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Richland Co. Deaths:  1876



Entries are listed alphabetically by surname |  Women will be listed by their last name at time of death


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Name Date Town Notes Source
No Name 1876-06-15 Mansfield -- source 2
ACKERMAN, Bertie 1876-11-10 Mansfield cause:  accident;  2M, 3D source 2
ANDERSON, Margaret 1876-08-22 Washington Twp. cause:  consumption;  77Y, 3M, 2D source 1
AU, Annie B. 1876-04-14 Mansfield farmer;  cause:  palsy;  76Y, 3M, 20D source 2
BAKER, Elmore 1876-10-08 Sandusky Twp. cause:  diptheria;  12Y, 6M source 1
BATDORF, John T. 1876-12-04 Cass Twp. cause:  consumption;  44Y, 8M, 17D source 1
BAUM, D. 1876-09-06 Mansfield Mason;  cause:  brain fever source 2
BEAM, M. 1876-11-15 Mifflin Twp. cause:  miscarriage;  18Y, 3M source 2
BEATTIE, M. 1876-08-08 Jefferson Twp. cause:  lung fever;  47Y, 1M, 5D source 2
BETZ, M. 1876-10-10 Mansfield cause:  intermittent fever;  2M source 2
BISEL, Emanuel 1876-07-22 Perry Twp. cause:  palsy;  76Y, 10M, 11D source 1
BLAIR, C. 1876-12-18 Washington Twp. cause:  chronic diarrhea;  67Y, 13D source 1
BLANFORD, E. 1876-08-11 Jefferson Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  46Y, 8M, 20D source 2
BLUR, G.C. 1876-11-20 Mifflin Twp. cause:  cholera infantum;  1Y, 4M, 1D source 2
BOALS, Catherine 1876-09-29 Sharon Twp. 50Y, 6M source 1
BOWER, Hannah 1876-09-12 Cass Twp. cause:  paralysis;  76Y source 1
BOWERS, Anna 1876-11-10 Troy Twp. cause:  cancer;  76Y, 3M, 27D source 2
BOWERS, Sophia 1876-12-05 Washington Twp. cause:  consumption;  28Y, 7M, 27D source 1
BOWMAN, Eliza 1876-10-10 Sharon Twp. 75Y, 6M, 1D source 1
BOYCE, Charles H. 1876-06-19 Mansfield cause:  congestive chills;  19Y, 4M, 6D source 2
BRETZ, Catharine 1876-05-20 Monroe Twp. cause:  paralysis;  63Y source 1
BRINLEY, S.G. 1876-12-26 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  45Y, 3M, 16D;  builder source 2
BRUSH, Alice 1876-07-27 Mansfield cause:  bowel inflamation;  21Y, 6M source 2
BUHR, Barbara 1876-05-06 Washington Twp. cause:  dropsy;  71Y, 2M, 14D source 1
CARTER, Fredda E. 1876-08-02 Springfield Twp. cause:  spinal affection;  8Y, 12M, 17D source 1
CHANDLER, Delia 1876-05-03 Mansfield cause:  brain inflamation;  22Y, 9M source 2
CLARK, Barbara L. 1876-04-20 Franklin Twp. cause:  lung fever;  1Y, 1M, 17D source 1
CLELAND, ----- 1876-01-22 Butler Twp. cause:  lung fever;  1M, 17D source 1
CLELAND, James 1876-11-16 Worthington Twp. cause:  dropsy;  66Y, 4M, 4D source 1
CLINE, John 1876-07-08 Mansfield cause:  paralysis;  70Y source 1
COATS, Charlotte 1876-04-27 Mansfield cause:  paralytic stroke;  70Y source 2
COLMAN, Maggie 1876-12-05 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  20Y, 11M, 3D source 1
COLWELL, James 1876-12-12 Washington Twp. cause:  heart disease;  74Y, 10M source 1
CONDON, Charles H. 1876-05-16 Springfield Twp. cause:  brain fever;  8M, 29D source 1
COPELAND, Catherine 1876-12-05 Franklin Twp. cause:  consumption;  44Y, 6M, 4D source 1
