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Last Will of Mary Ann Ross

Source:  MANSFIELD NEWS:  17 January 1911, p. 4, col. 2


Submitted by Jean



The will of Mary Ann Ross, deceased, of Monroe township, who died Jan. 13, 1911, has been filed for probate. The will was executed at Lucas Feb. 21, 1907, and is witnessed by William Baer and Edna M. Baer, both of Lucas.

The deceased bequeaths the following legacies:

To the sister, Nancy J. Burger, is given $200.

To the nephew, David L. Burger, is given $100.

To the niece, Anna M. Burger, is given $100.

To the nephew, David S. Leiter, is given $100.

To the niece, Carrie Ross, is given $100.

To the sister-in-law, Amanda Ross, is given $100.

To the niece, Mary O. Rummel, is given $200.

To the grand niece, Agnes Marie Burger, is given $50 when she shall arrive at the age of 18 years.

It is directed that none of the clothing or household goods be sold and one bed set complete is bequeathed to Agnes Marie Burger. All the rest of the clothing, wearing apparel and household goods is bequeathed to Nancy J. Burger, David L. Burger, Annie M. Burger, David S. Leiter, Carrie Ross, Amanda Ross, Mary O. Rummel and Agnes Marie Burger share and share alike.

All the rest and residue of the estate both real and personal is bequeathed to the following named persons:

The sister, Nancy J. Burger, four nineteenths.

The nephew, David L. Burger, two nineteenths.

The niece, Anna M. Burger, two nineteenths.

The nephew, David S. Leiter, two nineteenths.

The sister-in-law, Amanda Ross, two nineteenths.

The niece, Mary O. Rummel, four nineteenths.

The grand niece, Agnes Marie Burger, one nineteenth when she shall become 18 years of age.

It is directed that the executor shall have full power to sell the real estate and he is also ordered to erect a monument to the deceased to cost not to exceed $50.

J. H. Rummel is named as executor of the will.

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