Richland Co., Ohio

School Records

Jefferson Twp. School #8 - South School

Enumeration Return of Youth of School Age - 25 May 1901

source:  Jefferson Twp. Records

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Surname Given Name Notes Document
Armstrong Verna 9y, d/o J.C. 96b
Auten Mary 15y, d/o Wesley 96b
Bollinger Chancy 18y, s/o George 96b
Bollinger Florence 7y, d/o George 96b
Bollinger Gale 12y, d/o George 96b
Bollinger Miller 16y, s/o George 96b
Daily Hoy 17y, s/o Manuel 96c
Dodge Bertha 12y, d/o George 96b
Fairchildes Charles 11y, s/o Cora 96b
Fairchildes Eva 9y, d/o Cora 96b
Farber H.B. Twp. Clerk 96a
Files Mattie 7y, d/o Mrs. N.G. 96a
Files Pearl 14y, d/o Mrs. N.G. 96a
Fry Leona 6y, d/o Grant 96c
Hamilton E.G. 15y, s/o Orange 96b
Hamilton Gertie 13y, d/o Orange 96b
Hilderbran Mina 17y; d/o David 96b
Hilderbran Zella 8y, d/o David 96b
Hoover Harold 8y, s/o P.S. 96b
Kinney Cleveland 16y, s/o Daniel 96b
Kinney Elsie 15y, d/o Artie 96a
Kinney Flora 12y, d/o Artie 96b
Leedy George 9y, s/o Bert 96b
Leedy Leon 6y, s/o Bert 96b
Leedy Louise 10y, d/o Bert 96b
Miller Delta 13y, d/o George 96c
Miller George M. Enumerator 96a
Miller Lela 6y, d/o George 96c
Miller Mamie 11y, d/o George 96c
Mobmiller Emerson 20y, s/o F.E. 96c
Paxton Robert 17y, s/o Malinda 96c
Ryan Edward 14y, s/o Thomas 96c
Shaffer Blanche 15y, d/o C.L. 96b
Shaffer David 7y, s/o Frank 96c
Shaffer Ethel 12y, d/o Gabrel 96c
Shaffer John 12y, s/o Frank 96c
Shaffer Mabel 11y, d/o B.F. 96b
Shaffer Myrtle 9y, d/o Gabrel 96c
Shaffer Ola 13y, d/o Gabrel 96c
Shaffer Orpha 10y, d/o Gabrel 96c
Sherrow Sarah M. 10y, d/o R.J. 96a
Sherrow Walter E. 12y, s/o R.J. 96a
Smith Ray 7y, s/o Cora 96c
Smith Roy 9y, s/o Cora 96c
Spriestersbaugh Elizabeth 15y, d/o Wm. 96a
Spriestersbaugh Harley 18y, s/o Wm. 96a
Stabler Ollie 13y, s/o Thomas 96b
Steele Grace 16y, d/o Ed 96a
Steele Hazel 14y, d/o Ed 96a
Teeter Floyd M. 11y, s/o Wm. 96a
Teeter Sevilla D. 8y, d/o Wm. 96a
Walker George 17y, w/o Foster 96b
Walker Leeta 6y, d/o Hattie 96b
Wise Bert 20y, s/o Milt 96c
Woodward Clarence 18y, s/o D.D. 96c
Woodward Laura 13y, d/o D.D. 96c
Woodward Walker 8y, s/o D.D. 96c
Zeigler Loma 13y, d/o Curt 96a

Scanned and indexed by Amy E. Armstrong, February, 2007


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