CREVLING, Hannah 1876-12-17 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  dropsy;  85Y, 7M, 5D source 1
CREVLING, W.F. 1876-09-30 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  38Y, 8M, 5D source 1
CRISIMORE, William 1876-08-15 Mansfield cause:  run over by train;  53Y source 2
DAILY, John B. 1876-08-00 Mansfield cause:  brain congestion;  49Y, 4M;  insurance agent source 1
DALING, William 1876-07-15 Worthington Twp. cause:  cancer;  56Y source 1
DAUGHERTY, Mary 1876-12-25 Worthington Twp. cause:  heart disease;  73Y source 1
DAUM, G. 1876-08-18 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  51Y source 2
DAVIS, C. 1876-10-19 Mansfield cause:  carnia;  44Y source 2
DECAMP, Moses 1876-04-17 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  59Y;  Dentist source 2
DICKERSON, Otto 1876-12-24 Bloominggrove Twp. 1M, 8D source 1
DILL, Aaron 1876-05-09 Troy Twp. cause:  old age;  farmer;  88Y, 9M, 3D source 2
DOOLITELL, Charles B. 1876-10-26 Mansfield cause:  fever;  16Y, 5M source 1
DRAKE, Maria 1876-07-13 Perry Twp. cause:  consumption;  29Y, 2M, 26D source 1
DRAKE, Nathan 1876-10-27 Perry Twp. cause:  consumption;  27Y, 23D source 1
DRISKELL, Mary 1876-10-17 Mansfield cause:  lung fever;  60Y source 2
DUNCAN, Abe 1876-12-30 Sharon Twp. 75Y source 1
EHLERS, J. 1876-09-27 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  47Y, 1M source 2
ERDENBERGER, H. 1876-09-23 Mansfield cause:  old age;  80Y, 2M source 2
ERNSBERGER, C. 1876-09-02 Mifflin Twp. 6Y source 2
EVARTS, R. 1876-09-21 Jefferson Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  58Y, 5M, 9D source 2
FERGUSON, Smith 1876-11-04 Monroe Twp. cause:  liver complaint;  65Y source 1
FIKE, Mary 1876-12-19 Worthington Twp. cause:  old age;  78Y source 1
FOLLIN, Daniel 1876-10-31 Perry Twp. cause:  palsy;  80Y source 1
FINNEY, Samuel 1876-08-29 Madison Twp. cause:  gangrene;  62Y, 11M source 1
FOX, Lena 1876-08-20 Monroe Twp. cause:  flux;  1Y, 3M, 19D source 1
FRANZKI, ----- 1876-10-16 Sharon Twp. 12Y source 1
GEDDES, R. 1876-07-17 Jefferson Twp. cause:  tumor;  62Y, 1M, 11D source 2
GREEN, G.A. 1876-12-31 Troy Twp. cause:  brain disease;  4Y, 2M, 18D source 2
GRIFFIN, Jennie M. 1876-12-03 Monroe Twp. 7Y source 1
GROSS, J.P. 1876-05-28 Washington Twp. cause:  diptheria;  35Y, 8M source 1
GUMP, Benjamin 1876-10-19 Jackson Twp. cause:  old age;  83Y, 7M, 21D source 1
GUNTHER, Dorthy 1876-10-31 Sharon Twp. 84Y, 9M source 1
GUYSINGER, L. 1876-12-11 Mansfield cause:  killed;  16Y, 3M, 20D source 2
HACKETT, George 1876-08-11 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  gravel;  76Y, 1M source 1
HAGERTY, E. 1876-11-16 Mansfield cause:  sore throat;  10M source 2
HAM, G. 1876-12-09 Mansfield cause:  lung fever;  37D source 2
HAMMON, Mary 1876-11-16 Sharon Twp. 6Y source 1
HANCEY, Michael 1876-09-21 Mansfield cause:  measles;  1Y, 11M, 23D source 2
HAWKINS, A.W.H. 1876-11-16 Mansfield cause:  run over by train;  37Y;  Surgeon source 2
HAYES, J. 1876-05-22 Mansfield cause:  killed;  32Y source 2
HEDGES, E. 1876-07-19 Mansfield cause:  fever source 2
