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Provisions Of Will of the late George F. Carpenter



Source:  THE MANSFIELD NEWS:  13 December 1901, Vol. 17, No. 242.  Submitted by Amy


The last will and testament of George F. Carpenter was presented for probate this morning.  It contains three and one-half typewritten pages, was drawn up April 30, 1901, and was witnessed by Amy A. Cornell and S.A. Jennings.

Item I provides that his just debts and funeral expenses be first paid.

Item II says:

"I direct that all of my written arrangements between myself and my wife, Katherine Carpenter, be carried out by my executor and in addition thereto, that my executor pay to my said wife $400 per year during her life, and that he pay the sum to her quarterly.  That my said wife shall have all furniture, table linen and other article of household use that have been bought since our marriage.  And I further direct and desire that my wife, Katherine Carpenter, shall have the use during her life of the house and lot in which my son Reid now lives -- my said executor keeping the same in repair and paying the taxes and insurance thereon out of my estate;  and occupancy and use of said house and lot shall not interfere with the division of said homestead into lots and the sale of the same, save that said house and lot shall be for the exclusive use as above provided of my said wife during her life."

Item 3 devises to his son, Reid, the Johnson farm on the Lucas road, Madison township, with all the stock and grain growing on the farm belonging to decedent and that the east side of the homestead property in Mansfield, consisting of the homestead and buildings now occupied by me, running from Marion avenue to Glessner avenue, and east f the drive up to my residence, the west line to be parallel with the east line thereof shall constitute a separate piece of property.  This he devises to Reid, together with all the household goods, furniture and effects, not disposed of in Item 2 and the will directs that when the homestead is divided into lots, "that the street running north and south directly west of the above piece of property shall be taken and carved out of the said west half of the property and no part of the same taken off of the east part herein devised to my son Reid."

The Finney farm in Springfield township with all the stock and grain growing on it belonging to decedent is willed to Frank G. Carpenter.

The Boals farm, Weller township, with all stock and grain belonging to Mr. Carpenter is bequeathed to his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Findley;  also the house in which she now lives, known as the Hall property, on Mulberry street.

The Morrow county farm of 240 acres with all grain, tools and stock on the same is willed to is daughter, Mrs. Jeannette Tandy, of Vevay, Ind.

Item 4 devises the cemetery lots other than the family lots in the Mansfield cemetery, to daughter Lizzie and son, Reid.

Item 5 bequeaths his watch to his grandson, Jack Carpenter.

Item 6 provides "that all evidences of advancements heretofore made to any of my children by book or written charge be destroyed and held for naught and that there be no advancements charged up against any of my children made prior to this date."

In Item 7 the rest and residue of the estate is to be equally divided between his four children:  Reid, Frank G., Lizzie and Jeanette, share and share alike and it is further directed that the executor keep together at all times enough of the estate to fully cover and provide for the annuity heretofore provided for the widow.

In Item 8 it is directed that no appraisement or valuations of the estate be made;  that no returns thereof be made to probate court, or any accounting be made except among the children;  and that so far as they can, they make amicable division in kind of the estate, real and personal.

Item 9 directs that any portion of the estate as shall not be divided, be converted into money at such time and in such manner as the executor shall deem best for the interest of the estate, save that he shall always reserve enough of the estate in his hands to provide the annuity to the widow.

In Item 10, the decedent revokes all former wills made by him and Reid Carpenter is appointed executor of the will and testament, with full and complete power to sell at private or public sale at such times and for such price and upon such terms of credit as shall seem best to him  for the interest of the estate;  and any and all such personal and real estate that he may die seized of, that he convey the same by deed;  and be not required to give any bond or make any returns to any court of the state of Ohio of his doings in the premises.  

The closing request is:  "My only request is that he deal fairly and honestly with his brother and sisters and account to them alone in his administration."

Hearing on the application to admit the will to probate has been set for Dec. 13 at 2:00 p.m.

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