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Richland Co. Deaths:  1877



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Name Date Town Notes Source
ALLEY, Margaret 1877-02-27 Washington Twp. cause:  old age;  77Y, 1M, 27D source 1
AYERS, W.P. 1877-01-02 Mansfield cause:  liver inflamation;  73Y, 3M;  housekeeper source 2
BACKENSTO, (Infant girl) 1877-07-30 near Shenandoah d/o J. Backensto source 3
BALL, J. 1877-02-17 Mansfield cause:  old age;  89Y, 5M source 2
BARR, Harriet 1877-01-15 Washington Twp. cause:  dropsy;  40Y source 1
BEAM, S. 1877-03-13 Mansfield cause:  hernia;  44Y, 10M, 2D source 2
BEAR, B. 1877-02-01 Mifflin Twp. cause:  old age;  83Y, 29D source 2
BEATTIE, M. 1876-08-08 Jefferson Twp. cause:  lung fever;  47Y, 1M, 5D source 2
BECKWITH, T. 1877-03-23 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  laborer;  22Y, 7M, 7D source 2
BERRY, Harmon 1877-05-19 near Newville s/o Benjamin Berry Obit.
BLAIR, Clara May 1877-01-20 Washington Twp. cause:  lung congestion;  9Y, 17D source 1
BUCK, Sarah 1877-01-00 Cass Twp. cause:  consumption;  14Y source 1
CALHOUN, C.W. 1877-03-31 Madison Twp. cause:  water on brain;  2Y, 1M, 12D source 1
CARLISLE, L.C. 1877-01-14 Worthington Twp. cause:  lung disease;  18Y, 2M, 2D source 1
CASE, Cora E. 1877-03-05 Springfield Twp. cause:  brain fever;  1Y, 3M, 5D source 1
CASSEL, Frederick 1877-03-08 Springfield Twp. cause:  bronchitis;  89Y, 6M, 17D, occupation:  Miller source 1
CATTERY, S. Isabel 1877-02-09 Sharon Twp. 13Y, 9M, 18D source 1
CHANNELL, Charles 1877-01-29 Troy Twp. 2M source 2
CLABERG, Mary 1877-02-16 Butler Twp. cause:  lung complaint;  82Y, 11M, 16D source 1
COATES, Eva M. 1877-01-29 Mansfield cause:  pneumonia;  20Y source 1
COCHER, Sarah E. 1877-01-04 Sandusky Twp. cause:  scarlet fever;  6Y, 5M source 1
COLLIER, John Scott 1877-02-14 Jackson Twp. cause:  brain fever;  10Y, 10M, 14D source 1
COOPER, Sarah Jane 1877-02-16 Jackson Twp. cause:  miscarriage;  35Y, 1M, 20D source 1
CRALL, John 1877-03-08 Franklin Twp. cause:  old age;  78Y, 3M, 10D source 1
CRIDER, Mary 1877-02-07 Mansfield cause:  heart disease;  55Y, 1D source 2
DAVIDSON, Jesse W. 1877-01-03 Cass Twp. cause:  apoplexy;  75Y source 1
DENNIS, Thomas 1877-03-08 Perry Twp. cause:  whooping cough & fever;  2M, 26D source 1
DICKERSON, ----- 1877-02-29 Springfield Twp. cause:  unknown;  4D source 1
DOUGAL, Susanna 1877-03-21 Springfield Twp. cause:  liver disease;  65Y, 10M, 11D source 1
EDWARDS, Susan 1877-01-06 Jefferson Twp. cause:  liver complaint;  67Y, 20D source 2
EWERS, Frank C. 1877-03-05 Perry Twp. cause:  typhoid pneumonia;  4Y, 5M, 28D source 1
EWING, Mary H. 1877-03-11 Butler Twp. 5D source 1
FIDELER, Martha M. 1877-02-05 Franklin Twp. cause:  consumption;  38Y, 6M, 4D source 1
FINFROCK, Amanda C. 1877-02-22 Springfield Twp. cause:  scarletina;  occupation:  sewing;  23Y, 2M, 12D source 1
FLOCK, C.W. 1877-02-06 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  4Y, 1M, 18D source 2
FINNEY, Nancy 1877-02-11 Madison Twp. cause:  palsy;  71Y, 0M, 14D source 1
FORBUS, E.C. 1877-03-03 Worthington Twp. cause:  chronic disease;  21Y, 9M, 16D source 1
FORD, M. 1877-03-04 Mansfield cause:  consumption;  63Y source 2
FRANCE, Eva Maud 1877-10-25 Butler Twp. cause:  brain inflamation;  1Y, 7M, 6D source 1
FRANK, R. 1877-01-09 Mansfield cause:  lung fever;  4Y, 4M, 12D source 2
FROWNFELTER, Cath. 1877-03-23 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  lung fever;  87Y, 4M, 3D source 1
FULLMAN, William 1877-01-26 Jackson Twp. cause:  brain fever;  5M, 5D source 1
GASS, Benjamin 1877-02-27 Mansfield cause:  paralysis;  82Y, 8M;  farmer source 1
GRAY, ----- 1877-00-00 Mansfield 1D source 2
GRIFFIN, Charles H. 1877-03-19 Monroe Twp. cause:  spinal affliction;  1Y, 2M, 13D source 1
HEPLER, J. 1877-04-06 Mansfield cause:  accident;  34Y, 7M source 2
HERSBERGER, Elizabeth 1877-02-22 Jackson Twp. cause:  lung fever;  1Y, 8M, 8D source 1
HILL, Lewis 1877-03-13 Jackson Twp. cause:  bronchitis;  83Y source 1
HOFFER, female 1877-08-29 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  d/o Ed Hoffer source 4
HOLLENBAUGH, Ira 1877-02-17 Sharon Twp. 8M source 1
HOMBERGER, M. 1877-02-01 Mansfield cause:  sore throat;  3M source 2
HOWARD, B. 1877-01-31 Jefferson Twp. cause:  lung disease;  58Y, 8M, 10D source 2
HUTCHISON, A. 1877-02-22 Plymouth Twp. cause:  confinement;  25Y, 4M, 27D source 2
JACOBS, Mary 1877-03-10 Troy Twp. cause:  chronic diarrhea;  78Y, 1M, 12D source 2
KINER, Joseph 1877-08-05 near Shelby cause:  crushed to death by two train cars source 3
KIRKPATRICK, Matilda 1877-01-28 Jackson Twp. cause:  consumption source 1
KLING, Charles Hamilton 1877-01-04 Monroe Twp. cause:  spinal infection;  2M, 28D source 1
KLING, John Heigel 1877-01-03 Monroe Twp. cause:  spinal infection;  2M, 27D source 1
KOCHHEIZER, Amelia 1877-01-31 Perry Twp. cause:  diptheria;  5Y, 1M, 8D source 1
KURTZ, Elijah A. 1877-03-09 Springfield Twp. cause:  inflammation of bowels;  1M, 20D source 1
LOWRY, Naomi 1877-03-31 Madison Twp. cause:  typhoid pneumonia;  2Y, 6M, 23D source 1
MABEE, W.B. 1877-02-02 Washington Twp. cause:  measles;  1Y, 6M, 14D source 1
MARLOW, James 1877-10-09 Springfield Twp. cause:  heart disease;  occupation:  farmer;  81Y, 10M, 10D source 1
McCLURE, S. 1877-02-05 Jefferson Twp. cause:  cancer;  73Y, 5M source 2
McKLEM, Samuel F. 1877-01-14 Monroe Twp. cause:  consumption;  20Y, 6M, 11D source 1
McKNIGHT, J. 1877-02-26 Mansfield cause:  palsy;  58Y, 3M, 4D source 2
McMILLEN, Wirth 1877-07-22 Troy Twp. cause:  paralysis;  2M, 1D source 2
MILLER, Sarah 1877-01-15 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  dropsy;  69Y, 9M, 18D source 1
MONTIS, Corrie B. 1877-02-22 Jefferson Twp. cause:  whooping cough;  3Y, 5M, 2D source 2
MOWERY, Cyrus 1877-03-22 Monroe Twp. cause:  liver disease;  4M, 28D source 1
MYERS, Jacob 1877-03-29 Troy Twp. carpenter;  cause:  dropsy;  79Y, 2M, 15D source 2