HETTLER, ----- 1876-11-16 Washington Twp. 11M source 1
HILL, Maud 1876-09-20 Troy Twp. cause:  strangled;  2Y, 6M, 20D source 2
HILTON, E. 1876-09-05 Mifflin Twp. cause:  heart disease;  72Y source 2
HIMES, Franklin 1876-08-12 Monroe Twp. cause:  cholera infantum;  1Y, 4M, 14D source 1
HINE, V. 1876-06-08 Mansfield cause:  lung fever source 2
HIRST, Samuel H. 1876-10-26 Perry Twp. cause:  heart disease;  74Y, 3M, 16D source 1
HODGES, Samuel D. 1876-07-29 Cass Twp. cause:  heart disease;  40Y, 11M source 1
HOLBROOK, Maria 1876-08-15 Mansfield cause:  dropsy;  80Y, 10M source 1
HOLTON, J. 1876-03-22 Jefferson Twp. cause:  general debility;  75Y, 11M, 10D source 2
HOOVER, Minnie 1876-09-14 Troy Twp. 2Y, 7M, 12D source 2
HORN, G. 1876-12-09 Mansfield cause:  lung congestion;  1M, 7D source 2
HORNE, M. 1876-07-03 Troy Twp. cause:  old age;  80Y, 10M source 2
HOUT, John  1876-10-03 Springfield Twp. cause:  croup;  4Y, 3M, 8D source 1
HUSTON, ----- 1876-10-07 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  consumption;  23Y, 6M source 1
HUSTON, May E. 1876-08-18 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  consumption;  11M, 6D source 1
HYDE, M.C. 1876-10-06 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  17Y, 9M, 7D source 2
JOHNS, C. 1876-07-29 Mansfield cause:  infantum;  1D source 2
JOHNSON, F.H. 1876-06-12 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  16Y, 5M, 7D source 2
JOHNSON, M.B. 1876-05-30 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  6Y, 3M, 5D source 2
JONES, Elizabeth 1876-12-28 Monroe Twp. cause:  cancer;  43Y, 5M source 1
KALE, John 1876-05-26 Worthington Twp. cause:  gravel;  71Y, 5M, 5D source 1
KAUFFMAN, J. 1876-09-20 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  28Y, 8M source 2
KAYLOR, M. 1876-05-22 Mifflin Twp. cause:  diabetes;  9Y, 11M source 2
KERR, Elizabeth 1876-12-30 Sharon Twp. 73Y, 5M source 1
KIRK, E.T. 1876-06-20 Butler Twp. cause:  kicked by horse;  63Y source 1
KIRKENDALL, W.O. 1876-09-04 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  bowel inflamation;  1Y, 10M, 1D source 1
KLEIN, Carl F.W. 1876-07-18 Mansfield cause:  summer complaint;  8M, 13D source 1
KNEISLING, Emma 1876-08-08 Washington Twp. cause:  diarrhea;  11M, 1D source 1
KOHLER, E. 1876-08-23 Mifflin Twp. cause:  flux;  1Y, 2M, 23D source 2
KUHN, J.A. 1876-12-25 Plymouth Twp. cause:  gangrene;  64Y, 3M source 2
KUHN, Jacob 1876-08-25 Jackson Twp. cause:  abcess;  51Y, 9M, 2D source 1
LAUGHLIN, H. 1876-08-17 Mansfield cause:  brain fever;  21D source 2
LEYMAN, Henry 1876-1877 Mansfield -- source 1
LIVINGSTONE, ----- 1876-12-28 Mansfield cause:  measles source 2
LYON, Elizabeth 1876-11-08 Butler Twp. cause:  heart disease;  78Y, 6M source 1
MALIKEN, J.H. 1876-09-14 Troy Twp. cause:  diarrhea;  farmer;  91Y, 6M, 11D source 2
MARLOW, Mary 1876-09-09 Springfield Twp. cause:  paralysis;  78Y, 10M, 9D source 1
MARSHALL, James 1876-02-11 Springfield Twp. cause:  liver & kidney problems;  occupation:  farmer;  82Y source 1
MATTHIAS, Elizabeth 1876-09-08 Sandusky Twp. cause:  consumption;  64Y source 1
