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Notes regarding the Will of Charlotte Kuhn

Source:  PLYMOUTH ADVERTISER:  26 June 1915, Vol. 62, No. 31

The will of Charlotte Kuhn, late of Plymouth, which has been filed for probate, divides the personal and real property into six parts to be distributed among the two sisters and the nieces and nephews of the deceased.  The will is dated Jan. 17, 1914, and is witnessed by Bessie Kuhn and Lethie Kuhn.

To the sisters, Mrs. Hannah Johnston and Mrs. Nancy Kirkpatrick and heirs of the deceased brothers and sisters is left all the personal property, share and share alike, one share to each sister and one to the heirs of each brother and sister.  To the nephews, Bert E. Kuhn, Cyrus D. Kuhn and Samuel Kuhn is left one-eighth interest in 60 acres of land in Plymouth Township.  The residue of the estate consisting of a one-half interest of 53 acres in Plymouth Township is left to the two sisters and the heirs of the deceased brothers and sisters, in six parts the same as the personal property.

Bert E. Kuhn is named as the executor and he is empowered to sell real estate if necessary.

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