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* Note:  Service dates given for teachers are based on documented sources such as newspaper articles, school enumerations, monthly teacher's reports, souvenir school booklets, etc.  A teacher may have served a particular school longer than the time period that I've indicated.

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A word about Patterson and Boxwell Commencements ...

"The thirteenth and last annual Patterson or Boxwell commencement was held Saturday afternoon in the high school auditorium, Mansfield, when more than one hundred pupils, representing every township in the county, passed from the grade schools into the high schools.  About 85 per cent of the graduates usually attend some high school in the county.  The new school code does away with the Patterson and Boxwell laws, and next year the pupils will go from the eighth grades without any public examination." [source:  PLYMOUTH ADVERTISER: 25 July 1914, Vol. 61, No. 36]

A word from the State Inspector of Shops and Factories and State School Commissioner (1898)   [source:  Mansfield Semi-Weekly News:  04 October 1898, Vol. 14, No. 82]

State Inspector of Shops and Factories J.W. Knaub and State School Commissioner Lewis D. Bonebrake have just issued a joint announcement of the operation of the new Davis act of last winter which affects both the compulsory education act and the acts concerning employment of minors in shops and factories.  The following is based upon the opinion of the attorney interpreting the law:

1.  That boys must go to school until 15 years of age and girls (except when working at household work) until 16 years of age;  and,

2.  That inspectors of workshops and factories are empowered to co-operate with truant officers in the prosecution of violations of the provisions of the Davis law.  

The school enumerations of Richland County (1889), shows 11,158 pupils entitled to school privilege.  Total enumeration of the state is 1,120,522.  [source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  23 November 1889, Vol. LXXII, No. 27]

According to an enumeration of school children done in August, 1896, there were the following school children in Mansfield ....  1st. Ward - 502;  2nd. Ward - 314;  3rd. Ward - 393;  4th. Ward - 510;  5th. Ward - 536;  6th. Ward - 367;  7th. Ward - 254;  8th. Ward - 301;  9th. Ward - 462;  10th. Ward - 282.  [source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  08 August 1896, Vol. LXXIX, No. 13]

The following teachers passed the special examination in Physiology, as required by the new law, held by the county examiners Dec. 29:  Franklin Lanehart, Miller Gatton, A.M. Stewart, J.F. Dill, J.M. Fry, A.L. Freehaver, A.R. Stickler, E.S. Peck, Anna M. Benton, F.C. Fenner, J.F. Lewis, Edwin Weh, Alva Woods, A.G. Dickerson, Ella Woods, Emma Woods, E.E. Wilson, Lewis Dickes, Kate Morrow and S.L. Ford.  [source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  12 January 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 34]

The following persons passed the teachers examination held Dec. 29, 1888;  Clara A. Shepard, Ruth Opdyke and Ada Gedney, Shiloh;  Chas. W. Chew, Anna Cunning, Mary A. Parry, Oliver Swigart, Cora Banyan, Eva Tucker and Emma Baughman, Lucas;  Harry B. Taylor, Barnes;  Minnie Mitchell, Hastings;  Bertha Sweet, Oliver Robinson, Mary Robinson, Nora Sweet, Wm. Garber and Una Knox, Bellville;  Nellie Harrington, Dexter Fallin and Wellington T. Huntsman, Darlington;  Logan Isenberg, Fredericktown;  B.F. Traxler, Butler;  James Brubaker, Shelby;  Cora Dennis, Jessie George, Tillie Garret, Edgar M. Brown and Mary McCarty, Lexington;  Kate Robinson, D. Campbell, Pavonia;  Tobias Harvey, Shiloh;  Jennie Colwell, Mansfield, were successful at the examination held Jan. 5.  The following persons passed the physiology examination:  Mary Reed, Jane Shellbeyer, G.W. Bricker, G.F. Gregg, E. Bollinger, D.W. Oswalt, I.C. Vrerr, Elmer Vrerr and D.D. Landis.  [source:  Richland Shield & Banner:  26 January 1889, Vol. LXXI, No. 36]

$21,763.20 in taxes were levied against the citizens of Richland Co. for the support of the State Common Schools schools during the year 1879.  SourceAnnual Report Of The Secretary of State To The Governor Of The State of Ohio For the Year 1879.  Nevins & Myers, State Printers.  Columbus, 1880.

The citizens of Richland County spent $7,739.89 for support of the public schools in the county in the year 1849.  Source:  RICHLAND COUNTY DEMOCRAT, 28 September 1850, Vol. 1, No. 24

The frame buildings owned by the board of education, one on East Third Street, and the other on East Fourth Street, are to be sold this afternoon.  [Mansfield News:  13 May 1899]

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