McBRIDE, J. 1876-08-12 Mansfield cause:  dropsy of heart;  64Y, 6M;  Drover source 2
McCOY, M. 1876-06-11 Mansfield cause:  brain fever;  2Y, 1M, 11D source 2
McCRORY, Samuel 1876-12-19 Mansfield cause:  congestive chills;  71Y;  tailor source 1
McFARLAND, Alice 1876-09-14 Washington Twp. 4M source 1
McFARLAND, David 1876-06-20 Mansfield cause:  lungs;  66Y, 1M, 3D source 1
McGAW, Elizabeth 1876-11-29 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  54Y source 1
McKEE, Samuel 1876-09-19 Madison Twp. cause:  consumption;  63Y, 0M, 9D source 1
McPHERRON, John 1876-04-12 Washington Twp. cause:  consumption;  20Y source 1
MELLOTT, R.E. 1876-10-11 Mifflin Twp. cause:  consumption;  30Y source 2
MENZER, Isabella 1876-09-04 Washington Twp. cause:  consumption;  59Y, 11M, 12D source 1
METZ, Martha M. 1876-11-28 Sharon Twp. 4Y, 7M, 4D source 1
METZER, J. 1876-04-28 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  61Y, 11M, 12D;  Butcher source 2
MILLER, H.J. 1876-10-27 Mansfield cause:  typhoid fever;  22Y, 6M, 12D source 2
MILLER, M.N. 1876-09-28 Mansfield cause:  brain fever;  1Y, 9M, 27D source 2
MOORE, W. 1876-11-09 Jefferson Twp. cause:  old age;  83Y, 11M, 21D source 2
MOREHOUSE, ---- abt. 1876 Springfield Twp. -- source 1
MOWREY, W. 1876-10-12 Mansfield cause:  fever;  1Y, 1M source 2
MULL, Anna 1876-03-29 Washington Twp. 65Y, 11M source 1
MYERS, Morton L. 1876-10-30 Sharon Twp. -- source 1
MYERS, William 1876-07-06 Troy Twp. cause:  old age;  shoemaker;  83Y, 1M, 2D source 2

Name Date Town Notes Source
NEILEY, A. 1876-09-16 Jefferson Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  26Y, 4M, 18D source 2
NEWLON, N. 1876-09-08 Jefferson Twp. cause:  gravel;  71Y, 11M, 9D source 2
OBERLIN John 1876-04-22 Washington Twp. cause:  erysipelas;  64Y, 10M, 22D source 1
OSBORNE, C. 1876-07-14 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  35Y;  Bookkeeper source 2
OTT, C.A. 1876-10-30 Mansfield cause:  lung fever;  4D source 2
PATERSON, C. 1876-12-04 Mansfield cause:  lung fever;  10M source 2
PFEIFER, J.A. 1876-08-20 Washington Twp. cause:  lung congestion;  10Y source 1
PIPER, Martha C. 1876-09-08 Washington Twp. 57Y, 10M, 20D source 1
PLUINGSTAY, H. 1876-04-28 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  53Y, 8M source 2
POLLOCK, Eva Viola 1876-08-19 Washington Twp. cause:  cholera infantum;  2M, 20D source 1
POLLOCK, Samuel 1876-09-03 Mansfield cause:  paralysis;  88Y, 7M source 1
PRESTON, G.W. 1876-04-23 Plymouth Twp. cause:  consumption;  83Y, 9M, 21D source 2
PUGH, E.L. 1876-10-10 Weller Twp. cause:  scalded;  4Y, 2M source 1
REED, R. 1876-09-06 Mifflin Twp. cause:  cancer;  38Y, 5M source 2
REMY, L. 1876-05-24 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  25Y source 2
RIDER, Elizabeth J. 1876-10-22 Monroe Twp. cause:  lung disease;  48Y source 1
ROCH, Frederika 1876-04-01 Troy Twp. cause:  dropsy;  59Y, 9M, 18D source 2
ROGERS, Alamanza 1876-07-03 Sharon Twp. 82Y, 11M, 19D source 1
ROSEBOROUGH, ----- 1876-12-23 Cass Twp. cause:  lung fever;  24D source 1
