847
Hawk, William Sect. 29 Farmer Lebanon Co., PA 1851
Hockensmith, Adam Sect. 14 Farmer Frederick Co., MD 1829
Heiland, John B. Sect. 26 Catholic Priest Bavaria 1872
Hawk, Jacob Sect. 20 Farmer Franklin Co., PA 1851
Hawk, Sarah Sect. 20 - Richland Co., OH 1846
Harbaugh, J.W. Shelby Grocer and Restaurant Bedford, PA 1867
Kline, Geo. Shelby Hotel Berks Co., PA 1861
Kahl, John Shelby Postmaster Richland Co., OH 1842
Kingsborough, John Shelby Shoemaker Cumberland Co., PA 1834
Kerr, John Shelby Druggist Beaver Co., PA 1821
Kendall, F. Shelby Furniture Ashland Co., OH 1838
Kerr, Robert Sect. 18 Farmer Beaver Co., PA 1831
Keller, Joseph Sect. 26 Farmer Switzerland 1843
Kurtzman, John Sect. 25 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1850
Lowrie, D. Shelby Miller Berwickshire, Scot. 1854
Leiter, C.P. Shelby Mayor and Justice of the Peace Washington Co., MD 1837
Lybarger, H.R. Shelby - - -
Mickey & Co., T. Shelby Bankers and Merchants Cumberland Co., PA 1828
Mickey, T. Shelby Banker and Merchant Cumberland Co., PA 1828
Marvin, H. Shelby Druggist Richland Co., OH 1829
Mickey, W.T. Shelby Banker and Merchant Shelby Co., OH 1840
McMillin, C. Shelby Physician and Surgeon Portage Co., OH 1849
Melsheimer, E.J. Shelby Druggist York Co., PA 1830
McMillin, H.E. Shelby Groceries and Provisions Cuyahoga Co., OH 1849
Morthland, Abraham Shelby Baptist Minister York Co., PA 1832
Morse, L. Shelby Miller New York 1868
Molder, Jacob Sect. 30 Farmer Huron Co., OH 1837
McHesser, A. Sect. 19 Farmer Mifflin Co., PA 1835
Metcalf, Isaac A. Sect. 12 Farmer Crawford Co., OH 1865
Morton, N.S. Sect. 12 Farmer Ontario Co., NY 1831
Mickey, T.J. Sect. 2 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1848
Myers, J.A. Shelby Physician and Surgeon Alleghany Co., PA 1852
Myers, John Sect. 11 Farmer Adams Co., PA 1831
Metzger, Nicholas Sect. 26 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1850
Nazor, Jeremiah Sect. 24 Carpenter Richland Co., OH 1844
Owings, William Shelby Notary Public and Insurance Agent Perry Co., PA 1847
Ott, F.B. Shelby Tanner Baden, Germany 1852
Ott, F.A. Shelby Tanner Baden, Germany 1855
Orewiler, Eli Sect. 24 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1833
Pry, John Sect. 11 Farmer Crawford Co., OH 1868
Robertson, F.S. Shelby Hardware Columbiana Co., OH 1859
Rex, W.N. Shelby Carpenter Adams Co., PA 1837
Raymond, Samuel C. Sect. 18 Farmer Richland Co., OH 1846
Stober, Rod. D. Shelby Banker and Merchant Lancaster Co., PA 1844
Sutter, S. Shelby Furniture Switzerland 1844
Saviers, John Shelby Merchant Tailor Richland Co., OH 1839
Shurr, D.A. Shelby Livery Stable Richland Co., OH 1826
Somanstine, W.F. Shelby Groceries and Provisions Richland Co., OH 1840
Stambaugh, S.F. Shelby Surveyor and Notary Public Perry Co., PA 1866
Strock, Daniel Shelby Clerk Franklin Co., PA 1851
Smith, William H. Sect. 14 Farmer Lincolnshire, Eng. 1859
Schiffer, Francis Sect. 26 Teacher Bavaria 1845
Smith, Martin Sect. 33 Farmer Germany 1837
Steine, Peter Sect. 31 Farmer France 1833
Smiley, Jay Sect. 5 Farmer Vermont 1817
Trimble, J.S. Shelby Foundry Richland Co., OH 1833
Williams, J.B. Shelby Cashier National Bank Ohio 1872
Wirtz, Henry Sr. Sect. 36 Farmer Baden, Germany 1840

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