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Name Date Town Notes Source
NAGLE, Daniel N. 1883-12-08 -- 42Y source 39
NALL, Loraine Courtney 8/13/1958 Mansfield 55Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at Louisville, KY;  w/o Guy R. MNJ 8/14/1958
NEFF, Barbara (Kling) 1893-04-26 Springfield Twp. 90Y;  w/o John Neff Margaret
NEWLON, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-05-07 Mansfield 48Y;  w/o Josiah Newlon source 15
NICODEMUS, Charles 1883-08-20 Johns Addition 12Y;  s/o Abram source 26
NORMAN, Ethel 1824-12-19 Mansfield 28Y, 9M, 22D;  d/o George A. & Sarah Lee Norman Mike 1
NORMAN, George Allen 1938-11-25 Springfield Twp. cause:  heart disease;  76Y, 11M, 13D;  s/o George Norman & Mary Chaney;  sp. Sarah Lee Mike 1
OHLER, Martha Jane 1917-05-25 - - FEELC
OWEN, Ela L. 7/21/1958 Indianapolis, IN 57Y;  Former Mansfield resident;  w/o Carl MNJ 7/22/1958
PACK, Opal Johson 7/23/1958 Mansfield 38Y;  Died at home;  w/o George Ralph Pack;  Born at Elliott Co., KY;  Burial at Dean Cemetery (Kentucky) MNJ 7/23/1958
PARSONS, William P. 1881-08-07 Perry Twp. 65Y, 11M, 28D;  cause:  consumption;  born in Delaware Co., PA;  Farmer source 63
PAYNE, Ralph M. 6/5/1958 Los Angeles, CA 64Y;  Former Mansfield resident; Burial at Los Angeles, CA MNJ 6/5/1958
PEARL, ----- 1884-11-00 Mansfield c/o Daniel Pearl;  funeral held at St. Peter's Catholic Church source 58
PECK, Bessie T. 7/26/1958 Mansfield w/o Virgil W.;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp. MNJ 7/27/1958
PELLETIER, Emma 1882-02-14 Springfield Twp. cause:  accident;  31Y, 8M;  born in Richland Co. source 63
PETERMAN, Mary 1901-11-05 Shelby - source 61
PICKWORTH, Calvin K. 1/25/1956 Mansfield 79Y;  Resided near Lexington, O.;  born at Pittsfield, O., 12/29/1876;  h/o Sibyl Mead MNJ 1/25/1956
PINKHAM, Lydia 1883-06-?? Lucas -- source 17
POLLOCK, ----- (Mrs.) 1884-02-09 near Washington w/o William source 43
POLLOCK, Thomas 1883-08-27 Washington Twp. -- source 27
POST, Prudence 1882-03-18 Springfield Twp. cause:  paralysis;  77Y, 2M, 16D source 63
PROFIT, Everett L. 1996-10-18 Mansfield s/o Howard & Juanita V. (Neace) Profit Amy
PROFIT, Howard 1986-08-26 Mansfield h/o Juanita V. Neace;  s/o Alexander & Maudie (Gray) Proffitt Amy
PROFIT, Juanita Virginia (Neace) 1976-10-12 Mansfield w/o Howard Profit;  d/o William C. & Myrtle Sue (Hutchison) Neace Amy
PUGH, Edward Reed 1920-03-11 Shelby h/o Elizabeth Ann;  s/o John & Elizabeth (Pifer) Pugh Joanna
PUGH, Gerald M. 1931-12-25 Madison Twp. s/o Lloyd & Helen (Schuster) Pugh Joanna
PUGH, James 1938-03-22 Weller Twp. h/o Rachel A.;  s/o John & Elizabeth (Pifer) Pugh Joanna
PUGH, Maria Wolford 1935-10-11 Weller Twp. w/o Samuel Pugh;  d/o David & Margaret (Kohler) Wolford Joanna