ROTH, Catharine S. 1876-12-07 Sandusky Twp. cause:  scarlet fever;  4Y, 1M, 10D source 1
RUMMEL, W. 1876-06-28 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  9Y, 9M, 22D source 2
SALMON, M. 1876-08-26 Jefferson Twp. cause:  old age;  73Y, 10M, 10D source 2
SAMPERT, J. 1876-07-06 Mansfield cause:  heart disease;  34Y, 10M source 2
SAMPERT, N.S. 1876-08-06 Mansfield cause:  flux;  9M, 20D source 2
SEIBFRITZ, J. 1876-12-02 Mansfield cause:  inflamation;  27Y, 11M, 2D source 2
SHAFER, W. 1876-06-06 Washington Twp. cause:  consumption;  8Y, 17D source 1
SHAFFER, M. 1876-11-28 Jefferson Twp. cause:  fever;  3Y, 29D source 2
SHEAFFER, Clara J. 1876-10-07 Jackson Twp. cause:  choked;  10M, 4D source 1
SHEELY, Russel R. 1876-08-XX Cass Twp. cause:  bowel inflamation;  4Y, 10M, 23D source 1
SHERIFF, John 1876-10-22 Franklin Twp. cause:  consumption;  21Y, 5M, 21D source 1
SHERMAN, William S. 1876-09-24 Mansfield cause:  lung congestion;  59Y source 1
SHREIBER, Josephine 1876-12-12 Sandusky Twp. cause:  scarlet feaver;  1Y, 1M source 1
SMITH, C. 1876-07-17 Mansfield cause:  spasms;  26D source 2
SMITH, J. 1876-11-20 Jefferson Twp. cause:  bowel inflamation;  81Y, 6M, 28D source 2
SMITH, N.S. 1876-09-21 Jefferson Twp. 73Y, 4M source 2
SOMER, C. 1876-06-28 Mansfield cause:  killed;  38Y, 4M, 5D source 2
SONNER, A.K. 1876-09-16 Mansfield cause:  typhoid fever;  14Y, 3M, 3D source 2
SPEECE, Peter 1876-06-00 Washington Twp. cause:  accident;  24Y, 8D source 1
STEINBACHER, William 1876-04-26 Mansfield cause:  heart disease source 2
STEPHENSON, Levi 1876-10-18 Weller Twp. cause:  broken leg;  23Y, 0M, 21D source 1
STEWARD, Jacob 1876-11-06 Troy Twp. cause:  accident;  62Y, 4M, 2D;  farmer source 2
STINE, Adam 1876-10-06 Cass Twp. cause:  old age;  81Y, 8M, 19D source 1
STONER, Lila H. 1876-10-03 Butler Twp. cause;  typhoid fever;  29Y, 1M, 26D source 1
STUFF, W.B. 1876-09-28 Jefferson Twp. cause:  catarrh;  13Y, 9M, 26D source 2
SUTTER, Frank E. 1876-09-08 Sharon Twp. 1Y source 1
SWANGER, Elizabeth 1876-10-18 Cass Twp. cause:  diptheria;  9Y source 1
SWANGER, Rosetta 1876-12-18 Cass Twp. cause:  diptheria;  14Y source 1
TAYLOR, John 1876-07-25 Weller Twp. cause:  palsy;  88Y, 6M, 10D source 1
THRUSH, Ann 1876-06-08 Sandusky Twp. cause:  dropsy;  69Y, 7M source 1
TODD, W. 1876-08-16 Mansfield cause:  fever;  6M, 6D source 2
TRUMP, G. 1876-07-22 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  38Y, 9M source 2
UMBARGER, Exell 1876-05-06 Springfield Twp. cause:  diabetes;  13Y, 5M, 18D source 1
VAN DORN, John 1876-12-03 Washington Twp. cause:  old age;  91Y, 6M, 2D source 1
WELLER, C. 1876-10-15 Jefferson Twp. cause:  diptheria;  1Y, 2M, 21D source 2
WHITE, Myrta E. 1876-10-XX Cass Twp. -- source 1
WOLF, Amy A. 1876-12-31 Sandusky Twp. -- source 1
YOUNG, Margaret 1876-06-14 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  cancer;  54Y, 4M source 1
ZEITERS, John 1876-08-31 Jackson Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  27Y, 10D source 1


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