Name Date Town Notes Source
PITTINGER, Henry 1877-03-09 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  diptheria;  8Y, 7M, 29D source 1
REMY, N. 1877-02-27 Mansfield cause:  spinal fever;  10D source 2
REYNOLDS, Silas 1877-02-01 Worthington Twp. cause:  consumption;  30Y, 4M, 4D source 1
RHODES, Sarah 1877-02-01 Troy Twp. cause:  nervous debility;  62Y, 5M, 22D source 2
RICHIE, A. 1877-03-27 Mansfield cause:  lung fever;  4Y, 1M, 20D source 2
SHIVELY, Lucinda 1877-03-13 Perry Twp. cause:  consumption;  31Y, 7M, 6D source 1
SNYDER, W.H. 1877-03-17 Mansfield cause:  brain fever;  8M source 2
STOUT, Myrtle Dell 1877-05-27 Monroe Twp. 5M, 21D source 1
SWANGER, L.B. 1877-01-29 Cass Twp. cause:  diptheria;  1Y, 3M, 15D source 1
TAYLOR, Rachel 1877-03-10 Weller Twp. cause:  typhoid fever;  67Y, 10D source 1
THRIBER, Flora 1877-01-18 Sandusky Twp. cause:  scarlet fever;  3Y, 9M source 1
TRUCKENMILLER, D. 1877-01-21 Jefferson Twp. cause:  fever;  45Y, 2M, 2D source 2
WARD, Mary 1877-02-06 Mifflin Twp. cause:  lung fever;  68Y source 2
WARICK, Arthur T. 1877-03-03 Monroe Twp. cause:  brain & lung fever;  4M, 4D source 1
WARNER, ----- 1877-02-27 Washington Twp. -- source 1
WELDON, John 1877-04-03 Cass Twp. cause:  old age;  80Y source 1
WEPLER, John F. 1877-02-11 Bloominggrove Twp. cause:  heart disease;  41Y, 5M, 11D source 1
WHISLER, Nancy A. 1877-02-05 Franklin Twp. cause:  brain fever;  2Y, 9M, 4D source 1
WHISLER, Victoria 1877-02-15 Franklin Twp. cause:  lung fever;  12D source 1
WHITNEY, Catherine 1877-02-01 Cass Twp. cause:  heart disease;  55Y, 1M, 13D source 1
WIDENER, Martin 1877-02-27 Sharon Twp. 4M, 17D source 1
WILLIAMS, Sarah C. 1877-03-16 Monroe Twp. cause:  billious, etc.;  74Y source 1
WILSON, Robert 1877-12-24 Monroe Twp. cause:  brain affection;  8M, 11D source 1
WOLFORD, T. 1877-01-09 Mansfield cause:  heart disease;  48Y source 2
WRIGLET, R. 1877-01-19 Mansfield cause:  accident;  59Y, 10M, 1D source 2


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