PUGH, Rachel 1917-06-15 Mansfield w/o James Pugh;  d/o William Miller Joanna & FEELC
PUGH, Samuel 1917-10-23 Weller Twp. s/o John & Elizabeth (Pifer) Pugh Joanna
PULVER, Isaac 1884-04-00 Washington Twp. cause:  heart disease source 49
REED, James 1850-04-00 Madison Twp. cause:  consumption;  47Y;  born in PA source 46
REICHERT, Mary E. Stocker 11/13/1957 Mansfield 87Y;  Died at Woodlawn Nursing Home;  w/o Joseph;  Born at Holmes Co., O., 5/28/1870;  Burial at Weston Cem., Weston, O. MNJ 11/14/1957
REMY, Anna 1883-03-24 -- 18Y;  d/o Peter Remy source 12
RHOADS, Richard Glenn 1917-10-02 - - FEELC
RICHARDSON, Doris 7/23/1958 Mansfield 57Y;  Mt. Gilead, O. resident;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  w/o Gerald MNJ 7/23/1958
RIEMENSCHNEIDER, Nickolas M. 8/12/1958 Mansfield 71Y;  Born at Meltonsburg, O., 9/6/1886 MNJ 8/13/1958
RIGGS, Olive 10/16/1957 Mansfield 66Y;  cause:  heart attack at home MNJ 10/16/1957
ROBINSON, ----- (infant female) 1883-06-?? near Washington d/o Washington Robinson source 21
RUMMEL, Artie C. 1883-11-14 -- 4Y, 9M, 19D;  s/o J.P. Rummel source 36
RUNYAN, ------- (child) 1884-06-28 -- cause:  diptheria;  6Y;  d/o D.M. Runyan source 52
RUSH, Albert 1878-10-03 Springfield Twp. cause:  diphtheria;  14Y, 1M, 10D, born in Ohio source 63
RUSH, Charles 1878-09-02 Springfield Twp. cause:  diphtheria;  11Y, 5M, 17D;  born in Ohio source 63
RUSH, Dedrah 1878-10-15 Springfield Twp. cause:  diphtheria;  4Y, 3M, 3D;  born in Ohio source 63
RUSH, Luella 1878-10-17 Springfield Twp. cause:  diphtheria;  8Y, 6M, 7D source 63
SACHS, Karl Rudolf 7/23/1958 Mansfield 66Y;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp.;  Born at Germany, 3/23/1892 MNJ 7/23/1958
SALAS, Jesse 12/14/1957 Mansfield Born at Mansfield;  s/o Pete Salas MNJ 12/14/1957
SCHAMM, Magdalena 7/29/1958 Mansfield 74Y;  w/o Frederick;  Born at Austria-Hungary, 1/13/1884;  Came to U.S. in 1907 MNJ 7/30/1958
SCHILLING, Frederick C. 10/25/1957 Mansfield 67Y;  Born at Prospect, O., 2/4/1890;  h/o Hazel Boxwell;  Burial at Prospect Cem. (Athens, O.) MNJ 10/26/1957
SCHULTE, Michael 1917-11-20 - - FEELC
SCHUSTER, Anna Lucille Derrenberger 10/26/1957 Mansfield 52Y;  Born at Mansfield 7/17/1905 MNJ 10/26/1957
SCHUSTER, Anton 1916-11-04 Mansfield s/o Henry 'Teter' & Minnie (Byer) Schuster Joanna
SCHUSTER, Charles 1914-01-06 Weller Twp. s/o Martin & Magelend (Kuntz) Schuster Joanna
SCHUSTER, Frank 1913-03-26 Shelby -- Joanna
SCHUSTER, Helen 1926-11-13 Mansfield d/o Frank Schuster & Elizabeth Felschich Joanna
SCHUSTER, Minnie 1912-01-31 Mansfield w/o Henry Schuster;  d/o Henry Byer Joanna
SCOTT, John 1880-01-19 Troy Twp. cause:  general debility;  70Y;  born in OH, farmer source 63
