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Will of Isaiah Boyce



Source:  Richland Co., Ohio Probate Court, Administrative Record, Volume 4, pp. 183.  Submitted by Jim.


Transcription of the will of Isaiah Boyce, 1840

In the name of the Benevolent father of all I Isaiah Boyce of Franklin Township Richland County do make and publish this my last will and Testament

Item first I give and devise to my Beloved Wife in lieu of her Dower Eighty five Dollars yearly for the term of Eight years then Sixty Dollars annually during her natural life also one bed and beding and one Milch Cow

Item 2d I devise and bequesth to my son Rowland Boyce and his heirs ten Dollars in money and one barsheir (barshur?) plough

Item 3d I devise and bequeath to my son John Boyce the farm I now reside on in Franklin Township Richland County it being the North west quarter of section No. 21 Township No. 22 and Range Eighteen Containing one Hundred and Sixty acres also three horses and all the Cattle on said farm accept two Cows and all the sheep and hogs on said farm and one Waggon and the farming utensils not [illegible] disposed of also the grain now on hand and the grain now growing on said farm I will that all my debt and all other Expences be paid out of the above mentioned property willed to my son John Boyce

Item 4th I devise and bequeath to my son Josiah Boyce two Hundred and Forty acres of ^land in Marian County Ohio Situate in Range 16 Township 5 Section 14-1622 by him paying to my Daughter Jemima Boyce one Hundred Dollars at the time he the said Josiah arives at the age of Twenty two years

Item 5th I devise and bequeath to my Daughter Jemima Boyce Two Hundred and fifty Dollars now in the hands of Robert McComb and Richard Wilson also one bed and beding and one Milch Cow

I Do hereby nominate and appoint my esteemed friends John Boyce Jnr Gardian of my son John Boyce and my Daughter Jemima Boyce until they arive at lawfull age

I Do hereby nominate and appoint my esteemed friend Francis Ashton Gardian of my son Josiah Boyce until he arives to the age of twenty one years

Item 7th I Do hereby nominate and appoint Francis Ashton and John Boyce Jnr Executors of this my last will and testament hereny autherising and empowering them to compremise and just release and discharge in such manner as they may deem proper the Claims due me

I do also autherise and empower them to seel a sufficient quantity of my personal property to pay all my honest Debts and all necessary expences in settling my Estate

I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made

In testimony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this 29th Day of April in the year Eighteen Hundred and Forty

Signed and acknowledged Isaiah Boyce (signature followed by a squiggle by said Isaiah Boyce as his that must be the “seal”) last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence

Henry Pittenger (signature)

John Boyce (signature)

(Note: the actual will appears to be in the handwriting of Henry Pittenger, one of the earliest Franklin Twp settlers and a frequent witness of Franklin Twp wills)

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