Richland Co., Ohio


Probate Records

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Dr. J.A. Jones



SourceRICHLAND SHIELD & BANNER:  21 December 1895, Vol. LXXVIII, No. 32


Dr. J.A. Jones died in testate.  This fact was first made known to the public today when, upon her application, Mrs. Jones, his widow, was appointed executrix of his estate.  In her application, which is according to the usual form, Mrs. Jones makes affidavit that there is no last will and testament of decedent.

The amount of personalty of that estate is estimated at $7,000 and Mrs. Jones' bond as executrix is double that amount.  As there are no debts no application was made to dispose of any of the property.  The realty is not taken into consideration at this time.

The heirs-at-law names in the application are the four daughters, the youngest, Leisle, being a minor.

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