SCRIBNER, Martha E. 1881-07-30 Springfield Twp. cause:  consumption;  42Y, 2M, 5D;  born in Richland Co. source 63
SHAFER, Eve 1882-01-17 Perry Twp. cause:  dropsy;  85Y, 2M, 1D;  born in Franklin Co., PA source 63
SHAFER, Margaret Lavian 1940-10-16 Springfield Twp. d/o Jonas & Mariah Milligan Joanna
SHAW, Bessie 10/27/1957 Mansfield 80Y;  Mt. Gilead, O. Resident MNJ 10/28/1957
SHELLENBARGER, Amelia 1850-00-00 Madison Twp. 9M source 46
SHENBERGER, Golda (Kinney) 11/14/1957 Mansfield 55Y;  Lucas resident MNJ 11/15/1957
SHERIFF, Mrs. John 1884-07-00 - buried on 23 July 1884 source 56
SHUNK, Mary E. 1883-10-28 Mansfield 45Y, 11M, 9D;  w/o Jerry source 34
SIMON, Bertha 6/6/1958 Mansfield 75Y;  Died at Rosemont Home For The Aged; Born at Dola, O., 6/17/1882; w/o William; Burial at Lee Cem., Hancock Co., O. MNJ 6/7/1958
SKEEN, H.E. 11/19/1957 Mansfield 70Y;  Born 3/12/1887 at Indiana MNJ 11/20/1957
SMALL, Jacob 1849-??-?? Richland Co. h/o 1. Anna Wenger 2.  Elizabeth Hafer;  s/o Adam & Elizabeth (Earhart) Small Sherry
SMALL, John W. 1890-02-10 Franklin Twp. s/o Jacob & Anna (Wenger) Sherry
SMALL, Margaret J. 1889-12-?? Franklin Twp. w/o John W. Small Sherry
SMITH, ----- (child) 1883-04-04 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  c/o Ed Smith  source 13
SNYDER, Daniel M. 1883-05-14 -- 75Y, 2M, 6D source 19
SPENCE, Meade A. 10/7/1957 Cleveland, O. 61Y;  Former Mansfield resident;  h/o Emily Stickney MNJ 10/10/1957
SPOHN, Sarah (Mrs.) 1883-07-?? Independence cause:  breast cancer;  60Y source 23
SPROW, Viola 1/7/1956 Mansfield 74Y;  Resident of Shelby, O. MNJ 1/8/1956
STAHLHEBER, ------ 1884-04-29 Mansfield cause:  diptheria;  c/o Tobias source 50
STATLER, Elizabeth 1884-12-02 Independence 84Y source 60
STEINBECKER, Peter 1889-12-24 Mansfield cause:  asthma source 65
STEWART, Elizabeth 1883-04-30 -- 74Y;  w/o Calvin Stewart source 14
STILLWAGON, George W. 1859-04-10 Richland Co. w/o Mary 'Polly' Mace;  s/o Joseph & Ann (Dickson) Stillwagon Sherry
STILLWAGON, Mary 'Polly' 1885-05-21 Richland Co. w/o George W. Stillwagon;  d/o Daniel & Magdalene Mace Sherry
STRAUB, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-12-07 -- w/o Peter;  interred in Canton, OH source 39
STURGES, Kate W. 1917-03-20 - - FEELC
SULLIVAN, Daniel 1883-10-11 -- cause:  hit by train source 32
SUTTON, Julia Katherine 12/12/1957 Mansfield 66Y;  Born at Mansfield 1/27/1891;  w/o Elda R. MNJ 12/13/1957
SUTTON, Rosalee 11/5/1957 Mansfield 59Y;  w/o Harvey G. MNJ 11/5/1957
SWIGART, Ethel O. 1967-07-17 Madison Twp. w/o 1.  Marion Heston  2.  William Swigart;  d/o Isaac & Celia Milligan Joanna
SWINGLE, Franklin 1917-09-28 - - FEELC
TAHLHELM, John 1897-07-21 - 65Y source 64
