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Notes regarding the Will of Florian W. Ames

Source:  PLYMOUTH ADVERTISER:  07 November 1914, Vol. 61, No. 51

Two rooms in St. Luke's Hospital, Cleveland, will be built and equipped by money provided in the will of the late Florian W. Ames, of Plymouth, one in honor of his wife, Mary A. Ames, the other as his own memorial.  The will was filed for probate yesterday.

Mrs. Ames is made chief beneficiary in the will, and his two sons, Wilton K. Ames and Edward B. Ames, both of Dunkirk, N.Y., his two grandsons, Charles Edward Ames and Kent G. Ames, and George H. Crafts, who is named as executor of the estate are provided for.

The will was dated July 30, this year, and was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Root.

Mrs. Ames is to have all his real estate property and household goods as long as she lives and keeps up the insurance and after her death it is to go to his two sons, in $500 shares each.  Mrs. Ames is to receive twp certificates of deposit in the People's National bank.

All his telephone stock is to go to Wilton, and all the postal bond stock to Edward.  Edward is to receive also the gold-headed cane of his father.  Florian Ames' gold watch goes to Kent and his roller organ to Charles.  Craft, the executor, is to receive a certificate of deposit in the People's bank.  All money not provided for in the will, is to be divided equally between Mrs. Ames and his sons.

The memorial rooms in St. Luke's Hospital are are to be built and equipped each of the sum of $500.  Two steel name plates, one being Mrs. Ames' name, the other her husband's, are to be placed upon the doors of the rooms.

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