TANNEHILL, Elvira 1880-12-20 Lexington cause;  heart disease;  61Y, 11M, 3D;  occupation:  tailoress;  b. in Royalton Mike 2
TAYLOR, Carrie Wilson 1917-01-28 - - FEELC
TAYLOR, Charles O. 1942-11-27 Mansfield h/o Lucretia Eleanora Yoha;  d/o Thomas Wilson & Lydia A. (Small) Taylor Sherry
TAYLOR, Elizabeth 'Lydia' 1843-07-14 Franklin Twp. w/o Robert Taylor;  d/o George & Margaret Bristow Sherry
TAYLOR, Ella Belle Roseberry 10/29/1957 Mansfield 77Y;  w/o D. Albert Taylor;  Born at Alta;  Died at Mansfield Gen. Hosp. MNJ 10/29/1957
TAYLOR, Lucretia Eleanora (Yoha) 1940-12-29 Mansfield w/o Charles O. Taylor;  d/o Benjamin F. & Sophia F. (Loro) Yoha Sherry
TAYLOR, Lydia A. (Small) 1921-10-19 Mansfield w/o Thomas Wilson Taylor;  d/o John W. & Margaret J. (Snyder) Small Sherry
TAYLOR, Mary A. (Robinson) 1884-10-10 Franklin Twp. w/o Robert Taylor Sherry
TAYLOR, Nancy Agnes 1848-12-03 Franklin Twp. w/o Thomas Taylor;  d/o John & Margaret (McConnell) McClelland Sherry
TAYLOR, Robert 1890-04-?? Franklin Twp. h/o Mary A. Robinson;  s/o Thomas & Nancy Agnes (McClelland) Taylor Sherry
TAYLOR, Thomas 1847-07-21 Franklin Twp. h/o Nancy A. McClelland;  s/o John & Jean Taylor Sherry
TAYLOR, Thomas Wilson 1919-01-28 Mansfield h/o Lydia A. Small;  s/o Robert & Elizabeth (Bristow) Taylor Sherry
TERNOCKY, Frank 10/3/1957 Mansfield 68Y;  Died at Madison Hosp.;  Born at Vargede, Hungary 4/21/1889;  h/o Julia Anna MNJ 10/4/1957
THARP, Bobby R. 11/29/1957 Mansfield 22Y;  cause:  Accident at Fisher Body plant;  h/o Mildred R. Manry;  Burial at Arkansas  MNJ 11/30/1957
THOMAS, J. 1883-06-07 Lexington -- source 18
THUMA, John 1879-06-08 Troy Twp. cause:  general debility;  67Y, 10M;  born in PA;  Farmer source 63
TICKNOR, ----- (infant child) 1884-07-00 -- c/o William Ticknor source 55
TINGLEY, Anna Cole 1917-10-13 - - FEELC
TODD, Mrs. John H. 1884-05-21 -- -- source 51
TREISCH, Edward J. 10/9/1957 Mansfield 81Y;  Former Lexington resident MNJ 10/10/1957
TUCKER, Walter 1/30/1956 Mansfield Resident of Orville, O.;  Born at Virginia 3/27/1883 MNJ 1/31/1956
UHLICH, John 1884-03-16 Mansfield 69Y;  Funeral conducted by the Masons source 45
UMPHREY, Daniel 1884-11-30 Ankneytown - source 59
UNDERWOOD, Adeline 11/12/1957 Mansfield 84Y;  cause:  heart attack MNJ 11/12/1957
UNDERWOOD, Mary L. 1917-02-04 - - FEELC
VARGA, Mrs. John 8/16/1958 Mansfield 70Y;  Died at Crestline Hosp.;  Native of Austria-Hungary;  w/o John MNJ 8/16/1958
WAGNER, Henry 1917-01-23 - - FEELC
WALTERS, Dora Alice 1883-02-26 -- cause:  diphtheria;  2Y;  d/o Fred Walters source 9
WALTERS, Lilly 1879-09-06 Perry Twp. 26D source 63
WALTZ, Gail H. 7/29/1958 Mansfield 65Y;  h/o Emma;  Died at Peoples Hosp. (Mansfield);  Burial at Attica Cem. (Attica, O.) MNJ 7/30/1958
WARD, Sylvanus 1883-12-03 Lucas -- source 39
WATSON, Paul E. 8/5/1958 Ft. Worth, TX Former Mansfield resident;  h/o Eddie MNJ 8/6/1958
WEAVER, Elizabeth 1884-04-02 Bloominggove Twp. cause:  heart disease;  w/o Shannon Weaver source 47
WEBB, Isaac N. 10/28/1957 Mansfield 57Y;  Born at West Plains, MO 2/14/1900;  h/o Ellen Back MNJ 10/29/1957
WEBBER, ----- (Mrs.) 1883-09-12 -- 58Y, 6M;  w/o Samuel source 28
WEBBER, Samuel 1879-03-02 Springfield Twp. 87Y, 4D;  cause:  pneumonia;  born in PA source 63
WEIRICK, ----- (female) 1920-06-11 Lexington d/o John Weirick;  buried 6/12/1920 source 62
WELTY, Raymond D. 12/18/1957 Mansfield 67Y;  h/o Mary Donley;  Born 10/26/1890 Indiana MNJ 12/18/1957
WERTMAN, Adam C. 1917-??-?? Richland Co. s/o Daniel David & Mary Wertman Lynnea
WERTMAN, Alcie M. -- Richland Co. w/o Adam C. Wertman Lynnea
WERTMAN, Daniel David 1905-??-?? Richland Co. -- Lynnea
WILSON, ----- 1884-08-00 - c/o George D. Wilson source 57
WILSON, James 1882-04-06 Troy Twp. cause:  pneumonia;  77Y, 9M, 22D;  b.  Cumberland Co., PA Mike 2
WINTER, Michael 1883-11-05 -- 71Y source 37
WIRICK, Deborah 1879-11-21 Perry Twp. cause:  Palsy;  84Y, 5M, 7D;  born in Belmont Co., OH source 63
WIRTH, Anna Mary 1883-12-22 Mansfield 56Y, 11M, 11D source 41
WISE, Florence 1884-07-09 - 4Y;  cause:  diptheria;  oldest d/o Charles & Lena Wise source 54
WISE, Giftie O. 1884-03-02 Independence cause:  diptheria;  d/o Crom & Laura Wise source 44
WISE, Uriah S. 1883-04-28 -- 17Y, 6M;  s/o E.M. Wise source 14
WOLFF, Susan (Urvan) 1870-??-?? Mansfield w/o Col. Samuel Wolff source 25
WOOD, Charlotte (Parker) 1883-12-02 -- w/o John Wood;  d/o Judge Jacob Parker source 38
WITTEL, Richard E. 11/1/1957 Shelby 41Y;  Died at home MNJ 11/2/1957
WRIGHT, John 1890-08-29 - - source 66
YARGER, Eddie 1881-06-06 Troy Twp. cause:  spinal disease;  18D Mike 2
YEAGER, George H. 1883-02-03 -- cause:  diphtheria;  7Y, 3D;  s/o X. Yeager source 6
YIRGA, Anna M. 11/21/1957 Mansfield 69Y;  w/o John J.;  Born 2/16/1888 at Austria-Hungary MNJ 11/21/1957
YOHA, Benjamin Franklin 1900-12-18 Mansfield h/o Sophia Florence Loro;  s/o Eli & Lavina (Bachelder)  Sherry
YOHA, Eli 1871-02-19 Mifflin Twp. h/o Lavina Bachelder;  s/o Michael & Catharine (Raffensberger) Yohe Sherry
YOHA, Lavina 1889-08-20 Richland Co. w/o Eli Yoha;  d/o Daniel & Mary (Spencer) Bachelder Sherry
YOHA, Sophia Florence (Loro) 1924-03-14 Mansfield w/o Benjamin Franklin Yoha;  d/o Daniel & Mariah (Stillwagon) Loro Sherry
YOUNG, Minta Alverda 1917-03-01 - - FEELC
ZIMMER, Catherine 1879-10-06 Troy Twp. cause:  general debility;  71Y;  born in PA source 63
ZIMMERS, Michael 1884-04-09 Perry Twp. 61Y source 48
ZODY, -----  (female) 1883-08-25 Lucas abt. 15Y;  d/o David Zody source 27


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